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  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    Arya was hardly an ex machina device like some are saying:
    - she’s been training with swords since what, episode 1?
    - she was given lessons in King’s Landing by Syrio, an expert fighter, who also taught her to be quick and stealthy
    - Melisandre told her she would close many eyes forever: brown, green, and blue
    - she trained with the Faceless Men until she learned all their secrets
    - she pretty much bested Brienne last season, one of the best fighters in all of Westeros
    - she literally snuck up behind Jon right there in the Godswood just 2 episodes ago, prompting him to ask how she had done that
    - she saved Bran by killing the NK with the dagger that was meant to kill him in season 1
    It’s not like this came out of nowhere. Dany with Drogon’s fire couldn’t kill NK, and while Jon is a great fighter, I’m pretty sure he could not have beaten a superhuman killing machine in a sword fight and I don’t see how it would have been more entertaining to watch him die trying.
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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    I’m not referring to any specific posts here; this is just a general fandom rant. I’m so over all the talk about how the double Ds obviously don’t care anymore, that they’ve given up or lost interest or are too busy thinking about their next project, just because people don’t agree with where they are taking the show. Look, I’m not saying that it’s perfect or that every decision they make is flawless, but it’s completely ridiculous to suggest that they would just casually half-ass what is arguably the biggest show ever. Or that they would make decisions to somehow spite the creator of the story for not finishing the books in time. I’m not saying the show is beyond reproach, or that some things couldn’t have been done better. People are fallible and mistakes happen, or sometimes things don’t play out like expected or have to be rushed for whatever reason. Sometimes hindsight is 20/20. Making a show like this is an enormous undertaking that literally requires thousands of people across the globe working at as close to the top of their game as they can get. It’s like doing approximately 5 feature films in about a year and a half of time (or less, some seasons). They may drop the ball sometimes, but nobody is dropping it on purpose. Again, that’s not to say that some criticism isn’t warranted or even objectively correct, but some of it is just way out of hand.

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  • A Teachable Moment: Pride Month

    Kudos to @A_Ron_Hubbard for at least attempting to pull this person’s head out of their ass, and for having far more patience than I would have, and also for Bald Move’s inclusivity. I came for the TV talk, but I stay for the well-reasoned observations on life, humanity, and uh…TV too. I DID sign up for this!

    What is it with this particular type of “Christian” that they are so hung up on their own persecution complex? I see this happening quite a lot. When people don’t 100% agree with your personal beliefs, you are NOT being persecuted. However, when you take those personal beliefs and inflict them on others in ways that deprive them of human rights, you ARE persecuting them. What’s the saying… it’s something like “when you have privilege, equality looks like oppression.” These hyperbolic claims of victimhood from Anonymous are so ridiculous. I do hope ARon’s responses spark some self-reflection in that person - it’s clearly needed.  Sometimes the mental gymnastics are so surprising that I can’t even wrap my head around formulating an argument - like this argument that “pride month stuff is weaponized anti-Catholicism”… huh??? How do you even get to a view like that? By thinking the world does or should revolve around you, I suppose. It’s that privilege/equality/oppression thing again.

    I think it’s admirable to try to use teachable moments when you can. I’ve grown weary of trying to talk sense into people who refuse to evolve, so sometimes I do just cut bait these days in order to preserve my own sanity, but I try not to use it as a cop out. Online, yeah, sometimes you have to just ignore trolls rather than feed them. But it is important to speak out when you can if you want to be a good ally like @amyja89 said, especially if you’re someone who is in the “majority” (i.e. white or straight or male or cis gendered, etc.). It's hard to know when the right time is, and I don't have the answers about that. I’m pretty non-confrontational, but I have taken people to task for racist or homophobic comments from time to time, although the general result has been them doubling down on whatever their opinion is rather than stepping back and reconsidering. I will say that I’ve seen a wide streak of narrow-mindedness among the people I grew up with in a small Midwestern town. Before Facebook I wouldn’t have expected to see or hear from any of them again, so I just unfriend them if I see them being assholes. However, if they come to my page and feel the need to comment on something I’ve posted, that’s when I take them to task. Then I unfriend them, because who wants to be associated with that?!
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  • The Good Place (NBC)

    This is a fun look at how they did "Janet(s)":

  • We Need Your Help -- Video

    YEAH!!! 100%!!!!
  • The Good Place (NBC)

  • Save the Expanse - Bald Move edition

    That really is a bummer. I’m probably an outlier, but I very rarely binge a show right away. I like to parse it out over at least a few weeks. For someone like me, there’s no concern with getting all the podcast episodes right away. Podcastica has stuck to weekly schedules for some shows that dropped all at once. That’s probably not ideal either, since by the time they reach the end, the show has been out for a long time, spoilers are all over, and even laggers like me have finished it. But I do wonder if there’s a happy medium where the guys don’t have to work themselves to death but can still cover shows like this. I don’t have any answers though, and I’ll be happy to get whatever coverage they can muster.
  • Locke and Key - Netflix

    It's such a great comic! I haven't started the show yet, but just remembered yesterday that Netflix was actually doing it and saw that it's out now. I'm really looking forward to it. Glad to hear that people seem to be liking it.