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  • 207 - "Black Maps and Motel Rooms"

    So next episode we'll learn that Paul is fine, right?  It was just rubber riot bullets?
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Evan said:
    My results unfortunately came back positive. I feel okay so far, but it's early days. With an existing heart condition, I have cause for concern. 
    Wish me luck.
    Stay safe, stay indoors. 
    Sorry to hear this.
    If you feel up to it, be sure to drop by every day or two, or three, just to let us know how you're doing.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Flukes said:
    Update: I just got a call from AHS - I do not have COVID-19. It's just a boring old respiratory infection.

  • "801 Winterfell SpoiLore Edition" Response

    Many Ravens will be sent!
    I just got one saying the gold made it through the gates.
    Teresa from ConcordmylifeaskirkMurderbeargguenotbudesignsSanguinePenguin
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Image may contain possible text that says Forget Netflix and chill In 2020 we got Quarantine and flick the bean Lockdown and cockdown Cabin fever and smash the beaver Media hype and lay some pipe Self segregation and masterbation
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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    For all you programmers out there.

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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Dee said:
    @Michelle Yeah, I’m a loner so I don’t think sometimes about how hard other people are taking this. Lily is a social person and also a hugger so she’s been struggling. At least she had her housemate and she was still allowed to visit me (you can visit family here but have to still do social distancing of 1.5 metres), so she’s not been completely alone. Hard for social people who live on their own, though, or people like you who are close with family and can’t visit them. :-(
    1.5 metres in OZ?  2 metres here.

    I haven't hugged my mom in two months either, maybe when she comes to visit this weekend, it will be our Mother's Day.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Michelle said:
    @Michelle ; Happy for you!  Keep your distance from the roomie!  Best of luck to them as well.
    Thank you!  If I could move out right this moment, I would!
    I condone putting barbed wire over her bedroom door and window(s).

    Just saying.
  • NHL IS BACK... again

    I don't really mind expansion but the salary cap is garbage. 
    The way the salary cap is constructed, I agree with you there.
    The Blackhawks have been penalised every year for having a great front office that knows how to manage and identify talent. Wouldn't be surprised if the Hawks had 4 or 5 cups instead of 3 if they didn't need to gut their team multiple times. Having to trade guys like Saad and TT just to make room is bullshit.
    Don't forget right around the time they won their first Cup (I'm thinking the summer before) when Dave Tallon was GM and Stan Bowman was assistant GM.  Stan Bowman was a couple hours (or maybe merely minutes) late extending qualifying offers to a few players (Byfuglien, Versteeg, Barker etc. I believe) making them UFAs.  That forced the team to rush to sign them to deals worth far more then the qualifying offers would have been.  Had there been no cap then a big market Original Six team likely could have absorbed most, if not all of that error long term, an error by Bowman that ended up costing Tallon his job and got Bowman promoted to his job!

    Even if you say a cap is needed then it should have a 5-10% increase every year. Or at least be a soft cap like the NBA with a luxury tax. Hawks have basically subisidized shitty teams who don't spend money and take advantage of teams against the cap that have to trade good assets to get under the cap.

    Having a cap is fine, and having an individual player cap is fine also.  One of my biggest problems is that the individual cap is set at 20% of the cap.  That's potentially 1/5 of your cap space going to one player in a hard cap system.  If that was at 10% (maybe even 15%) it would be a help.  I know not many players make that 20% (probably none), but it would have effect the early big contracts like Ovechkin's ($124M/13 year) which set the standards going forward (not to mention the insane contracts accepted by Scott Gomez and Daniel Bierre).

    Also not a fan of how they restricted the term of contracts to only 8 years.  While some of the contracts being signed around that time were obviously circumventing the cap rules (one or two of Ilya Kovalchuk early contracts with NJ that were denied were ludicrous, when it was around an 11-13 year deal, but the last 5 years were all less than $1M/year just to lower the AAV), but they didn't need to completely eliminate contracts longer than 4 years.  Instead institute rules were you couldn't have too steep of a drop off (especially a bunch of cheap years added on where the player most likely would have retired from the NHL and were never planning to play those years).

    Also, just get rid of the "loser point" already.