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  • 802 - “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

    Is anyone else feeling anxious AF right now??!! That episode was incredible!! The buildup was insane and I feel like they did an excellent job putting the viewer right in the middle of it all. I almost wish I had waited a week to watch this because it would have been excellent to have it steamroll right into the battle. I will definitely be doing a rewatch of this episode right before next week’s episode begins. All that being said, there is zero chance I will be going to bed anytime soon. Bravo, double D’s!
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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    What in the actual fuck was that??! That has to be one of the most anti-climactic season finales I’ve ever seen! Everything was going great up until the point Drogon flew off. Everything else was like a wet fart. Everyone knows Jon is the rightful heir and the reason why the 7 kingdoms are not all ice zombies. And they send him to the knights watch??!?! The biggest contribution Bran did was warg into some birds while everyone else was dying. What a bunch of horse shit!! There are 1,000 different ways this could have been a much more satisfying series finale. I’m absolutely baffled by the double D’s choices!
  • The Mandalorian S2E05

    adobo1148 said:

    Ashoka never actually witnessed Anakin’s descent into the dark side, yes? So she could have been referring to other Jedi like Krell or Dooku. 

    In Rebels her and Vader face off and during that fight, she sees that the ‘rumors’ are true and that Anakin fell to the dark side and became Vader.
  • Expanse Season 5 (Show only spoilers!)

    ray_x03 said:

    Meanwhile, Season 6 production is underway!
    I keep looking out for news updates on the possibility of continuing the live-action story after season 6. (Siiggghhh) REALLY hoping for a "SURPRISE, we're picking up the show somewhere else or we're switching to movies!"   

    The fact that the writers and showrunner are being dodgy about it is still giving me hope for more. 
  • Fargo S4 (Spoilers)

    Noah Hawley on a possible Season 5:
  • Possibly the best review of Book of Boba Fett?!?!

    I was really holding out hope that somehow they were going to tie this all together by the end but holy fuck did they do the complete opposite. 

    Why didn’t they just make the gangster show that they set up??? I’m so confused as to what happened here, because something VERY CLEARLY happened to this production. An aging bounty hunter tired of working dangerous jobs for people who don’t care whether he lives or dies and deciding to carve out a piece of the criminal underworld for himself is a fucking GREAT direction to take that character, especially given Morrison’s age. It’s a classic Capo-turns-boss tale that practically writes itself. Fennec Shand should have been acting as his mouth piece and consigliere and running shit on the street, with Boba really only getting involved when a point needed to be made or the shit got personal like with Cad Bane or the Pyke Syndicate. Speaking of which, why the hell did they give the whole taking out the heads of the 3 families and the mayor and the Pyke representative bit to Fennec??? Those were all PERSONAL betrayals to Boba, he should have been the one to go in there and fuck all of them up. I’ve never seen a more passive protagonist in my life. 

    It would have been a perfectly clean way to transition him into a new role and character archetype while acknowledging that you created Din Djarin LITERALLY as a replacement skin because LucasFilm turned down Favreau’s original pitch for a Boba Fett show. I’m also not convinced that they needed to show Boba struggling at this job either, he’s spent his whole life mingling with and working for criminal organizations, I’d think he’d have a pretty good understanding of how all this worked- who he could blackmail, who he could pay off, who he could strong arm, and who he could bring into his circle by promising capo positions in his new organization like all his old bounty hunter buddies. Imagine a Season 1 of this show where Boba assassinates Bib Fortuna and takes the palace, so Jabba’s twin cousins hire a whole crew of bounty hunters and assassins to go after him, only to have him deliver an impassioned plea for them to join him and use their resources to take all this shit for themselves. That’s so much more compelling! 

    He could have used all his connections and experience across the galaxy and his relationship to the Tuskens to build a legit and potent criminal empire on Tatooine  that could rival the likes of the Pyke Syndicate, the Hutt Council, or even Crimson Dawn down the line. Like fuck, it was all RIGHT THERE, and they chose to do absolutely nothing with it. I feel like I have this story way more thought than they ever did.
    I agree with all of you!! Such a train wreck of a show. I guess the digestive acid of the sarlacc pit is some kind of sedative because the second BF comes out, he’s soft as baby shit. I went into this expecting a toned down Punisher vibe and instead we got the meandering writings of a C- 6th grader. I guess shame on me for setting high expectations?! But to be fair, even the BF we saw in the Mandalorian was more of the way of Empire than he was in this sorry ass show.