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  • It happened again- Episode 6 aired on HBO Spain.

    @iMatty94 i don't normally when this happens (didn't last week), but I caved and watched it. I knew there was no way I could avoid spoilers of the penumltimate episode for 5 days. :-(

    Without revealing anything, how was the episode?
    Mildly interesting.
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  • How To Raise a Human

    Congratulations! My only useful advice is to avoid internet parenting forums like the plague. I'm not even kidding. They are a hot bed of judgemental crazies and no matter what you're doing there will be an online gang ready to pile on and tell you you're doing it wrong and probably abusing your child in the process.

    I have one child (18 now) and as someone who didn't grow up around much younger siblings and had no parent friends at the time, I was clueless. I basically treated my daughter like a tiny adult - spoke to her like I would anyone else from day one (a bit less colourful swearing, perhaps), took her with me out for breakfast or to cafes or when she was a bit older to movies and whatever artsy thing I wanted to look at. She's turned out to be a gem - which could be just her nature, but I like to take the credit. ;-)

    Edit: babies make the weirdest noises. Don't panic when you hear all that snuffling and snorting they do throughout the night!
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  • 303 - Crazy Whitefella Thinking

    The best thing about this episode was the authenticity of the Auspost employee - dead-eyed, obstructive, and completely unhelpful.

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  • A.ron's passionate defense of season 1 is exactly how Lost's finale supporters feel

    That's funny because when @A_Ron_Hubbard was saying (essentially), "If you don't like it, you don't get it", my immediate thought was, "Jesus, mate - now you just sound like a Lost stan."

    And now we go into round 567 of The Lost Argument...
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  • Alamo Drafthouse announces women-only screening of 'Wonder Woman' and men are upset

    I had a long angry feminist rant written out, but you know what, fuck it. The kind of men who seriously complain about these dumb, harmless, ladies night kind of things don't listen to anything women say anyway. Go cry in a corner, dudes. No one cares that for one fucking night of your lives in one fucking cinema the world won't be revolving around you.
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  • 306 - "Certified"

    REMINDER: We don't have many forum rules here, and we rarely have to enforce them, but one is no personal attacks on fellow forum members. I've deleted a couple of posts but shit like that can get you banned, guys.

    Also, on this topic, it's probably a good idea to consider that there are likely folks here with mental health issues, or who have loved ones with mental health issues. We are more than capable here of honest opinions on difficult topics expressed in a civil manner. Let's stick to that.
  • Tees we wanna see...

    Here it means poop - usually the particularly unpleasant kind you do after a big night on the turps (booze). Also known as a grog bog.

  • Official Q&A Thread to Celebrate our 10 millionth Download!

    I would like to hear @A_Ron_Hubbard speak for a few minutes on his specific objections to The Usual Suspects, as I've heard him briefly rant about it many times. It's one of my favourite movies and I'd like to know why he hates it so much.
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  • The host (Aaron & Jim) dynamic

    I'm more of a Jim than an A.Ron - at a certain point the endless theorising (especially if there's nothing concrete to hook it to) just becomes tedious. I'm at the point now where I just shut down when the two timeline theory is even mentioned.
  • 606 - "Always Accountable"

    @tom_g I wouldn't include them, no. I mean people who have hated it for years and keep watching so they can complain about how shit it is and how much they hate it and how wrong everything is. I mean, yes the show has some issues but people go out of their way to nitpick every pissy thing and let's be real - it's a popcorn show. It presents as a straight drama but it's pure fluff and people seem to get so outraged about that.

    I get why some might hate it, I don't begrudge some honest critiques of it, I am not a die hard fan girl and I've criticised plenty myself, but to be blunt the full on haters are a bloody downer. Who wants to read over and over and over again how shit something they enjoy is? I hate The Leftovers - like really really hate it. I think it's boring, pretentious garbage. But I don't continue to watch so I can go online every week and write 5 paragraphs about why I hated the episode this week. I just bailed.