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  • US Presidential Race 2016 Straw Poll

    Then there's this guy, who spoke volumes without having to say a word ...

  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    Governing is hard.
    'Who knew it was this hard?!'

     :D  :D :D
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  • U.S. Politics Part 5: Same old Thread...Just New.

    This whole thing gives me hope!  I'm so proud of these kids, and everyone standing with them!    :)
  • If You Were An Animal..

    'A house cat' was what immediately came to my mind.

    I have a thing for turtles, I love them.   But thinking about it, I think it'd be kind of boring to be a turtle.  Especially  the ones that live a super long time and get really big.

    I think it'd be neat to be an elephant, they're super smart and have social systems, but I wouldn't want to have humans hunting me.
    Same thing goes for whales. 

  • U.S. Politics Part 5: Same old Thread...Just New.

    So it looks like Democrat Linda Belcher beat Republican Rebecca Johnson for a Congress seat in the special election in Kentucky.
    The margin was like 70% to 30%.    
    This is fantastic news, and gives me hope for things to come in November!    :)

  • U.S. Politics Part 5: Same old Thread...Just New.

    Things that make you go hmmm ...

    45's personal lawyer (Michael Cohen) just so happened to be working out of the Squire, Patton, and Boggs law offices, who are lawyers for Cambridge Analyitica, *and* are main lobbyists for Russia's Gazprom oil company!

    PS - a little more that I just learned about this law firm: Squire Patton Boggs formed four years ago from the merger of Squire, Sanders and Dempsey (a law firm) with Patton Boggs (a lobbying and law firm that at that point was mired in scandal). Patton Boggs was set to collapse due to a corruption scandal having to do with a case in Ecuador. The firm was targeted as a co-conspirator in RICO violations including coercion, falsified data, and intimidation of judges. Patton Boggs was only saved by the merger with Squire Sanders. 
  • Very off topic. I think I've got clinical depression

    Talk to your doctor about this as soon as you can.
    I have boughts with depression - have even been on meds for a bit to get me through the worst of it.
    It's good that you recognize what's going on - that's the first step.  Talking to your doctor is a good next step.

    I also wanted to let you know that you're welcome to message me if you want to/need to talk.  Things may seem dark now, but they *will* get better!
  • This Is Us - Season 2

    My method of viewing doesn't have next week's previews, so I haven't seen them.  That's interesting that they're going to get into the Miguel thing!