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    Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know that we have some new moderators on the forums, no doubt you're familiar with these guys.

    So if you have questions, complaints, requests to delete that post you drunkenly bashed out at 3am and now regret, moderators are:


    Happy Sunday!
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  • It happened again- Episode 6 aired on HBO Spain.

    @iMatty94 i don't normally when this happens (didn't last week), but I caved and watched it. I knew there was no way I could avoid spoilers of the penumltimate episode for 5 days. :-(
    Without revealing anything, how was the episode?
    Mildly interesting.
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  • How To Raise a Human

    Congratulations! My only useful advice is to avoid internet parenting forums like the plague. I'm not even kidding. They are a hot bed of judgemental crazies and no matter what you're doing there will be an online gang ready to pile on and tell you you're doing it wrong and probably abusing your child in the process.

    I have one child (18 now) and as someone who didn't grow up around much younger siblings and had no parent friends at the time, I was clueless. I basically treated my daughter like a tiny adult - spoke to her like I would anyone else from day one (a bit less colourful swearing, perhaps), took her with me out for breakfast or to cafes or when she was a bit older to movies and whatever artsy thing I wanted to look at. She's turned out to be a gem - which could be just her nature, but I like to take the credit. ;-)

    Edit: babies make the weirdest noises. Don't panic when you hear all that snuffling and snorting they do throughout the night!
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  • 303 - Crazy Whitefella Thinking

    The best thing about this episode was the authenticity of the Auspost employee - dead-eyed, obstructive, and completely unhelpful.

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  • US Politics Thread 2.0

    MOD NOTE: Right, this might be a good time to remind everyone that personal attacks are not acceptable here. This particular discussion is getting more and more heated and I've seen a couple of remarks that sail close to the wind.

    Argue your politics, beliefs, facts, etc, but do not attack each other. As we say in 'Straya, play the ball, not the man.
  • Positivity! aka the good vibes thread

    I'm moving house tomorrow. I'm not excited to be doing the actual moving stuff, but I'm very excited to actually move - the new house is way bigger than our current one. :-)
  • U.S. Politics the Third

    MOD NOTE: Arguing with @emnofseattle is not my favourite thing either, but he has as much right to put his opinions forward as anyone else. And others are free to engage or not as they see fit. However, this lowkey shading of people we don't agree with (and I have been guilty of this here too, so I'm not singling out any one person), IS kind of dickish and needs to stop. If you don't want to talk to someone, just don't. There is plenty more to read here.

    As for whether it's useful having a politics thread at all, people will always want to talk politics. Someone started the very first thread and it's clearly something people want to discuss so here we are. But again, everyone is free to read it or not.
  • U.S. Politics the Third

    I think this movement would be best served by pushing a slate of police policy changes and deescalation training, but that's me and the movement certainly needs to do a better job of communicating realistic solutions for the next step after raising awareness with protest.
    I disagree. One of the biggest complaints I've seen from people of colour online is that they are constantly expected to educate white people about why something is bad and/or racist, and that they are tired of the expectation that everything they say and do should be a teachable moment.

    It's not up to BLM to educate or to try to shape or influence policy. BLM's raison d'être appears to be to draw attention to what's been happening to their people - which they have done quite effectively. They are a protest group. It should then be up to the police and the taxpaying public who pay for the police and vote in the lawmakers to say, well this shit is out of control. What can WE do about it?
  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    anubus21 said:

    This shit is fucking ridiculous. They are costumes for god's sake. They are for people to dress up, have fun, eat candy and/or get drunk. 
    You just keep trying, but nobody’s biting. 
  • Bald Move's First Annual Cinematic Spooktacular!

    I don’t think any movie has ever scared me
    as much as The Descent. I’m claustrophobic and scared of the dark, all it needed was clowns and it would have hit the Dee-phobic trifecta.