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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    So, what the fuck are we all gonna argue about now that this show is over?
    We’re gonna argue about every fuckin chicken in this place
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  • 106 - This Extraordinary Being

    Completely agree. I want a whole season. 

    Watching this reminded me a lot of the pain my mother and father tried to convey about growing up black In the South during the civil rights movement. In a sense, when I was younger, I thought I understood the anger from racial injustice. But it was nothing compared to having lived through it. 

    I’m expecting Angela to have a whole different reaction to Will now. 
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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Wife gave birth to a baby girl last night. Everyone is safe and resting!
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  • Leaving Neverland

    CeciliaM said:
    I mean, Michael Jackson was not that great. He just had a wider appeal to a white audience than a lot of other artists who came out of the same tradition.
    I don't know how anyone can say that, really. You don't have to like his music, but minimizing his impact seems a bit off. If you ever watch one of his live DVD's, his talent as a performer a) is undeniable and b) had worldwide appeal. It wasn't just white people buying his album. 
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  • Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker *SPOILER DISCUSSION*

    Welp, at least Chewie got his medal.

    All it took was for Luke, Han, and Leia to die.
    Chewie should have tossed the medal over his shoulder.

  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    1. Good nights sleep
    2. Popeyes’s chicken sandwich lived up to the hype
    3. Loved Dr. Sleep 
    4. Going to cook a lasagne for dinner
  • Why did A.Ron leave Better Call Saul

    FWIW, I liked this season's coverage with Jim and Alexis. The on-air chemistry was great, and it is honestly just more enjoyable when someone is into the show. 
  • What are you binging right now?

    I'm in love with Devs. Was skeptical on the first two episodes. It was interesting, but very mellow and deliberate. I became intrigued with Ep 3 and 4 and would like to know more about the potential of what they are working on. On ep 6 now, and am totally captivated. I want to know more about the macro implications, but I feel like they are going to keep the story focused on the personal impact to the principal characters.
  • Isaac Asimov’s Foundation

    Ok. I’ve kinda changed my mind. After seeing the 2nd half of a super long E1 and all of Ep2, I’m in. The first half of E1 is maybe intentionally disjointed and very slow. But things get moving later in the main action scenes that hit a bit too close to home for me, but we’re very well done. All the machinations come out, and things get rolling. 

    I see the parallels with The Expanse, and Im in. 
  • Isaac Asimov’s Foundation

    Cory said:
    rkcrawf said:
    I was never uninterested in Ep3, but I found myself saying "nothing happened" by the end. I think it is one of those set-up episodes where the chess pieces move into the place. 

    I am still loving the visuals and the mystery box. I'd like to get a better idea of where this is going, as it is taking awhile to unfold. 

    We leaned how the "Cycle of Brothers" works, something i was curious about. I'. sure that will be important in the future
    It just didn't grab me from an action stand point, but yes, we def learned a lot. On retrospect, I did love a lot of the Empire stuff. I think it was the Terminus stuff that fell a little flat.