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    In order to offer proper explanations on the relative content of Game of Thrones threads, and in order to protect the general community from unwanted spoilers, it seems that there needs to be some clarification. 
    So going forward here is the discussion policy for Game of Thrones:

    1. General Discussions - This means episode only discussion. As soon as an episode has aired on HBO at 9:00 pm EST any and all content which appeared in that episode is fair game for any and all threads under the “Game of Thrones” category or anything labeled as “Game of Thrones” unless explicitly stated within the thread. This includes any episodes previously aired but does not include anything about future episodes be they books spoilers, production leaks, or advance released episodes. If something has not aired on HBO at 9:00 pm EST you cannot post about it in a general discussion thread, you may only post about it on properly labeled threads. 

    2. Spoiler Threads - Any theories, lore, future information or any and all content derived from reading any book in the A Song Of Ice and Fire canon (and that means main series and spin-offs) must be placed inside a thread clearly labeled as Spoilers. Preferably, you should label them appropriately eg. “Fire and Blood Spoilers Discussion” or “Book theories Spoiler Discussion” but in general assume that any GoT thread labeled as spoilers is fair game for both episode and book discussion unless stated otherwise within the thread. You cannot discuss Production leaks or episode content that has not been aired on HBO at 9:00 pm EST in these threads. 

    3. Early Releases Episode Discussions - These threads include discussion about episodes which have been released before 9:00 pm EST on HBO. These must be explicitly labeled as “Game of Thrones (Insert Season and Episode number here) Early/Advance Release Episode Discussion” Not Spoilers, Not General Episode Discussion. Treat this thread like any other General Episode Discussion, anything from the episode or earlier episodes is fair game, Book spoilers, future episode spoilers, and/or leaks are not. If you would like to discuss these things in your thread you must add their appropriate labels to the title so that everyone is aware of what is fair game inside the thread. 

    4. Production Leaks/Future Episode Spoilers - These threads must be labeled as “Leak” threads. Unless explicitly stated in the title or first post, everything is fair game in these threads, leaks, episodes, books, everything. Discuss to your hearts contents. Do Not Post anything related to Production Leaks or Unofficially Released Information outside of these threads. I don’t care if you heard it from a reputable source or from your drunk friends, don’t talk about anything not officially released outside of a leak thread. 

    These are not entirely set in stone but in general please make sure you title your threads in a similar fashion as is appropriate for the content you wish to discuss. If you are unsure of how to properly label a thread or have further questions regarding the spoiler policy here please feel free to direct message one of the mods (probably me) about it. 

    If you knowingly break any of these guidelines there will be consequences similar to if you had knowingly violated one of the general forum rules.  

    If this all seems tedious, worry not, the show is only airing for four more weeks. Since this is the final season I appreciate everyone here at the Bald Move community taking their time and effort to ensure that everyone can experience Game of Thrones in their preferred manner. Thank you all in advance for your courtesy and consideration. 
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  • 304 - G'Day Melbourne

    Well I know who won the week again.
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  • Pet chat for all animals

     Marmalade in his natural habitat  
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  • 805 - The Bells

    Boy if I was at all still invested in series long themes and narratives, I’d be real bummed out by this episode. Basically think they’ve sacrificed everything the books ever setup just for the sake of having the tv series be “different”. 

    But I declared fan bankruptcy like, 3/4 seasons ago after season 5 was a real shitshow so I kind of don’t care about all that stuff anymore. 1-4 & 5-8 are two different shows and if you look at them as such, thing makes total sense. Everything tracks, including how lazy the production team got about not fixing minor shit. 

    All that lead up to say, this was the best episode since Hardhome. Come at me.

    Yeah it doesn’t make any fucking sense with what’s been set up for a long time, neither has anything else in this show for seasons. This episode looked gorgeous! Every single shot was like movie level quality! 

    I’m very happy that once the show decided to just sort of half-ass all the narrative and character arcs, they committed to the spectacle 100%. I really want Arya to murder Dany and her dragon next week like a goddamn magic ninja and save the whole fucking world twice in a row because that’s sounds really stupid and also really cool and isn’t that what we’re all watching this show for now? Or you know, Dany murders Jon, and Tyrion, and everyone else. That also sounds cool. I basically just want dumb fun things to happen now. 
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  • 805 - The Bells

    Official Moderation Statement:

    Ok, let’s all take a chill pill for a hot sec shall we?

    I understand that different people think this was either the best episode in a long time, or the worst episode of the series. This is ultimately a piece of entertainment media and whether it’s good or not isn’t really a life or death scenario. 

    Please act respectfully towards people who might disagree with your opinion on the episodes. I don’t want to call people out but, for example, @CeciliaM  please don’t assume that Jim and Aron are arrogant know nothings just because they disagree with you on the episode, based on the general reactions from the net, a lot of people didn’t like it, their opinions are as equally valid as yours. Also @OldGriswold don’t tell forum members to fuck off just because you feel like they’re being unfair to other people, if you have a legitimate complaint about the comments expressed by members please DM one of the mods and we’ll look into it, I don’t need people piling on to each other here. 

