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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    After sleeping on it, even with my fan Bankruptcy paperwork in hand, I think I kind of hated this and everything since the Battle of Winterfell.

    My top four and a half chief annoyances in final resolution, in no particular order:

    "Queen in the Norf!"
    This season really pushed the Northern Independence thing down our throats and it never really resonated with me.  This relegated Sansa to being a Parrot, this season.  SQUACK: Free the norf! SQUACK   I wish they would have used Sansa more.

    Bran, the 2wheeler Asperger King
    Bran did nothing but sit in a chair and say cryptic shit all season, lets make him King. Bran himself has said he mostly lives in the past now.  Larger picture, what they did with the 3I'd Raven annoyed me.  What, exactly is the point of a living-memory of man if it isn't consumable by mankind and is encapsulated behind Bran's blank stare at all times? So much missed opportunity and cold flops from Bran's part of the story.

    Unsullied, always Unsullied
    The guys mentioned they were surprised the Unsullied didn't have more agency on the KingsMoot.   I actually think they gave Grey Worm too much agency in the final disposition of the realm, the Lords were making concessions with more concern for Grey Worm's appeasement than tenable positions for the Realm.  His physical positioning in opposition to the rest, accentuated the power of the remaining army at his command more than his contribution to a conversation about justice.

    Tyrion as Viagra for Jon's Justice Boner
    Kit did a good job of selling Jon's disapproval of the massacre leading up to and including and Dany's third reich speech to the mustered soldiery.   I don't think Tyron would have to sell Jon so hard on that fact that she needed to be stopped and that Winterfell would be a future target.  Dany already said as much. You know nothing, Jon Snow.

    Dragonstone Elections, 2020
    The whole: "From now on, a group of representative oligarchs meet here to vote on a new king" - yeah, that's historically worked out well for humanity. :|

    To not be a full Johnny Raincloud - 

    My top three favorites from this season, in no particular order.

    "Queen in the Norf!"
    Whoever worked on Sansa Stark's costume design deserves an award.   The color palette, texture and lines - all accentuated by that chain of office thing?  Well done!  It made her look formidable.

    There are some phenomenal visuals in this Season.  Drogon coming out of the mists, the Unsullied Formations, Dragons above the clouds during the BoW, Dany / Drogon wings composition.   The haunted appearance of KL post-attack as juxtaposed to the seas-side beauty of the gardens of KL accentuated in earlier seasons.   I look forward to re-watching it on a 4k HDR source.   Might be worth watching in high-contrast B&W, actually. 
    (Raiders of the Lost Ark, also awesome in HDR High Contrast B&W, btw)

    The CleganeBowl was pretty epic, hard for to find anything wrong with it.  I wouldn't have minded seeing The Hound survive it but it was a nice close to his story and presented well on-screen.

    Bonus positive:  Hey, Tyrion lived.   So, there's that.

    just my two cents, I'm happy for those of you that liked or loved it.   
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  • 106 - "The Adversary"

    Anyone get the feeling everytime that Ford mentions Bernard's son that it is a voice command?  :)
  • Announcing Swizzbold!

    Does the name Swizzbold have an origin story like Bald Move did?
  • Star Trek: Picard (Spoilers Included)

    I'll give it a rewatch but for me, this week's episode had the cheese factor turned up to Warp 9.5    7 of 9's whole deal just felt like a Kirk double fisted blow of heavy-handedness.   The akimbo-blaster rifle scene-closer made me actually LOL a bit.  Reminded me of Starship Troopers, "C'mon you apes do you want to live forever?" 

    pew pew pew pew..

    Also, Maddox womp womp.   

    At episode 5, I feel like this is the campaign on a Call of Duty: In Space! video game. 
    I'm in the tank for this show, though: hoping for a strong finish.