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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    So, what the fuck are we all gonna argue about now that this show is over?
    We’re gonna argue about every fuckin chicken in this place
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  • 106 - This Extraordinary Being

    Completely agree. I want a whole season. 

    Watching this reminded me a lot of the pain my mother and father tried to convey about growing up black In the South during the civil rights movement. In a sense, when I was younger, I thought I understood the anger from racial injustice. But it was nothing compared to having lived through it. 

    I’m expecting Angela to have a whole different reaction to Will now. 
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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Wife gave birth to a baby girl last night. Everyone is safe and resting!
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  • Leaving Neverland

    CeciliaM said:
    I mean, Michael Jackson was not that great. He just had a wider appeal to a white audience than a lot of other artists who came out of the same tradition.
    I don't know how anyone can say that, really. You don't have to like his music, but minimizing his impact seems a bit off. If you ever watch one of his live DVD's, his talent as a performer a) is undeniable and b) had worldwide appeal. It wasn't just white people buying his album. 
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  • Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker *SPOILER DISCUSSION*

    Welp, at least Chewie got his medal.

    All it took was for Luke, Han, and Leia to die.
    Chewie should have tossed the medal over his shoulder.

  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    1. Good nights sleep
    2. Popeyes’s chicken sandwich lived up to the hype
    3. Loved Dr. Sleep 
    4. Going to cook a lasagne for dinner
  • Why did A.Ron leave Better Call Saul

    FWIW, I liked this season's coverage with Jim and Alexis. The on-air chemistry was great, and it is honestly just more enjoyable when someone is into the show. 
  • What are you binging right now?

    I'm in love with Devs. Was skeptical on the first two episodes. It was interesting, but very mellow and deliberate. I became intrigued with Ep 3 and 4 and would like to know more about the potential of what they are working on. On ep 6 now, and am totally captivated. I want to know more about the macro implications, but I feel like they are going to keep the story focused on the personal impact to the principal characters.
  • The Sopranos

    I haven't watched this show in 12 years, do the therapy scenes hold up? They bored me watching it when I was 18 but I was a stupid little shit. I remember a lot of complaining about them in general during the shows run, do they stand out at all on rewatches? I want to go through the show again with a different perspective but the way I remember parts of the series dragging has kept me from pulling the trigger.
    Started rewatching. I had only seen the show during the original run when I was in my twenties, and before I had any experience with therapy. I’m about 4 episodes in, and so far they are better than I remember (I was bored by them before, too). There’s a lot of nuance happening, and the shifts in emotion by Gandolfini when he gets to a sore subject is pretty incredible. The first session feels like a play, but then you forget they’re acting, which is kinda cool.
  • The Mandalorian S2E08

    Hatorian said:
    Fucking legendary. They could end the series now and I’d be happy and satisfied. 
    Though I don’t want it to end, I felt like that could easily be a series finale. Everything except the Dark Saber stuff wrapped up nicely.