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  • Baldmove Merch.. ON TOUR! .. EDIT..Or Naming your kids after Baldmove hosts!

    I was wearing my bald move shirt at the birth of my son.  Does that count?
    I think you have won this thread :)
  • New Collection of Great British Baking Show Just Dropped on Netflix in The States.

    As a UK watcher, I can confirm that the GBBO is a Big Hit here. When channel 4 won the hosting rights from the BBC, Mary, Sue and Mel chose not to change channels and have been given other shows to host by the BBC. Lots of fans (me and my family included) thought it was going to be disastrous to change the hosts and we all believed (incorrectly) that the running length of the show would be cut(to fit in adverts). The hosts have done their best to fill the void left by the former presenters and Channel 4 took the extraordinary step of awarding it a prime time 1hour 15 minute slot (not the usual hour) so no content would be cut.
    We have also had Christmas specials (with former competitors) and a series of Cancer charity fundraisers (featuring celebrities.. One of the best, who won their episode was Terri Hatcher..She CAN really bake!!) So we have seen quite a lot of the newer hosts and are all really used to them and have grown fond of them :) it is Channel 4s highest rated shows and continues to grow its audience.

    The second Season with Paul, Pru, Sandi and Noel started just this week here in the UK. It started with a great 'in-joke' about Pru and her misuse of Twitter last season so they are showing a great line in British self deprecating humour. The Bakers were all great again.. And that's the main thing, I can't wait to see how they get on this year!
    Happy Viewing!!
  • Baldmove Merch.. ON TOUR! .. EDIT..Or Naming your kids after Baldmove hosts!

    Hi fellow Baldmovers, I've just realised that I'm currently sitting by a pool in Cape Verde (Island of Sal) in a Baldmove 'Fiesta de Lori' tee-shirt and wondered what other wonderful (weird) places Balmove merch has ended up? I know I have worn this is Dubai in the past (as well as the UK -where I live).
    Cheers! *swigs yet another gin & tonic*
  • Foods you hated growing up but now love

    As a child I hated 'Curry' and 'Chilli'. .. But as I got older I realised I'm not a fan of extremely hot food and there are loads of curries and milder chillis I now love.. We have a great culture of curry houses in the UK so I'm glad I got over my fear/hatred 25 years ago :) 
  • Groundhog Day's "Groundhog Day" Marathon on 2/2/18 @ 12:01AM EST!

    i like the fact that they guys will be streaming the previous 'Groundhog Day' marathon in the background.. i think they need to do this every year as an appropriate tribute to Groundhog day..