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  • Sharp Objects Ep. 8 - Milk

    Well it's over - I was impressed with Aron calling out the ending on the last podcast,  Well done!   

    Some book/show observations - Really stayed pretty faithful overall.

    The book makes it clear that Camille was the product of essentially a one night stand or similar short-term romance.  Was a deliberate effort to be a teenage mother and get a twisted form of attention by Adora.

    In the book Ashley's name is Meredith, and it is more clear she is just looking for publicity and is not a suspect.  The mark on her ear was from Natalie biting her.

    There were 3 other girls in Amma's gang in the book, not two, and Jodes was the weak link who was starting to crack.  The girls were planning on killing her soon according to the epilogue. 

    Calhoun is mentioned in the books as a historical figure in the town with links to the Confederate army, and the High School is Calhoun High, but the Calhoun Day and the weird play are show-only.

    Richard Willis does not yell slurs at Camille in the book after he finds her with John Keene.  Richard is shocked when he arrests Adora and sees the poisoned Camille's exposed scarred body for the first time.  He never contacts her again.  John Keene writes Camille after Amma's arrest, telling her he suspected Amma the whole time and was keeping an eye on her.

    In the book, Camille does the detective work at the hospital to figure out the MBP diagnosis. She finds out from the nurse that Richard Willis was there before her.  Richard gives Camille a heads up they are going to arrest Adora the day before it happens, but lets Camille go home with this information (which seems like a bad idea).  In spite of the impending arrest, Camille lets Adora poison her still over this time period.  I think for self-punishment as well as adding to evidence.  Adora kept a pretty incriminating journal in the book that is also used as evidence against her for Marian's death.

    Chief Vickery is much less of a character in the book - there is no implied relationship between him and Adora.    Same with Alan who is even more of a non-entity in the book.   Also there is no roller skating mentioned in the book.  And no barber-shop.  Amma's visit to the hog farm is explained as a sign of Amma's fondness for watching cruelty.   

    I'm sure there are more differences but this is already a long post.  The editor is the hardest character to swallow in the book and the show.  He is clearly meant to be a nice guy but how could he ever think it was a good idea to send Camille back to Wind Gap?   Oh well.  Really enjoyed the book and the series.  Amy Adams is terrific in the role as are the other actors.  
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  • Re-introduce yourself!

    Hello my name is Mary.  Single, early 40's, one daughter, 2 dogs.  I live in Seattle and started listening to Bald Move GOT podcasts a few years ago, which stretched out to Bald Movies and then lots of other things.

    I work in manufacturing - actually in milk manufacturing so the whole bagged milk thing really piques my interest.  I have spent more time than anyone ever should in meetings where the weight of the plastic milk gallon is discussed and how much $$$ can be saved by reducing the plastic used.... Zzzzz.     You Canadians (and Indians) are onto something!  Seriously it seems like environmentally it would use much less plastic.  We really should look into this more!
    I don't comment or check in as much as I used to on the forums but the discussion seems to have died down in general a bit.  I still enjoy the podcasts and always hope they take up a show or movie that I like

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  • Brag on your kids

    I just watched my daughter's virtual high school graduation on the internet.  The school band all recorded the graduation march from their homes, and it blended together... pretty well.  One student sang the national anthem while proudly displaying black lives matter shirt and decorations on their cap.  The black national anthem was sung as well by another student.  All the teachers did a reading of an inspiring poem (one at a time, recorded mostly at their homes) based on "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr Seuss.  As the names were called we were connected with family and other students over the phone and text.   There was so much positivity and good-will in this crappy situation, I am still a little emotional over it all.

