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  • R-rated Star Trek movie directed by Quentin Tarantino

    I can’t wait for all the parodies that will inevitably be done on YouTube before the release of this! 
    “We ain’t in the takin’ prisoners bidness! We in the killing Romulens bidness!”

    ”Did you notice a sign on the Enterprise that said Dead Vulcan Storage?”
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  • The Last Jedi (Spoilers Section)

    I also wanted to add that Leia flying through space really took me out of the movie. If Jedis have had this ability all along, they’re idiots for not using it to sneak on to the Death Star or imperial destroyers.
  • The Witcher - SPOILERS

    As someone that typically wants no part of any show that contains magic, I have to say that The Witcher does a better job of explaining the rules of the universe better than any fantasy I’ve ever seen in movies or TV. This makes it feel like there are higher stakes and our favorite characters are actually at risk.
     I have a weird relationship with fantasy and The Witcher. I used to think all fantasy was dumb. Then, my GF pulled me into GoT and the political intrigue had me hooked. I started playing The Witcher 3 in between GoT seasons because I needed something to scratch my GoT itch. TW3 just might be my favorite video game of all time now.
     As excited as I was for a Witcher series, the movie snob in me could not be convinced that they wouldn’t mess it up. I am happy to report that I REALLY enjoyed Season 1. There were a few things that made me audibly groan over the coarse of the season, but I was expecting to be groaning a few times per episode. I always hated when magic happened in GoT because it never felt earned or explained in any way. If I had known how much magic was going to be involved with The Witcher, I probably wouldn’t have given it a chance. I’m glad that I did because The Witcher has proven that magic can be well done and follow logic. 
  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    I really really really wish they gave us a logical reason for Arya suddenly appearing out of nowhere and flying through the air. It felt like a Space Mary Poppins or Hyper Drive Kamikaze moment from The Last Jedi to me.
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  • NBA 2017-2018

    It looks like Harden’s step back 3, AKA The Step Daddy, is back to 2016 form. Step back 3s are so hard to make and his consistency on that shot is the most impressive part of his game to me.