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  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    I'm also shocked how many people are complaining about this episode.  I think people fall too in love with their own theories and then complain when they aren't correct.  I also think people feed of other's negativity a lot and like to form a contrarian Voltron.

    All the big scenes with the fire were stunning.  The Dothraki and the trenches.  

    I'm going to turn the brightness up on my TV on a second viewing to catch more of the sky battles, but other than that I could see fine. 

    I'm surprised that Brianne didn't bite it,  but my only complaint was Ghost not being in the crypts to help Sansa.  Pretty epic episode and Ghost is ALIVE so I'm happy!
  • Dumb/Funny Things That You Thought Were True When You Were a Kid....

    After watching Indiana Jones, Star Wars and reading comic books,  I spent a tremendous amount of time planning and working on how I would survive if I had to navigate an active lava flow at some point in my life.

    It hasn't been useful yet, but I know in my heart it will be someday. 

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  • Quarantine Eats

    rhcoop said:
    My wife put this guy together the other night. 
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Which products? I have a cat and would be happy to support you and your company. I just bought a new water fountain bowl and soon need to restock on pet food. Except for gardening stuff I'm not really buying anything else right now.
    Teresa, I work for PetSafe.  We have lots of cat focused products.  I know you said you have a fountain, but we make some pretty fountains, feeders and we have a scoop free litter box that is our best product for cats IMO.  We have several laser toys and conventional cat toys as well.  

    We have 3 cats and I have a lot of my company's products in my house for the cats and my dog.  I like the auto feeder as well.  It makes life a lot easier as it will hold about 2 weeks of food and it has an app you can feed your pets on demand. 

    It's a company started and based in Knoxville and it is a medium to large employer in my area.  Our founder is the President of UT Knoxville now so we have deep local roots and we are the company that sponsors many of the Dog parks that are all over the country now. 


    All of these products are on Amazon, but you can buy straight from PetSafe.   Look on here and if you are interested let me know as I can probably help with pricing.  If you or anyone else is let me know and you all can email me. 

    I wasn't trying to turn this into an ad, but I do love the company I work for and I think we help a lot of people and pets. 
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  • RIP Those Who Died in 2020

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    It's very sad he passed away, he was one of the best parts of Seinfeld.    Just a pretty funny guy and seemed like a great dad and husband. 
  • HBO Max

    FYI, if anyone has Comcast, they struck a last minute deal with HBO/AT&T.  

    It isn't available on the actual xfinity box yet, but you can download the HBO Max app and get access with your comcast credentials. 

    I'm sure it will be on the actual cable service in a few weeks or a month once they get all that software added. 
  • SONY Edges MARVEL Out of Future SPIDER-MAN Movies - Report

    Hatorian said:
    It’s very simple. If you own the IP you bet on yourself. I would put all my savings on the line saying even the worst Spider-Man movie hasn’t lost money. There’s no reason to give it up. And there’s no reason not to risk betting you can make a billion dollar movie and get 100% profit than handing it over to someone else and only getting 50% of that profit. 
    Correct, here is the thing. I'm sure this will all get worked out and Disney is going to have to settle for not getting exactly what they want in a deal for once.

    Or they can give it a go w/o a major tentpole hero to build their other characters around until they get the X-Men going.

    I am very sure this will all get settled and frankly, it's not a bad thing that Disney isn't in complete control of everything.