    Anyways I totally agree that this new generation is pretty terrific and will continue to be. They will be the first to really have to face the consequences of global warming, the first to be raised entirely with the internet present, and I mostly see kindness, compassion, and a "let's do the right thing" spirit from this group.  Thanks for starting this post - I agree so much mykhailo - and your daughter is a terrific artist, thanks for sharing her art.  
  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    My washing machine had an error message that meant it wasn’t draining. After YouTubing I was able to fix it myself.  Took me several hours to do this, (not complicated but accessing the drain pump required pulling washer out, disconnecting from water, unscrewing an unnecessarily large amount of screws, unclamping hoses, draining out all water, then putting all back together)

    Anyways I found and removed a penny in the pump and now the washer is working beautifully

    just feels good to be a successful do-it-your-selfer!  And I feel grateful to all the helpful YouTube videos out there. And I guess I am one penny richer. All good things 
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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Spent an hr in a sunny hammock yesterday after doing lots of yard work with a book and a beer and little dog curled up on my lap. And other somewhat annoying dog bringing me a stick to throw over and over again. 
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  • Help a Legion (S1) Noob - No spoilers

    I get the frustration but I think season one may have the most straightforward  narrative of the whole show so far.  I remember not knowing what is real and what isn’t which is frustrating and is a part of a lot of shows these days (looking at you Westworld) and doesn’t always pay off. But imo legion S1 unfolds brilliantly as it  goes on. Maybe if you approach it like those old 3D art posters -  pay attention but don’t try to focus too hard and it will all come clear. TBH some stuff is never clarified but it all more or less makes sense at end of season. If you go on with the show, S2 is less cohesive- still awesome but I think I liked S1 more as a whole. I hope you come to enjoy it. It is definitely a unique and creative show. 
  • Dumb/Funny Things That You Thought Were True When You Were a Kid....

    I am from a Catholic family and my siblings and I all went to Catholic school.  We were pretty sheltered in our own community, weren't allowed to watch much TV, etc.  I knew some kids went to "Public" School so I thought that the world was divided into Catholics and Publics for awhile. 

    I learned my mistake when, after swimming during a vacation to the Ozarks, my aunt told me to rinse off in the "public" shower and I was like, "but we are Catholics, not Publics!"  She started laughing mercilessly and I immediately recognized my mistake (I think I was like 5 or 6 years old).  I swore my aunt to secrecy but she immediately went and told my mom and I was briefly the cause of much laughter amongst my whole extended family.  

    So I learned that the world was not quite the way I thought it was, and not to trust my gossipy aunt all in the same day.  
  • Cobra Kai

    I decided to watch this after hearing it was pretty good and ended up binge watching over a couple days - I liked it quite a bit.  It's got its issues and is quite trop-y in a lot of ways but it's a fun watch and it's got heart.  I don't love the way the 2nd season ended. It was pretty bonkers and went a bit too far for what should be a show that I thought of as comfort-watching.  But anything can happen in season 3!    
  • What is your most mundane celebrity encounter?

    @Murderbear you made me feel all the nostalgia - used to go to King's Island and Cedar Point at least once every summer during my teenage years!  I lived in Columbus OH for awhile which is pretty much exactly between the two parks.  I always liked Cedar Point better for the coasters but I loved KI too!  I think every time I rode the Beast there was a group of frat boy types in the line yelling "The BEEEAAAST!!!"  over and over again.  At least that is my memory.  That is a great Weird Al story and definitely not mundane!
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    I think the Nights watch is important as a place to put prisoners or noblemen who are out of favor but too important to kill. The whole chastity thing seems like it served the purpose of cutting off potential heirs more than serve some higher purpose. Also the kingdoms are still in flux. The NW could be important still to watch the wall and keep a source of power and organization at a border. 

    I do do wonder if Sansa is technically in charge of it since it is in the North now or is it a group that is sort of the property of both kingdoms. 

    Jon is still a young man and his life has had many ups and downs. Who knows what the future will bring. I like that it is kind of open. Maybe he can build the NW to be a more open and useful group to the new era?

    i also wonder why Ned encouraged Jon to take the black without telling him the truth first. Seems a not very honorable thing to do.