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  • Where I feel Bald Move Has Gone Right in 2019

    Freddy said:
    Cleanest assholes in all of podcasting.

    Can we get that on a shirt?
  • 210 - The Passenger

    There is a huge difference between fans going over minute details of a show they love in various medias to NEEDING podcast and articles to figure out what the hell happened. It is infuriating (and also mildly relieving) to find out you are not in fact a complete moron because 90% of viewers are not sure what they just watched either. I should not have to search out people "in the know" to find out what is really going on in a TV show.

    I've been writing for a while here that this show was riding a thin razor line between being the show I hoped it would be and being a disaster. I thought even with all the missteps that they could pull it out with a great season finale. They didn't. What they have done now is spent a lot of viewer's goodwill capital and need to get it back on track very quickly in season 3. I am hoping that ARon and Jim are correct and this is the new TV norm Season 2 pivot but really am leaning towards this heading into Lost territory. The strange part is that Lost had the problem of not having a real road map where they were going but the show runners say Westworld has a 5 year arc already in place. Really? You planed Season 2 to go like this? 

    Maybe a 2nd watching will change my mind but right now I'm very frustrated and disappointed with Westworld.
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  • 312 - Congregation & 313 - Abbadon’s Gate

    A giant thank you to The Expanse for washing away my Westworld blues. 
  • Season 4

  • The Romanoffs

    After watching the first two episodes this weekend I get the feeling that Weiner was trapped somewhere, maybe a plane ride, with a Romanoff descendant and thought "What a delusional douchebag, I should do a series on people like this".
  • 305 - If You Have Ghosts

    I'm really enjoying the writing and the performances this season. Went into this for the mystery but end up being blown away from two great actors in what all buddy cop flicks should be. The mystery is good but those two together really capture the cop partner's bond.

    My father was a police detective for 40 years and my mother always called my father's partner his other wife. They didn't talk to each other for 5 years over a stupid argument but his partner was the one bringing cops over to visit every day when my father was dying and the two of them picked up where they left off like nothing happened.
  • What music are you streaming?

    I just found out this Friday (2/8/19) on Netflix's Remastered is the episode "The Two Killings of Sam Cooke".

    If you are a fan of who is the greatest singer I ever heard and want to hear his story or want to find out about him for the first time check it out.

    The civil rights stuff looks great but I hope there is some evidence for the more conspiracy looking parts than a bunch of "I think it just has to be..." 

    I'll see this Friday but going in I'm more in the camp of less than complete investigation by police with the killing of a black man by a white woman than a government hit. I always thought that the police figured "if a black man in a suit coat and no pants bursts in a room a white woman is within her rights to shoot him dead".
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    10 out of 10

    I just got back from seeing Peter Jackson's WWI documentary They Shall Not Grow Old at the theater and what a great job he did.

    The only narration is actual WWI vets telling their story taken from interviews the BBC did in the 60's and 70's.

    The restored 100 year old film stock is amazing. They make it so clear it looks like it was shot yesterday. It is colorized and they had lip readers come in to transcribe what everyone is saying and then whatever part of the country that regiment was from they had and actor from that area add the voice.

    After the credits there was a 30 minute mini-documentary by Jackson on all the technical work they did and that was excellent also.

    There is only one actual fighting scene as the cameras were too big to carry but there are a few tough scenes to watch of the aftermath.

    I became more interested in WWI after Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast Blueprint for Armageddon and this movie brings home the horror those boys endured. The vets even mentioned some of the stories Dan Carlin mentioned that seems too horrible to be true like men falling off the planks over the mud and once you fell in you were a goner. No one could save you as you slowly sunk to your death.

    I went with my cousin who's squeamish and was hesitant to go but afterward said he was glad he did. They way I look at it is yes, it is unpleasant sometimes to see stuff like that but I owe to the men who never got out of their teens to remember what they went through as I sit in a comfy theater and then grabbed Shake Shack afterwards.
  • Any thoughts on the basic lackluster mystery at hand?

    I thought one of the boys was doing some drunk trolling of the forums and while creating a fake user name passed out on the keyboard (perhaps a sticky rum soaked one?)