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  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (Movie?)

     Hey guys this might sound weird but I want to apologize for having a bad attitude with an earlier comment I made this morning, I’m not saying I don’t feel that way but I pride myself on trying to be cordial and there was a much better way I could’ve said some of the things I said… it’s no excuse but I have been taken advantage of by some family members over the holiday and just really this year in general and it all sort of hit me this morning and I’m just been in a pissy mood, like I said it’s no excuse but I really love this community even though I don’t comment every day, just wanted to make sure I didn’t pass along  my negativity ....

    Merry New Year and Happy Christmas EVERYONE!!
  • Indiewire claims this season marks a return to greatness

    This show is a meta analysis not of the apocalypse that we see in movies and on tv, but the real life apocalypse that we always hear about from conspiracy theorists (CT)

    The CT apocalypse is always just about to really take TWD

    The CT apocalypse is always just about to get crazy good and TWD

    The CT apocalypse is full of empty praise and broken dreams of a new and better TWD

    The CT apocalypse is going to take down our terrible class of rich leaders like Trump but instead they promote him to Scott Gimple 

    And finally the CT apocalypse started years ago with fans and followers in the millions and millions and has now dwindled to a few nut jobs who just can’t let it go promising that “this is the year it’s all gonna happen”...just like...well you get the picture

    This is the TWD ends, this is the way TWD ends, this is the way TWD ends, not with an apocalypse, but with a fart (a silent and not even deadly one at that)
  • 2nd Annual Not Actually Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day Marathon - Saturday, February 9th, 2019

    The Leftovers - after you remove the “previously ons” and the credits, it’s just over 24 hours...

    I will make the pilgrimage to Bald Move Mecca next year if you guys consider this for Whistle Pig Y3
  • 307 - The Final Country

    "I just want you to know I'm thinking it!"

    That scene was terrible. It was like a mix of season 2 Pizzolatto with the worst of Quentin Tarantino
    Really? I thought it was both hilarious and nuanced at the same time....nuanced in terms of both men having very legitimate grievances at the way they treated and/or manipulated each other...despite being pretty close friends...maybe I’m weird but I actually thought it was amazing writing 
  • And So Our Watch Begins (GoT 67 day Countdown)


     I have a busy weekend so I thought I would knock a couple of these out and catch back up on Tuesday with season three, Kate you can manage it for the weekend lol...

    Jorah mentions that Xaro now owns the city...does Ducksauce use everything in his vault to pay off all of the Lords and important people he needs to in order to take the reigns as king of Qarth? or is he just flat out going broke from bad business dealings and failed clandestine coups?