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  • Dan Harmon Doing a Sirens of Titan Series

    Wow, between this and Noah Hawley's Cat's Cradle, my headcannon "Vonnegut trilogy" is almost complete. 

    Now we just need the Villigang to do a Slaughterhouse Five series. 
  • Dan Harmon Doing a Sirens of Titan Series

    Slaughterhouse Five is so good.  I read it over a East to West coast flight a few years back, and couldn't get over how amazing it was.  I really need to make time for some more Vonnegut in my life.  What would you recommend for the next book I read?  Cat's Cradle or this Sirens of Titan deal?  Something else?
    Cat's Cradle is my favorite book of all time. Sirens of Titan is also awesome (hence, the unofficial "Vonnegut Trilogy" with S5, CC, and SoT). 

    Other notable mentions: Breakfast of Champions & Galapagos.
  • Travel advice

    If you're looking at the Northwest, I suggest a camping trip. There are so many amazing ecosystems around here, and they're all relatively close to one another. You can rent a car (or camper van) and see so many amazing things in Washington and Oregon. Examples include:

    Sandy coastal beaches
    Temperate rainforests
    Alpine forests and meadows
    The high desert
    San Juan islands
    The Columbia River Gorge
    The Painted Hills

    Going on a trek like this really lets you get out and experience what an amazing and vast country we live in. It's a great way to connect with nature and with yourself. If you want any specific recommendations, let me know. 
  • 605 - "THE DOOR" Spoiler thread!

    I have a question. Why is everyone assuming that the mark on Bran allowed the whites into the cave? I thought the mark on Bran allowed the whites to find Bran, and that the magic in the cave could only keep out the lesser whites, not the blue ones? Then the other whites got through by digging in from the top of the cave, which I presume wasn't magically guarded, because who would think of that?! Have we seen the cave keep out blue white walkers before?

    The 3-eyed crow even told Bran that the whites were coming for him now. I guess he just didn't realize it would be so soon.
    I believe the three-eyed crow specifically told Bran that the Night's King mark broke the protection of the cave.