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  • Re-introduce yourself!

    Posted some of this on the other meet'n'greet forum cuz I'm not sure where I belong. Forum lurker since 2016. Listener since, idk when. Probably walking dead then GoT or something like that. Love the movie coverage too. I'll listen to things I don't watch and imagine the show - like to do the same by reading spoilers for shows just for the hell of it. Classic simulation dependency (not sure that's a thing; see Incredibles 2). Architect. sci-fi lover. horror fan. Horrible with music knowledge.
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  • Welcome Wagon Thread! New to Bald Move? Have questions? Introduce yourself here, and/or ask away!

    I'm new in the sense that I've probably only posted a few comments and I don't know anyone. I live in the metro area that the podcast hails from. I don't know one thing about a forum community but usually don't mind reading through all the in-jokes - but if I see the comment thread count too high before I first hop in I generally avoid.
  • What is your most mundane celebrity encounter?

    My wife and I literally ran into Guy Fieri at this NYC food-mall/cafeteria type place several years ago. I always kinda laughed at how outrageous that dude is but have since warmed up to him after watching some of his admittedly silly food network shows - it's like he's sincerely that goofy and it is kind of endearing.
    Second one, my wife and I are at a 'fancy' pre fixe multi course dinner for our anniversary and sitting behind us is Jewel Staite from the killing and more importantly Are You Afraid Of The Dark.
  • Unofficially Officially Unofficial Game of Thrones Death Pool discussion thread

    What bragging rights come with last place? 

    Ok, too many comments at my jump-in point to review if this sandwich exists in the thread, but here goes: plain bagel, salami, cream cheese.
    An even weirder one I've had when 'tired' late at night: toast, salami, cheddar cheese, and a packet of Arby's horsey sauce. 
  • Charlie Kaufman’s New Film

    @Dee it was off to a good start, but for whatever reason I was feeling antsy about it. I ended up listening to some podcasts and reading some articles that summed it up for me. Not sure if I'm happy or sad about it after the fact...
    On the plus side, somehow as a result I listened to an audiobook of "The Keep" (the more recent one) and enjoyed it so I can recommend that!
  • Charlie Kaufman’s New Film

    Was reading the book, then spoiled myself on it. Not sure what that does to my interest level for this, but I think the Kaufman aspect brings something new to the table.
  • AMC's The Terror

    I'm wondering the same thing