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  • Bald Move no longer an Amazon Affiliate

    Clearly the answer is Bald Move branded Me Undies.

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  • "Gods of Thrones" or, "A.Ron writes another book!"

    The real question is ... will this come out before Winds of Winter?
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  • Post Your Dankest Memes

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  • Is The Leftovers worth it?


    Starting with season one episode six, it's really really good. Season 2 is one of the best seasons of tv ever IMO.
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  • Returning for a 4th season!

    Chris Rock cast for season 4! And looks like it's going to be another period piece:

    Season four of Fargo is set in 1950, at the end of two American migrations — that of Southern Europeans from countries like Italy, who came to the U.S. at the turn of the last century and settled in northern cities like New York and Chicago — and African-Americans who left the South in great numbers to escape Jim Crow and moved to those same cities — you saw a collision of outsiders, all fighting for a piece of the American dream. In Kansas City, Missouri, two criminal syndicates have struck an uneasy peace. One Italian, one African-American. Together they control an alternate economy — that of exploitation, graft and drugs. This too is the history of America. To cement their peace, the heads of both families have traded their eldest sons."

    Perhaps it could have ties to season 2, since that involved a Kansas City crime syndicate?

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  • What makes Bald Move so good?

    Bald Move and Binge Mode may both have the same abbreviation and cover similar topics, but your not getting this type of quality content from the Ringer!

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  • "Gods of Thrones" or, "A.Ron writes another book!"

    Alkaid13 said:
    What’s the difference between $8 & $10?

    /womp womp
  • Con of Thrones

    Bummer! Here is how I'm going to pretend the negotiations ended:

  • College Admissions Scandal.. Thoughts?

    Dee said:
    I just can’t get worked up about this. Of all the terrible things rich people do, this is pretty low down on the scale for me.
    It's a problem because it's one way rich people propograte their stranglehold on society, and make it harder for people to lift themselves out of lower classes. If Aunt Becky and others are bribing their unqualified kids into college, taking away spots from qualified low-income students, it just furthers the cycle of economic oppression. This and hundreds of other "not that big of a deal" stuff that the 1% do add up to a big fucking deal, as @Travis articulated nicely.

    Me in the kitchen after the Sandwich Thread pops back up: