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  • 805 - The Bells

    I don't understand the hate for Bald Move for giving their opinions, people who are disappointed in the show and just anyone who has a different opinion.

    Entertainment is subjective. We can all still be civil. I fell out with this show last season and still read people's opinion that like the show and find interesting things.

    There seems to be the opinion that this is a Game of Thrones fan club and the dissenters are trolls intruding on the show lover's safe space shitting all over the place.

    Myself I am someone who loved the first three books, meh on the last two and loved the show until GRRM screwed everyone over by falling way behind. When he forced the Double D's to write fan fiction they didn't do a good job at it and instead of hiring real writers decided to write it themselves.

    I watch the show because it is the only ending I'll ever get to see most likely.

    If I point out horrible writing and bad character development it isn't an attack on those who still love the show but on the hacks that are writing it now.

    My opinion is just as valid as anyone's and if you get bent out of shape because of something I say it is pretty sad.

    It is tiresome that so many here feel the need to attack the dissenters. I haven't seen any attacks from the dissenters saying the people who like the show should shut up and go away.

    I love all you Official Unofficials because we weren't like all the other online communities that tear themselves apart. Maybe I was wrong.
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  • Kit Harrington checked himself into a Wellness retreat

    I'm fairly sure it was ARon's "King of the Nordth" impression that pushed him over the edge.
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  • Someone help me, I don’t understand the hate this season

    Hater here since last season.

    One of the biggest misconceptions, that was restated above, is people are upset because the series is not going how they wanted. For most people I would say this is untrue.

    It is very simple. There was a great book series that people loved. It was adapted faithfully and well. Most of the changes were good, like Brianne - Hound.

    Then GRRM screwed everyone by falling severely behind forcing The Double D's to write fan fiction to reach his "bullet points". Like most fan fiction it was crap.

    The biggest mistake they made was writing episodes themselves instead of hiring some top talent writers.

    Game of Thrones was always a journey and they cut out as much journey as they could to hit the bullet points. The character development was shallow and the rules shifted depending on plot. This week we have heat seeking super bolts for the Scorpions, next week we Nerf the hell out of them so a city full can't hit anything. Tyrion is the smartest man in the kingdom until  he is a stupid dolt because it is needed.

    I'd say most of the so called "haters" aren't the trolls you want them to be but fans of a well written product that are very disappointed that a once shining light in the drek that is most TV was lowered to that drek's level.
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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    Where do I get my Chapter 11-F form? I'd like to declare fan bankruptcy.

    I've had it with this show. Yes at mile 26 of the marathon I quit the race. I will watch the rest with no emotion for the characters and story that I loved.

     It was supposed to be an adaptation of GRRM's novels but because he is a giant ass it is just aimless TV writer schlock now.

    Where is the form? Where do I sign? I need to stop caring ASAP.
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  • What grinds my gears (today)

    I've held off as long as I can because there is still a part of me that wants to be nice but people are stupid and I increasingly don't like them anymore and need to bitch about them.

    When was the law passed that if I am walking on a narrow sidewalk and two people approach from the other direction talking to each other I have to step into the gutter to let them pass instead of them walking single file for a second or I get run into if I don't?

    What? No such law was passed? There isn't some new custom to sidewalk ownership? Interesting...

    While I am in "Get off my lawn mode"; When did the escalator become a ride? It used to be stand on the right walk up on the left. Now it is let's all enjoy the ride to the top together because I don't know where I would be in life not hearing about your shoe shopping adventure instead of catching my train!
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  • The Double Ds pulled out of SDCC

    I understand that decision.  A younger, jerkyer version of me would have dress as a nun and followed them around ringing a bell yelling SHAME, SHAME, SHAME...
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  • How do Americans do their tax?

    Please move this to the What Grinds My Gears thread please  :s
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    I was whelmed

    Game of Meh
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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Oh, I finally get it! A bit slow. For a second I thought that you really hated Toni Morrison.
  • The Expanse renewed for Season 5

    I want a one-off episode of The Churn
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