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  • You know you’re addicted to Bald Move when...

    ... when you've re-watched entire shows just to hear the Bald Move coverage of said show.

    ... when your friends tell you that you may have too much of an obsession with "those 2 guys you always listen to."

    ... when you slow down a binge watch of a show just because you're not caught up with the Bald Move coverage.

    ... when you're excited to go into work only because you get to listen to Bald Move coverage of whatever show/movie/podcast.
  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    I loved the episode. Was it perfect, no. But it was an extremely entertaining 80ish minutes of television. Things went somewhat as expected and there were things that surprised me. Rhaegal getting taken out came completely out of nowhere but it was logical in my opinion. Yes the Ballistas might be a little too advanced for the time given the pivoting but why wouldn't Cersei expect Dany to go back to Dragonstone? 

    The Sansa and Sandor reunion was amazing. Him calling her little bird was perfect. Sansa telling him if she had left with him during Blackwater she'd still be that little bird is 100% true. She is who she is because of the horrors she went through. I hope there's a different way that Tyrion found out about Jon but I'm pretty certain that Sansa spilled the beans.

    Love seeing Arya and Sandor leaving together, both with unfinished business going to the same place. Cleganebowl is very real and I can't wait. I was a little taken aback when Arya said she doesn't intend to return either. Clearly Sandor knows he's riding to his death but I feel like Arya has a life to live after all this. I hope she just means not returning to Winterfell but the way she said it made it seem like she's riding to her death and knows it.

    Jaime is 100% riding to Kingslanding to kill Cersei. He said what he did to Brienne because deep down he is a bad person and he can't live with the horrible things he's done. 

    The Bronn scene had way more tension than I ever expected and to me Bronn just hedged his bet and is 100 % the smart thing to do in his position. Tormund and Ghost heading back North of the wall was unexpexted and heartbreaking, I would have thought there would have been more of a goodbye between Jon and Ghost. I've got a ton of other thoughts running through my head but that's plenty for now. Looking forward to actually keeping up this week, unlike last week.
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  • Pet chat for all animals

    FernNYC17 said:
    Question as far as keeping pets teeth clean. what do you guys use/do? i brush by Beagles teeth as often as i can which is usually like 2x a week, and i have used Dentasticks, Greenies, Oralvets etc. but it seems like every yr for the last 3 yrs when he goes to the vet for a cleaning he ends up removing like 1-2 teeth. saying they were in bad shape so had to be removed. i know dogs have more teeth then humans and the vets says he fine with losing a few teeth but i'm trying to find something so his teeth are healthier. he's turning 9 in Jan. thanks ahead of time for any advise. 
    This is interesting, I've got a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and I have never once brushed his teeth and the vet actually comments on how well his teeth are.  Maybe just the breed of dog but he does chew on a lot of bones, ropes, and he loves chewing up the woodchips and smaller logs I end up forgetting about when I have a bon fire.  Here's my big guy, Dozer.  He's about 100lbs and has to be touching you at all times.  

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  • Bald move crazy fall tv?

    Hunkulese said:
    awookiee said:
    Hunkulese said:
    Hollyoak said:
    When is the new Expanse coming out? As well as Westworld. I think they're fall, too.
    The Expanse is getting released all at once in December, so don't expect great coverage. Not a knock against Bald Move, but it's pretty much impossible to properly cover a show that releases all at once.

    Westworld is 2020.
    Has it been confirmed that Expanse is being released all at once?
    I couldn't find an official Amazon announcement, but most of the sites talking about it says it'll all be released at once.
    That sucks, I really think The Expanse would benefit from a weekly vs all at once release.  It's definitely set up to do much better in that regard with people being able to discuss it
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  • Hulu shows worth watching

    Thank you everybody for all the recommendations and the couple tips with using Hulu.  It is much appreciated and I now have an even bigger catalog of shows I want to watch.  I'm definitely more into drama/sci fi/fantasy shows more so than comedies/ sitcoms/feel good shows but I have already added the ones mentioned here to my master list.  I think Handmade's Tale, Harlots, and The Path will be the first 3 shows I tackle from Hulu and I'll worry about what's next after that.

    @Elisa Thank you for mentioning 12 Monkeys. That was a show I really wanted to watch when it first aired but it fell off my radar. Then all of a sudden I saw ads for season 2 and was like fuck I don't have Hulu so I can't catch up and it fell even further down my priority list.  
  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    They had brisket as one of the options in the cafeteria at work today and I was the 2nd to last person to get it before they ran out.  It was delicious.  
  • NFL 2018/19 Chat Thread

    It's funny because even if they tweaked the rule to allow coaches to challenge all penalty calls, I still think the refs keep the call on the field as called.  For PI (at least so far in the regular season), they seem unwilling to reverse a call when it's clear cut, so why would they change anything else?  Maybe in the playoffs, it might be something different.  Then again, with only a limited amount of games, a game like last night can be the difference between getting into the playoffs and not.
    Especially in the NFC North division.  I'm from MN and a Vikings fan and it's one of those seasons where everybody in our division seems legit.  I didn't think the Lions were until they marched into Lambeau Field and played as well as they did.  Winning this division is going to be tough and even more so when the refs blow calls and throw flags for nothing that effect the game like it did. 
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    awookiee said:
    Zombieland 2! I thought it was pretty good. Had a lot of nice callbacks as you would expect and the action was alright. Didn't blow me away like the first one did but it held its own. And also I didn't realize Rosario Dawson was in this so that was a nice surprise! And there is a fun thing just a little bit into the credits. Definitely won't ruin it but it's a really fun thing.
    I thought the same.  There was no way that this could do better than the first because, well it's the first one and we knew what to expect going into it.  Going into the 1st movie I had absolutely zero expectations and it completely blew everybody away.  The 2nd one is very good and definitely recreates some of that magic but there was no way it could compete with the 1st.  And yes there is a mid-credits scene about a minute or two into the credits and another 15 second scene after all the credits.
    I'm glad I had more fun than A.Ron did watching this apparently. I agree with most of their criticisms but I definitely don't agree that it was a joyless as they said. It's definitely a retread but I guess I just had more fun with it. To each their own though.
    Just got done with listening to the podcast and I think the guys went into this with way too much of a critical mindset.  The plot was far from perfect but it didn't matter because it was just a very fun movie to sit down and enjoy.  The 1 thing I was looking forward to most was the intro and it did not disappoint.  As soon as the Metallica music hit with the intro I was 100% on board and enjoyed almost every minute of it.  It sounds dumb but I would have been disappointed if the intro music was anything but Metallica.  
  • Emmy Nominations are in... discuss

    ken hale said:
    It is a treasure.  And I know I'm being unfairly critical of Fleabag, which I'm sure is great.  I suppose it's a failure of marketing that I'm decrying.
    I was turned off by the name also. But then I just jumped in and forgot about it. 
    I'm not one to typically watch comedy TV shows BUT I think I really need to give Fleabag a chance.