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  • 304 - G'Day Melbourne

    Well I know who won the week again.
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  • Sharp Objects Ep. 8 - Milk

    Aron wins the internet again. 
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  • Unwarranted Concern with the Boys BlacKkKlansman review goes here...

    As it happens the most effective way to stop racism is to shame the racists into believing that being racist is unacceptable no matter the situation, not to give them a platform from which to preach their racism. So that’s what this is. 
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  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    You really want to play the “Obama was worse for the ecosystem and public health” given this administration??? Get out of here with that both sides bullshit. 
  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

    And don’t @ me with any “well liberals do it too” nonsense because I don’t fucking care. If you can present to me an honest liberal actor promoting the same level of violence and hatred as Alex Jones with the same size of audience then yes, I agree, they should also be banned. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t also ban Alex Jones in the meantime. That’s like not arresting someone just because some other guy who’s clearly guilty hasn’t been arrested yet. We should all have a baseline where people who are actively harmful to public goodwill don’t deserve a platform from which to spread that harm regardless of who’s side they’re supposedly on because they’re not on anyone’s side, they’re just assholes. 
  • US Election

    Basically the fact of the matter is that the Republican Party in general is a party representative of a shrinking minority of the US populous and therefore cannot actually win elections on the basis of pure democracy, but since they control all aspects of the government they can just override the will of the majority by any means necessary to maintain that stranglehold as long as possible. 
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Like I said on the other thread, people will always find ways to kill other but it’s much harder to kill 50 people in a short time frame with a knife than it is with a gun. There’s an abundance of evidence to prove that mass shootings dramatically decrease in response to stricter gun laws and shit like what happened in NZ happens here on almost a yearly basis now. The solution to the problem is really simple but people refuse to accept the facts. If you want people to stop shooting up churches or schools or public gatherings, prevent them from acquiring those weapons in the first place. We blame mass shootings here on mental health failures, which is part of the issue, but any small change to gun laws are treated like the utmost tyranny and meanwhile the mental health system in this country isn’t getting any better and anyone who actually acts like this is a serious problem is ridiculed in public. 
  • College Admissions Scandal.. Thoughts?

    Well you see Trav, when rich people steal millions from people it’s not a crime because they’re rich, but if you’re poor and caught with some weed you’re scum of the earth and deserve to go to jail forever, especially if you’re not white. At least that’s what I’ve learned from observing the American legal system for 2 decades. 
  • Non-Political News Thread

    I’m fine with people deplatforming conspiracy theories because that shit is dangerous. If people are actually dumb enough to believe the shit that assholes like Alex Jones says (and there are a surprising number of people who watch that nutcase) maybe we do need a little censorship because some people are going fucking crazy with this shit. The current YT algorithm tries to get me to watch right wing conspiracy nut vids almost daily despite being basically as opposite as one could be from the intended audience for those so obviously it needs some fixing. If the YouTube corporate overlords start censoring actual facts in order to promote their global world domination agenda or whatever then I’ll get in the streets and protest them with everyone else but until then this seems both benign and potentially helpful. YouTube has its share of issues but differentiating between obvious conspiracy theory nonsense like flat earth or anti-vaxxers and regular vids seems like a very clear cut case to me. 
  • Non-Political News Thread

    I don’t really believe children can be “evil” in any real sense. Are there evil people? Yeah sure, but I don’t even think Adolph fucking Hitler was an evil kid because that’s just silly, he was a normal kid who became an evil adult. Now I do believe it’s possible for kids to have a level of psychopathy or sociopathy but every case I’ve ever come across on that front suggests that people born with those conditions are fucked from the get go by biological forces beyond their control. Does this excuse some 14 year old from raping and murdering some other kid? No of course not, that’s fucked up, but I don’t think kids do that without seriously physiological or psychological conditions driving them to do so.

    I think the reality is that a lot of pedophiles aren’t simply cut and dry evil people who grew up in nice homes and turned out to be monsters. They’re kids with serious mental problems who internalized a lot of pain and violence visited upon them and then decided to pay that forward as adults. Condemn them and hate them and wish for their deaths and I assure you I’m right there with you; they don’t deserve any sympathy. But you have to recognize that killing pedophiles isn’t going to solve the issue, it’s might make people “feel better” to kill pedophiles but we’ve been doing that for centuries and the problem hasn’t gone away. If a lot of these people had proper therapy and treatments that had diagnosed their various issues as children, or if they had been removed from whatever abusive environment they grew up in then I guarantee most of them wouldn’t have gone on to be abusers. 

    At then end of the day, sure, punishing heinous criminals feels good because everyone knows that there are certain classes of criminals who deserve it, but that’s a retroactive solution. If you hate pedophiles and pedophilia then you should support a more robust mental health system to prevent these situations from happening in the first place. It sounds callous to say we should institutionalize a lot of people at young ages in this country but honestly I think we’d all be better off if more people wound up in asylums than in prison. To tie this back into the MJ angle, I fully believe he did some truly heinous shit to kids and shouldn’t be forgiven for it, but if some agency had stepped in early on and helped him with his obvious mental issues I also believe he would never had abused those kids in the first place. Stop problems before they happen not after it’s too late to do anything.