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  • Re-introduce yourself!

    Cherri, 50, Iowa. Came for Game of Thrones and Bald Move was my podcast gateway drug. I had never listened to a podcast prior and now I am an addict. I am just devastated that I was unaware of podcasting, Reddit etc, as I have always been a huge fan of things like the X-Files and Lost and science fiction in general-so many productive hours I could have wasted living in rabbit holes. 
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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    Thanks @All The Chickens. Excuse me while I go and weep for the rest of the day. You are shattering my "it's okay, it will be okay, everything is fine" mantra. 
  • Harmontown

    The last few episodes have been a bit of a bummer. But when I got a refund and notification that my membership was canceled, man...I was more bummed than I thought I would be! I am with you @JaimieT, huge thanks to A.Ron for recommending this crazy, hilarious, sad, train wreck of a good time. 
  • Palm Springs (Spoilers)

    I have been struggling to engage in anything on TV lately and this movie just sucked me right in! Loved the concept, and the cast, and just all of it. It was also great to see Cristin Milioti-I wish she was cast in more stuff. I will admit I was slow on the uptake and it took me a minute to understand the stinger. I could not figure out why Nyles didn't know who Roy was. I am glad my brain unfroze before I outed myself...which I guess I just did. 
  • Palm Springs (Spoilers)

    Gahh-now my brain is frozen again. If she blew the goat out of the time loop-then it wouldn't be in their time loop. But when Roy goes to blow himself out of the time loop, wouldn't the goat be there again? 
    So, when you are blown out of the time-loop, “you” are free of it... you can go on experiencing actually new days: Nov. 10th, 11th, and on...

    But, when that happens, there is still a version of you (or whatever) that becomes a part of the loop for everyone still stuck in the loop. When Nyles is freed, the version of him that remains is Nyles as he experienced the wedding day on his very first pass. That’s why he’s wearing the tux and doesn’t know Roy in the mid-credits scene.

    Cmon man... you’re acting like this is complicated or something. ;)
    Whew, I am tracking with you totally. But doesn't your explanation explain your question about the goat? Because if not...I may need you to commit to a powerpoint.