    If you have strong feelings about this episode in particular or the series in general that’s cool, but please don’t insult other fans just because they disagree with your opinions. 
  • What a shame to be killed by nameless "Soldier 1".

    Jim said:
    Alkaid13 said:
    TFW you realize that you’re the only one who can actually yell out commands because you made your entire crew mutes. 
    TFW you realize the production team forgot about that detail and the second "turn it around" is actually shouted by one of the crew.

    D&D: “Well you see, what you have to understand is that all those dudes in Kraken uniforms are actually a mix of Euron’s mute crew and some members of the Lannister army and the Golden Company thus explaining how they can talk, really it’s been foreshadowed for seasons now.”
  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    I’m also seriously baffled by the direwolf CGI budget. Like can we not animate this fucking wolf for longer than 5 minutes??? There were 3 fucking dragons in this episode! One of them was a zombie!! It can’t be that hard/cost that much to animate a goddamn bigger than average wolf!! 
  • A Teachable Moment: Pride Month

    I don’t fucking understand these people; if that person had come on here and said “well I’m quitting Bald Move because my religion tells me that white people are the superior race and you cover shows with prominent actors of color” they’d (rightfully) be called out for being a racist. You don’t get a pass for racism just because “your religious beliefs” happen to contain racist iconography and teachings; it’s entirely your choice to believe in that racist religion which de facto makes you a racist. Also, guess what, a whole lot of Christians, in this very country used their religion to promote racism and slavery not very long ago!

    You shouldn’t get a pass for being a homophobe for your religion either. If your religion contains teachings against LGBT people having the right to marry and love who they want, and you devoutly believe in those teachings, you’re a homophobe. It’s the same fucking principle, religious beliefs aren’t a “get out of jail free” card for being an unreasonable asshole. 

    Because here’s the thing people, we’re not forcing you to change your mind. I’d really love it if you let all that hate in your hearts go and accepted people for who they are and I think everyone would be better off that way. But if you want to continue to hate minorities, or LGBT people, or women/men, or whoever the fuck for whatever religious or non religious reason in the comfort of your own home then go right the fuck ahead. Likewise, I won’t barge into your house, tell you your religion is fake, call you a rube and a sucker, and then prop my feet up on your couch expecting you to welcome me over.

    If not being able to loudly announce how you really just hate certain types of people based on their lifestyles seems unreasonable and doesn’t sit well with you, maybe you’re the unreasonable one here. 
  • How do Americans do their tax?

    As usual, the answer to the question “why is this aspect of American society so fucked up?” is of course “because of old rich white dudes”. 
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    I don’t exactly have a moral objection to kicking the shit out of Nazi’s or Nazi sympathizers, more like a procedural objection. I think in general that violent extremist groups tend to be better equipped to deal out extrajudicial violence, and none more so than white supremicists and Nazis. If we start kicking the shit out everyone we think is a Nazi, they’re going to kick back and they’ll have whatever amounts to “justification” to do so and then everyone loses. As explained above, bearing up guys like Andy Ngo is the height of counterproductive if you’re a person who hates these types of shitweasels. This is literally what they want, the Richard Spencers and Andy Ngo’s of the world want you to punch them in the face so that they can go on Fox News and complain about “the intolerant left” and then everyone on the right gets worked up about “minorities and lefties” beating up conservatives just for “practicing free speech”.

    This is red fucking meat to these types and seeing as they currently control almost every level of government the only thing is going to encourage is for Fox and Friends to give dumbass Donald Trump a wild idea about pressuring the GOP to enact some stupid laws to further crack down on anyone who disagrees with them, and they’ll use this dumb shit to justify it. Andy Ngo is a shit weasel, and I don’t particularly have much good will to spare for guys like him when kids are literally being thrown in cages right now, but beating him up serves literally no purpose and in fact is counterproductive. If you hate the idea of people getting beat up for their beliefs you should oppose what happened to him and if you think that it’s imperative to defeat right wing extremism in this country then you should oppose it and encouraging these fucking Antifa wannabe losers to keep doing it is bad for literally everyone. Now this is all just my personal views on the matter but I’m going to follow all of this up with a more official statement on the matter 

    Official Mod Statement:

    It is not now, nor will it ever be, in the interest of Bald Move nor these forums to encourage anyone, of anyone background, creed, ethnicity, etc. to encourage or enact violence upon anyone outside the due process of the law or extreme circumstances. It’s not cool to celebrate a racist beating up a minority and it’s equally not cool to celebrate someone beating up a racist, no matter how odious their worldview may be. Justice is blind, and that means the law applies to everyone, equally. If you would like to argue about degrees of self-defense then that’s fine but from this point forward I don’t want to see anyone, and I mean anyone, encourage, celebrate, or otherwise praise acts of vigilante violence visited upon people; no matter how much you think they deserve it or not. If you violate this; first I’ll warn you to retract your statement, then I’ll ban you for further infringements, and that’s just how it’s going to work here from now on. I don’t think I have to name any names because that seems childish and unnecessary, everyone just cool it, I know politics are particularly heated right now but that’s not an excuse to devolve this place into some kind of Thunderdome.