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  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (Movie?)

     Hey guys this might sound weird but I want to apologize for having a bad attitude with an earlier comment I made this morning, I’m not saying I don’t feel that way but I pride myself on trying to be cordial and there was a much better way I could’ve said some of the things I said… it’s no excuse but I have been taken advantage of by some family members over the holiday and just really this year in general and it all sort of hit me this morning and I’m just been in a pissy mood, like I said it’s no excuse but I really love this community even though I don’t comment every day, just wanted to make sure I didn’t pass along  my negativity ....

    Merry New Year and Happy Christmas EVERYONE!!
  • Did you see the new posters? Who will sit the Iron Throne? (Updated with fourth contender)


    Based on your profile picture...if A.Ron is Oathkeeper and Jim is Widow’s Wail then you my friend are looks like Tywin Lannister melted you down to create Bald Move...
    MurderbearFrakkin TKate23budesigns
  • New Deadwood Movie Trailer

    Above...the idea of Westworld quitting in response to Deadwood’s greatness reminded me of a tweet someone put out after Breaking Bad Season 4’s said:

    Dear Breaking Bad,
          We surrender.
    Signed:  All Other TV Shows

    Kate23ken haleCALVlLlAIN
  • Notre-Dame, Paris.

    gjulleen said:
    I've been to Notre Dame three times, the last time with my mom before Dementia got her.  She was so awed, it was amazing to share it with her.

    When I was 16, I remember touching one of the pillars and having a shiver run through my entire being, thinking, 'someone carved this before my country was founded.'  It was existential and for years whenever I thought of it it made me feel small in the best possible way.

    Some mason, somewhere between the 1100s and 1400s carved that stone, and it was still there, and when I stood in that cathedral I felt like I was a part of something bigger than myself.  I was a part of the history that someone began, knowing they would be long dead before the final stone was set.

    My heart is breaking.  I don't want to be a part of the history where Notre Dame ended.
    This is awesome, I swear to God I visited ND in Paris with my mom when I was 16 !!!!!!  Our French & Spanish class took a trip to Madrid, Toledo, Biarritz and Paris during my junior year is HS...the whole trip was absolutely a horny 16 yr old I couldn’t have cared less about all those damn cathedrals but I specifically remember eating lunch at Quasimodo’s Cafe after visiting Notre Dame in silence as my breath had been taken away by the pure majesty and beauty of that experience...

    If I remember correctly there were 4 Roseline (Rosylen) / Bloodline markets that led out from ND in the 4 cardinal directions all across the old Frank Empire lending to the saying “All Roads Lead To Paris”, makes me wonder if those markers were damaged...

    Please keep in mind I was 16 so some of this info may be misremembered lol
  • What are you binging right now?

    Mentioned this in my “STARZ” thread but Black Sails is SO MUCH’s like Scandal put on it’s flippy floppy’s and joined the Lonely Island on a mother fuckin boat!