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  • 802 - “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

    They really weren't thinking. They need to keep Podrick in the crypts in case they need to repopulate the earth.
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  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    Wow, you guys are cold. I was literally on the edge of my seat and at some points standing up and SCREAMING! I'm going to go see what Leslie Jones is up to.
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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Oh man. I am emotional. First off let me say my two big things about this finale were-
    I wanted Sansa to somehow become queen. And I thought Daenerys would end up being the queen because GoT doesn't really seem to do happy endings.

    Jon killing Daenerys, for some reason I did not see that coming even though all you guys apparently did. When he started to kiss her, I was like, really Jon? 

    I thought it was a classic GoT episode with all the ups and downs, laughs, emotions, violence, ridiculous decisions and a little bit of honor and logic. Like Edmure Tully's speech - For real, yo. You're the John Hickenlooper of this primary.  Sit down. So funny.

    When Bran became king- that was the worst part for me, I was like seriously... Just because I thought it MIGHT actually happen that Sansa would become queen. But then she became queen of the North! Fantastic. And the idea of Bran being king grew on me after a while, although I thought he was a little bit useless in the meeting they had.

    Tyrion rearranging the chairs- At this point I had tears in my eyes. Just that little scene of him making sure everything was lined up for that first meeting, that he survived, that they get to go back to politics and relative peace, although who knows how long that's going to last with the ragamuffin crew they have going.

    Sam got to be the head maester!

    When they were going through the three Starks (Jon, Arya and Sansa) I was seriously bawling my eyes out. I didn't think the show would give us a happy ending, and this is the happiest you can imagine for them, given everything they've gone through. And the last scene being Jon and the Wildlings heading north into the woods that played in the first scene of the first season with the Night's Watch guys encountering the White Walker.. really good ending IMO.
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  • Pet chat for all animals

    Also, I was on the volunteer board for a very small cat rescue a few years ago. I ended up leaving after a while just because of burnout, but it was a really rewarding volunteer gig.

    Now is my time to make a plug for volunteering for your local animal rescue! It's really fun and if you have kids, something you can do with your kids to give back to your community. Some people might say "why spend time helping animals when people out there need help?" That's a valid question, but I saw that volunteering for animal rescue actually did help people and families a lot when it came to adding quality to their lives, teaching their kids responsibilities, helping people have a friend and buddy to love, etc. Sometimes families are in hard times as well and they would give up their pet to us (we were a no kill rescue) to find it a better home. Also, it helps your community to get animals off the streets, cleaned up, spayed or neutered and into good homes. </plug over>
  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    Lol the weeping and gnashing of teeth over this show is getting preposterous. 
  • 805 - The Bells

    Some other thoughts besides Daenerys stuff-

    I was kind of disappointed in how Varys behaved. It's not really normal for a master of secrets to just bust out with all his secrets in like one day. 

    Lena Headey did some really nice work there while she was in her tower. Going from smug to scared shitless in minutes without even really speaking many words. She's obviously one of the biggest, if not biggest villians of the show but damn if I don't enjoy her every moment on screen. 
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  • 805 - The Bells

    LordBy said:
    CeciliaM said:
    Ok so about the episode- I thought the tension was great during the moments when you're waiting for the bells to ring, you know the bells are going to ring because everyone says "ring the bells" and then they ring the bells, with Daenerys sitting there on Drogon the whole time, you're thinking... what if she can't hear them? What if she does some kind of loophole where she starts burning down the city before they actually ring the bells even though everybody already knows that the bells are going to ring? But no! She sits there waiting, the bells ring, everyone but Cersei is saved, and then she BURNS DOWN THE CITY ANYWAY! I thought it was a great buildup to that moment.

    I find Arya's survival somewhat unbelievable given what she went through, and I think they could have made it more believable. She's good at getting in and out of situations but if you see dragon fire take her over and then she's still alive.. What? But the scene where she rode away on a horse was kind of cool. And the makeup job they did on her was great.

    Cleganebowl lived up to the hype. Cersei and Jaime dying together has a certain justice. And that's a pretty horrible death, right? Not really a death to sneer at. 

    My 16 year old is sitting next to me asking why she doesn’t just burn the Red Keep to the ground after she’s done with the Golden Company (point of which being in the show was what?) with Cersi in it which is who she really hates anyway? Why bother burninnthe city itself?

    I struggled to explain it. Basically: she’s “mad”
    She decided she needed fear to rule. So she's instilling fear in case people find out Jon is "the rightful heir" and think they can topple her easily. She wants to show she can win a war by herself (well, with her "child") and doesn't "really" need the North, the Dothraki, the Unsullied or any other army. If she had stood down when the bells rang, there was no guarantee she was going to sit on the Iron Throne without instilling fear in people.
  • How to change Bald Move forum username?

    I want to change my name to Chinaski... is that allowed?
  • How to change Bald Move forum username?

    You can also have them just blow up your old account and then sneak back on a few months later with a new account. LOL
  • Do you want GOT Movies?

    cdrive said:
    Would you support GOT Movies?  

    That would be a lot cheaper to make if they would have let him keep both ears.