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  • You know you’re addicted to Bald Move when...

    ... when you've re-watched entire shows just to hear the Bald Move coverage of said show.

    ... when your friends tell you that you may have too much of an obsession with "those 2 guys you always listen to."

    ... when you slow down a binge watch of a show just because you're not caught up with the Bald Move coverage.

    ... when you're excited to go into work only because you get to listen to Bald Move coverage of whatever show/movie/podcast.
  • BlacKkKlansman - This is why I'm happy to be in Club Baldmove

    Dee said:
    Wow, that was BLISTERING. Poor @Jim getting interrupted every time though, lol. 

    I still know nothing about this movie from this review but I sure as hell want to see it. 
    I hate that I do that. I really do. It's so painful to listen to. Knowing my tendency to do that shit in even normal, less emotionally charged circumstances, I fully intended to just let him speak for the first five minutes. I had thought about that plan the whole drive back to the studio; "I'm going to just let him run and just be like "amen!", "preach!"", etc. But then  60 seconds into the cast I'm like 
    I haven't listened to the podcast yet but as a person that is very much in Jim's position with that type of thing I know and understand that my friend (A.Ron in this situation) is just very passionate about what is being discussed.  I personally don't even get annoyed by it because of that reason and typically it's something I jump in on and add a little here and there and I know my friend can probably articulate the point better than I can so it really doesn't bother me.  Obviously this is different with everybody but don't beat yourself up too much over it A.Ron.
  • RIP MoviePass 2011-2018

    If you have an AMC theater nearby I highly recommend their A List membership.  20 bucks a month but you can see any movie in any format.  If your local theater has a "Dolby Cinema" those tickets are at least $17.00 a ticket so it damn near pays for itself in 1 movie.  It's clearly twice as expensive as Movie Pass but the convenience of purchasing tickets well ahead of time is more than worth it.  I saw 8 movies in the first month which equaled about $125 bucks worth of movies.  And no I don't work for AMC in any form, I just really enjoy their A List program and it's convenience. 
  • BlacKkKlansman - This is why I'm happy to be in Club Baldmove

    I was planning on seeing this movie at some point but now I'll be seeing it at some point this weekend just so I can listen to the podcast.  Can't wait to listen to it.
  • Petty grievances

    Michelle said:
    Current situation:  in the Taco Bell drive thru ( thanks to the ‘Things you miss...’ thread I’m craving it) and they are apparently having equipment malfunctions, which means we’re all out here waiting a bit longer than normal (which is understandable, no big).  But - cut to the car 2 ahead of me ordering 7 of the multi-pack boxes (which is essentially then 70 tacos or burritos or a combo of them, whatever) as well as some other combo meals.  Ok - first rule of the drive thru (besides kind of knowing what you want, so maybe it’s the second rule?) - if you’re ordering enough food to feed a small village, don’t do it in the drive thru where everyone’s just trying to get in and out and go home, especially after 5pm when the line is crazy long already.  :neutral:
    Every now and then just the guys get together for a concert or a show somewhere and I typically play sober cab.  White Castle is always the go to spot on the way back home.  We always get a crave case but I also always make it a point to call ahead so it's ready to go when we get there.  I don't think White Castle's dining room part of it is open 24 hours but their drive through is but I always make sure to call ahead just for the exact reason you just brought up.  It's just common courtesy and I feel like they are less likely to spit in my burgers if I call it ahead ; ) I don't want a large Farva I want a god damn liter of cola.
  • CW's Batwoman cast!

    Dee said:
    @letrbuck2006 Oh, I don’t know - I’ve never watched any of them. But if that’s true, that’s even worse. 
    I looked it up after the fact and both The Flash and The Arrow are 23 episode seasons.  I don't know about the rest of their shows but 23 episodes is just too damn much in my opinion.  I haven't found anything regarding how long the season of Batwoman will be.  Why do I think she was great in John Wick 2 you ask?  Well that's because she was deaf and  never talked ; ) 

    Just kidding I don't think she's that horrible of an actress and she definitely has attractiveness going for her.  I hope it does well but I can almost guarantee I won't have anything to do with it.  It seems like all the CW shows mix and mingle too much and I haven't watched anything other than the first season and a half of The Flash.
  • Trailers and Upcoming Movies Thread

    KingKobra said:
    Anybody else extremely surprised with how well The Incredibles 2 did in theaters this past weekend.  I expected it to do well but to take over the #8 spot of all opening weekends is pretty impressive, 180 million....

    Not really, this was a highly anticipated return and a family friendly movie. I know it was getting heavy “play” in social media so I figured it would be a great opening. Family movie with nostalgia for adults is a win win for summer. 
    I knew it was going to do very well but to have the number #8 spot in opening weekends ever? I was not expecting those kind of numbers with the high numbers that have been put out lately. 

    Incredibles 2 did 180 million, some other things that put this into perspective for me, Deadpool did 132 million, Deadpool 2 did 125 million, the next closest animated film is Finding Dory which did 135 million.  The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises did 158 and 161 million.  The only movies ahead of it are Avengers movies, Black Panther, Star Wars, and Jurassic World all of which have HUGE fan followings.  To me I expected it to beat Finding Dory but not anywhere close to 50 million dollars more.