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  • Baldmove Merch.. ON TOUR! .. EDIT..Or Naming your kids after Baldmove hosts!

    I was wearing my bald move shirt at the birth of my son.  Does that count?
    I think you have won this thread :)
  • New Collection of Great British Baking Show Just Dropped on Netflix in The States.

    As a UK watcher, I can confirm that the GBBO is a Big Hit here. When channel 4 won the hosting rights from the BBC, Mary, Sue and Mel chose not to change channels and have been given other shows to host by the BBC. Lots of fans (me and my family included) thought it was going to be disastrous to change the hosts and we all believed (incorrectly) that the running length of the show would be cut(to fit in adverts). The hosts have done their best to fill the void left by the former presenters and Channel 4 took the extraordinary step of awarding it a prime time 1hour 15 minute slot (not the usual hour) so no content would be cut.
    We have also had Christmas specials (with former competitors) and a series of Cancer charity fundraisers (featuring celebrities.. One of the best, who won their episode was Terri Hatcher..She CAN really bake!!) So we have seen quite a lot of the newer hosts and are all really used to them and have grown fond of them :) it is Channel 4s highest rated shows and continues to grow its audience.

    The second Season with Paul, Pru, Sandi and Noel started just this week here in the UK. It started with a great 'in-joke' about Pru and her misuse of Twitter last season so they are showing a great line in British self deprecating humour. The Bakers were all great again.. And that's the main thing, I can't wait to see how they get on this year!
    Happy Viewing!!
  • Bald Move 10th Anniversary

    Season 4 of breaking bad I discovered Bald Move and many a commute, flight and long walk have been made easier with your good humour and great insights. Long may it continue! 
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    JaimieT said:

    The Queen. NGL, I cried pretty hard. As they say in my Fortnite streams: let's go, dude.

    "We will meet again."

    Wow, that really sums up this pain for me. I want to talk to whoever wrote that. How fucking thrilling to write that line -- and with a great setup too. It's the truth. It's perfect. Bravo.
    I'm not sure if it is covered in this thread already but the shot of people standing in the streets, cheering and banging pots and pans is now a regular (2 weeks old) tradition we have in the UK where at 8pm on a Thursday we stand outside our homes and cheer our Health workers and key workers... I live near the Sea so it is extra moving to hear ships letting off their fog horns at the same time as we are all standing outside. I think we copied Italy... 
    JaimieTTeresa from Concord
  • Bosch Season 6 - Spoiler Discussion

    They confronted and cornered the dirty FBI agent and him and his partner share a nod before she kills him. At the time I thought she was in on it. Then nothing else happened on that storyline.

    So does that mean that simple nod was him saying to his partner "Yes, I did it. Sorry. Could you do me a solid and kill me so I don't have to got to jail? Thanks." Well that is a huge load to put on a simple half nod.

    Or was my initial impression correct and it will be addressed in next season?

    I am hoping it is the former. When this season trailer came out and heard dirty bomb I was worried they ran out of ideas and were heading towards 24 territory. I was greatly impressed how they took that storyline and turned it on it's head.

    My wife and I had the same thought. It made me suspicious of all her actions for some reason (Reese, not my wife...). but we couldn't tell if it was more of a, "don't do it bro.... plz" kind of look and he did the, "Sorry, gotta" look. I trade these looks with my golden retriever all the time.
    We finished the season last night and miss it already but this nod left us feeling it could come back in the future too....