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  • We Need Your Help -- Video

    Super happy that I was able to help Baldmove reach their goal with what I believe was the last $17. I signed up for a subscription right when I heard about the problems Jim and Aron were having. I decided I owed them back pay for the year and a half I was listening to their great work without helping them financially. 
  • The Handmaid's Tale 201 - "June"

    *Warning* I watched the episodes back to back and they ran together for me, I only discuss June's story line in the post below, but I forget if the episodes were completely siloed* 

    I have to agree with you rkcrawf on your 1st point and the cinematography. The Gilead society has put numerous resources into the handmaid's and getting them pregnant. I find it hard to believe that Fred and Serena Waterford would not have relayed this information higher up the chain, unless you think that Fred would be angry that he was cuckolded, but we see in the OBGYN's office that he seems (at least publicly) excited about the baby.

    The Boston Globe scene was incredibly powerful, especially the makeshift memorial June assembled at the end of the episode. My girlfriend and I were both crying at the end of it. I half expected to see Fake News spray painted on the firing squad wall and thought it would've been a powerful touchstone into today's political climate. It was a nice touch that the episode of Friends she watched discussed the female erogenous zones. 

    On your 2nd point, I did not think the episode showed that June would leave her child. She seemed ready to take Nick's gun and truck to try to get her back before realizing it was a stupid idea. I am interested in seeing how her relationship with Nick and her husband come to a head at some point in the future.

    A wonderful and powerful opener to the season.