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  • You know you’re addicted to Bald Move when...

    ... when you've re-watched entire shows just to hear the Bald Move coverage of said show.

    ... when your friends tell you that you may have too much of an obsession with "those 2 guys you always listen to."

    ... when you slow down a binge watch of a show just because you're not caught up with the Bald Move coverage.

    ... when you're excited to go into work only because you get to listen to Bald Move coverage of whatever show/movie/podcast.
  • UPDATES! Forum Upgrades

    Big shout out to @A_Ron_Hubbard and everybody else that has done work with getting the forums working better.  You are the real heroes.  
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  • Better Call Saul 5/01 - Magic Man SPOILERS

    I said something similar on the Bald Move page on Facebook because I saw a lot of negativity on there.  A.Ron will certainly be missed in the podcast but Alexis is killing it. It's obviously going to be slightly different coverage from before because nobody can immediately come in and replicate the chemistry and content that A.Ron and Jim provide but just because it's different doesn't make it a bad thing.  Adding in Cecily and Alexis is keeping everybody from going mental because of the workload or having to talk about a show they are less than enthused about.  This allows A.Ron to back off a bit on Better Call Saul and focus more on some of the other content Bald Move is putting out.  I'm happy that our two main hosts see the potential in their significant others in a podcasting sense.  Cecily and Alexis did amazing with His Dark Materials and although I don't watch AHS I know Cecily has put in good work there too.  I applaud the guys for making the changes they need to stay sane in regards to the workload and shows they podcast about and I'm happy to see Bald Move take another big step in the right direction.
  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    I loved the episode. Was it perfect, no. But it was an extremely entertaining 80ish minutes of television. Things went somewhat as expected and there were things that surprised me. Rhaegal getting taken out came completely out of nowhere but it was logical in my opinion. Yes the Ballistas might be a little too advanced for the time given the pivoting but why wouldn't Cersei expect Dany to go back to Dragonstone? 

    The Sansa and Sandor reunion was amazing. Him calling her little bird was perfect. Sansa telling him if she had left with him during Blackwater she'd still be that little bird is 100% true. She is who she is because of the horrors she went through. I hope there's a different way that Tyrion found out about Jon but I'm pretty certain that Sansa spilled the beans.

    Love seeing Arya and Sandor leaving together, both with unfinished business going to the same place. Cleganebowl is very real and I can't wait. I was a little taken aback when Arya said she doesn't intend to return either. Clearly Sandor knows he's riding to his death but I feel like Arya has a life to live after all this. I hope she just means not returning to Winterfell but the way she said it made it seem like she's riding to her death and knows it.

    Jaime is 100% riding to Kingslanding to kill Cersei. He said what he did to Brienne because deep down he is a bad person and he can't live with the horrible things he's done. 

    The Bronn scene had way more tension than I ever expected and to me Bronn just hedged his bet and is 100 % the smart thing to do in his position. Tormund and Ghost heading back North of the wall was unexpexted and heartbreaking, I would have thought there would have been more of a goodbye between Jon and Ghost. I've got a ton of other thoughts running through my head but that's plenty for now. Looking forward to actually keeping up this week, unlike last week.
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  • Expanse Season 4 All Episode Spoilers

    And this is the exact reason Amazon fucked up big time by releasing it all at once. There was 9 days of discussions about the new season and now there's been a 7 day gap since the last message. 
  • Protests Across the America

    I live about 20 minutes north of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Haven't gone out of my house since George Floyd was murdered except to drive up north to my cabin this past weekend. That really isn't out of the ordinary as I've been staying and working from home for quite a while with everything going on with COVID. I'm safe where I'm at as the riots and destruction haven't made it very far outside Minneapolis and Saint Paul but it's utter destruction downtown. We've had every curfews every night since Saturday and it's continuing for several more days. It's horrifying seeing the destruction that's happening but it's also heartwarming seeing all the people that have come together to help clean up and donation centers having to turn things away because they have no room because of how much has been donated. Everybody stay safe wherever you are. Love my Bald Move family
  • 307: Passed Pawn

    I really hope Maeve has some kind of double-cross planned with Serac. I understand her quarrels with Dolores after season 2 but I find it hard to believe that Maeve would align and trust Serac knowing full well what he's doing to all the hosts. 
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  • Best Under the Radar Shows?

    Black Sails was an extremely well done show and I feel like most people don't know about it. I didn't up until the final season was released and that show was far more complex than what you would expect out if a TV show based on pirates.
  • Best/Most Moving Scene In One Pic

    Noel said:
    Noel said:
    If that is what I think it is from...then god yes. 
    It’s incredible how well they handled his ACTUAL death at the end of this movie. In a film franchise filled with shameless over the top action scenes and saving the world. THIS is the franchise that made me sob! I went back to watch it one more time and it still gets to me pretty heavy.
    I am right there with you. I remember seeing this in theaters and the amount of men crying openly in theaters was heartwarming. I most definitely was one of them.
  • Trailers and Upcoming Movies Thread

    cdrive said:
    This looks really promising....

    While I'm not typically a horror movie fan, extremely well made ones I am always drawn to. I definitely have an interest in that based off the trailer and the quotes by random critics or whoever they were.