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    Second biggest miss of 2018... a letter opener. 
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  • Groundhog Day's "Groundhog Day" Marathon on 2/2/18 @ 12:01AM EST!

    Just watched the end. I propose we add "Freddy" to the lexicon, meaning whenever someone swoops in with a clutch save at the end. Example: "Man, when Jaime was charging Daeny and the dragon, Bron came in with the freddy."

    The sound cuts out at the very end of the stream VOD though, which is a bummer. :(
  • Annihilation

    The theme of self-destruction was very powerful for me, especially since I haven't been writing much lately. Especially since less than 1 month ago I had one of those magical writing days you only have once in every like 2 years. (They are the best thing in the world, let me tell you. Sex, food, drugs, nothing is better than the magical writing day that happens once in every like 2 years.) 

    But still, writing is a net positive for me in almost every respect. The first 10 minutes are hell, but then it's just great, and it's almost never not great, and so fucking why don't I do it? Why am I ruining this good thing?

    But about the movie...

    The movie blatantly states it's about self-destruction and then annihilation. 

    Self-destruction is the point of showing Lena's affair. She had a happy marriage, but she still blew it up. Somehow her husband knew about it; I think because he saw it from the Shimmer. And that's why he didn't want to leave the Shimmer. Jim and Aron are both incredibly smart, so I'm surprised that they didn't pick up on the affair's importance to the theme — regardless of how Lena's husband saw the affair or even if he saw. There was a line of dialogue directly referencing it, right? But this is an anomaly, them both missing something like that. So maybe I'm overestimating this as obvious. 

    Self-destruction is in our cells, but the movie posits that it's in our minds too, in our psychology. We are capable of psychological cancer.

    And the Shimmer was picking up on all of that, because the psychologist character kept feeding it people who had nothing to lose. Therefore, the Shimmer was mimicking that hopelessness, that death of self. 

    One could argue, "Oh, so literally everyone who walked into the Shimmer was someone who, in that moment, happened to want to self-destruct? That's convenient." And I would say, "No, I think it's more that we all have the capacity for self-destruction, latent and subconscious. The convenient thing is that Lena was the first person to show the Shimmer that we also have the capacity to be a phoenix, reborn from our own ashes." 

    So Lena is the Shimmer reborn, in that final image of the film. She's definitely herself reborn too — I don't buy into the mirror Lena ending theories, which subvert the whole movie. I think the film was too finely written to be in service of a twist. I think we're supposed to know Lena has got the Shimmer in her. Whatever that means. Thematically, though, she faced her own tendency towards self-destruction (vis-a-vis the faceless clone). She stopped fighting it; she saw herself in it; and then she could overcome it. And now she is something new. New, but also herself. Changed.

    Her husband, however, did die in the Shimmer. And a clone husband at the end doesn't fit thematically if you think about it in terms of him. In terms of Lena, he represents the mentality of her affair: a shadow of himself, a warm body, an aspect no longer worth regarding. And he represents all the work she is going to have to do to rebuild this marriage, to rebuild the true vision/version of her husband. 
  • What Would You Do?

    I just want everyone to know... if you leave an opened bag of Hershey's Hugs on the counter around the munchy Christmas season, I will eat the whole bag without waiting for permission, and then I will take your jewelry and your underwear too.

    That's just who I am.
  • 204 - The Riddle of the Sphinx

    Another "best episode yet"!

    This show is really good when there's no Wyatt.
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  • 307 - Delta-V

    So did the protomolecule on the Roci get into Holden's pot of coffee and now he's hallucinating Miller?

  • 307 - Delta-V

    About Naomi's accent...

    I have a friend who speaks perfect American English, but when I stayed with her in Singapore for 3 weeks, where she was from, she slipped right into Singlish around her friends. Singlish, or Singaporean English, is categorized as a Creole language, and one I could understand with practice. Heck I even started leaning into it myself by week 3. I think it's a case of When in Rome.
  • 307 - Delta-V

    KingKobra said:
    JaimieT said:
    Yeah I suppose, I’d still rather see that stuff than be told about it. I’m also a real sucker for political maneuvering and meetings, especially when it involves big time personalities that we haven’t seen together before talking about massively important shit.

    See, I don't think we were told about much... 

    I think we'll get the details slowly, sort of like how you'd get them if you went linearly. And we'll simultaneously be getting new stuff. 

    Stop last-jediing this poor man. 
  • Star Trek: Discovery

    I wanted to find out Discovery was in the mirror universe, but I guess Lorca being mirror is second best. I still don't like this show enough to want to watch new episodes, but at least that aspect now makes more sense.