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  • Bald Move no longer an Amazon Affiliate

    Clearly the answer is Bald Move branded Me Undies.

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  • "Gods of Thrones" or, "A.Ron writes another book!"

    The real question is ... will this come out before Winds of Winter?
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  • Post Your Dankest Memes

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  • FB Live Now- Baldmove on Local ABC channel talking GOT

    lol this is a very good question ...

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  • A Teachable Moment: Pride Month

    MikeO said:

    Sexualisation: Seeing an elementary school raise up a LGBT flag, and then being told by online media sites that a child drag queen on estrogen injections, and dancing on tables at gay bars is fierce and powerful, you have to allow people certain degrees of anger without lashing out with the Nazi label and banning them. Everything draped in the LGBT isn’t honest and pure. Like with anything, you have to prune it back into the realms decency. Learn to say “This is going to far, this is wrong, but these core positions are good. I can differentiate these, and will even ally with you in certain areas while condemning you in others. Articulate your position, so I can articulate mine. We may have the same beliefs.”

    Oh no a child drag queen! The horror! Unpure!

    Straight people certainly don't do anything similar with their kids! And then turn it into television shows to make money off them!

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  • "Gods of Thrones" or, "A.Ron writes another book!"

    Alkaid13 said:
    What’s the difference between $8 & $10?

    /womp womp
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  • RIP those who died in 2018

  • 802 - “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

    As i watched this episode I figured it would be divisive since it didn't "move the plot", and that seems maybe true skimming the thread, but goddamn I fucking loved it. To me it was 8 years of character and relationship development payoff and not in a fan-servicy way. I agree with @pavlovsbell that the dialogue wasn't as tight as say season 2 Blackwater or other earlier seasons (it's hard to compete with GRRM) but I think they did all these character moments justice - Jaime & Brienne being at the forefront, but other highlights were Sansa-Dany, Jaime-Bran and Jaime-Tyrion, Arya everything (take your own damn pants off Gendry!), Pod everything (that nod to Brienne before she was knighted!), Sam and Jorah, Tormund'sTMI giant's milk monologue, Gilly & Davos and the spunky young girl (did you catch the notes of "I know I know"?)... I could go on. I'm really impressed that the did this sort of episode when there were only six this season.
  • For All the *Grumpy Haters*

    I had mixed feelings as I watched this episode - but I kindof started to admire them for just leaning into the horrific and senseless burning of KL ... it kept going and going and going. Not happy about Dany's arc this season but considering this episode by itself I'm not as down on it as others are.

    Anyway I'm not going to hate on J&A for being pissed during an insta-cast. They're processing their feelings in real time, and  this show has been a huge part of their lives and livelihood for a long time - it's ok to be upset if they don't think it's doing a good job of concluding the series. I don't necessarily agree, but folks should calm down a notch in the forums. I'm looking forward to the full cast once they've had a couple days to process and go through feedback.

    If you're looking for some more lighthearted recapping - which I wanted this morning - definitely listen to Boars Gore & Swords - they always have been good at leaning into the absurdity which is nice for this episode. Also Bill Simmons has been recapping the episodes at the end of his Sunday night pods this season, and it's typically amusing in a stupid sort of way - he was very enthusiastic that they finally "unleashed the dragon" lol.
  • 801 - "Winterfell"

    Hatorian said:
    Maybe they thought "Winterfell" would get people hyped for a wight battle at Winterfell, like I was. I was very surprised and disappointed that it didn't begin during this episode.

    Arya's diagram... I thought it looked like a harpoon, but we haven't seen gunpowder in this universe, so not sure if that's possible. I guess it could use a spring.
    My money is on another misdirection with Arya. Last season we thought she was getting screwed by Littlefinger. This season I bet the Harpoon looking thing is going to come across across as weapon against Dany’s dragons but it’s really going to be a dragonglass arrow for Viserion. 

    I'm going with a dragonglass tipped bow staff - would compliment her faceless men training. And then it can break into smaller weapons for close quarters trickery.