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  • Breaking Bald #4: SLURPBOWL

    another fine job @Carter.

    just hope this video doesn't resurface in 4 years and gets A_Ron fired from the GoT feature film director gig.
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  • Laptop recommendation?

    'what's a computer?'
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  • Petty grievances

    Michelle said:
    How about when you send a text that is detailed with information, or addressing something personal or whatever, and all you get back is 'k".  Not even "okay".  Not even "no problem" or "thank you" or whatever - just "k".  Grr, that drives me nuts.  Take a few seconds longer to send me an *actual* reply, please!
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  • You know you’re addicted to Bald Move when...

    when a co-worker taps you on the shoulder asking if you're ready to go to lunch (as you're listening to BM lunch chuckling to yourself), you take out your earpods which stops BM lunch and offer to drive. then as you turn your car on, it goes to bluetooth and the last thing you were listening to on your phone which was @A_Ron_Hubbard calling midwest cities 'fucking morons'. wait for the rant to finish, press pause then ask 'sooo where are we going?' as co-worker says 'the fuck was that?'.
  • Favorite Competition Shows?

    Chinaski said:
    Top Chef hands down for me. i've watched all 15 seasons. apparently season 16 is gonna be in Kentucky.
    How many different ways can you cook road kill?
    <leaves room before @Murderbear walks in...>
  • Favorite Pop Culture Heroes and Villains?

    can i vote villian for the POTUSA?

  • I just watched The Pilot for the first time...(Spoilers for it all!)

    easily the best Leftovers blog by a murdering bear or a guy that murders bears in the history of murdering bears or a guys that murders bears B)
  • NFL 2018/19 Chat Thread

    Noel said:
    Chiefs win both games, the Super Bowl doesn’t happen? Red and white game with only Chiefs players? An extra long Maroon 5 concert?
    if the Chiefs win both games and the Super Bowl doesn’t happen then i'm calling a 5 hour block of 'Super Bowl Commercials'. followed by a special celebrity edition of Who Wants to be A Millionaire, hosted by Kirk Cameron.
  • Favorite Competition Shows?

    cdrive said:

    edit:  ooh. I'm excited about a business partner wanting to take our team to Girl & Goat in a few weeks in Chicago.  Stephanie Izard's place.  I've always wanted to go.  I like going to Top Chef Restaurants.  I once ran into Ryan Reynolds at Tom Colicchio's Craft in Atlanta. Also tried Kevin Gillespie's Woodfire Grill in Atlanta.  Every time I'm in Chi-town I try to go to Ricky Bayless's Topolobampo but it's fucking impossible.  My mind is still not done being blown to smithereens that Ricky Bayless is brothers with buttplug Skip Bayless.  
    my sister got a pic with Stephanie Izard right after she won the 4th season. apparently she was super rad and approachable. i've eaten at Craft in Vegas and thankfully i didn't run into Ryan Reynolds.

    and yeah man, Rick Bayless is one of my favorite all-time chefs. been watching his PBS show for years. one day I will go to Chicago, go to a Bears game then feast at Frontera Grill.. one day, one day <sigh>. and yeah, i was pretty blown away too when i found out that his brother was that rubberneck Skip Bayless.