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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    There's also the question of how long any immunity lasts, how strong an immunity it is, and how much the severity of the infection impacts the level of antibodies and later resistance. What is highly likely is some immunity is imparted, but everything else about that immunity/resistance  is a relatively open question. These open questions are some of the reason the herd immunity crowd are potentially so dangerous. They are pushing to expose people to a potentially deadly infection for what could be little benefit, and it could even mean the virus is more likely to mutate as it moves from person to person. Vaccine based herd immunity does not include the same potential for mutation risk since it is not a live virus that is used.

    If we get any mutations to the coronavirus it opens up a whole other can of worms. We develop immunity to the colds we get, but the viruses that cause a cold change so much the immunity/resistance we gain from one is almost useless to future infections.  Immunity is sadly not a simple binary of immune/not immune.
  • Ted Lasso

    I really hope they don't dwell on the anxiety attack storyline.  I think people love this show because it's so wholesome and uplifting, it's the perfect show for those of us who want to escape reality and all of the bad things going on in the world...I don't think that we need people's struggles with mental health issues injected into the show.

    And while I'm being a negative Ned, I don't want to take the shine off Brett Goldstein's apple but he's playing a character named "Roy Kent" who is an analog of a (now retired) real-life player named "Roy Keane" and he's essentially acting like Keane does in real life.

    Given the way the show handles things I think the arc of the anxiety storyline will be to show Ted ultimately responding in a healthy way, showing someone going from being standoffish to counseling for themselves, but actually getting something out of it.  Kind of like how they handled the divorce story line in season 1.  I can appreciate that some people may want to avoid potentially fraught topics like that entirely, but I think the show is largely trying to be both funny/entertaining and model healthy attitudes toward how we should treat each other and ourselves.  The mental health stuff isn't just an injection of tension, but to actually model something for the audience too.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I stayed with Pfizer for all three.  I know there's been some results showing a potential for a minor increase in protection from mixing and matching the mRNA (big boost is clear if the initial was J&J), but my extended family have all had pretty bad reactions to Moderna, even the booster, so there may be a predisposition in our gene pool to bad side effects to that particular shot.  I considered looking for Moderna anyway, but in the end I wasn't quite ready to trade a few potential percentage points of protection increase for a really bad few days vs staying with Pfizer and getting roughly the same level of protection without the risk.

    As far as my experience to the various shots: no reaction from 1st dose, 2nd dose left me tired for a day, 3rd dose was a minor headache the next morning but Tylenol was enough to knock that out and was otherwise fine.
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  • Post Your Dankest Memes