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  • Welcome to the Bald Move Wiki! (Phase One Complete!)

    Hello Everyone!  I believe enough groundwork has been laid to officially unveil the Bald Move Wiki in all it's glory!  Allow me to take a moment to introduce all of the amazing features now available to everybody:

    1. A Wiki Page for Every Single Baldmove Podcast!
    Have you been thinking about rewatching TWD or Breaking Bad from the beginning, but are dreading the thought of trying to navigate the Bald Move website to find those 2013 podcasts?  Well the Baldmove Wiki is now the most convenient place to access the Bald Move back catalog!  Simply pick your podcast of choice and you'll find all the podcast episodes conveniently organized by season!

    Did Jim and A.Ron just go on an epic rant that had you laughing your ass off, and you want to capture the moment for other Bald Move listeners and future posterity?  Well now you can find the corresponding Wiki page and edit it to include the time code and a brief description of the rant.  If you're worried you don't have the technical skills or don't want to create a wiki account, just message or tag @Shum or @Alkaid13 and we'll add it for you!

    2. Easy access to all Premium Content! (Well, easy assuming you're a club member)
    Did you just join Club Baldmove, but have no idea what premium features are available?  Are you a long time club member, and also have no idea what premium features are available to you?  Well you're in luck!  The Bald Move Wiki now has all Premium Content organized by project.

    You'll find LWJ&A organized by year and month, All Completed Video Game Playthroughs list alphabetically, and Every Baldies going back to 2014.  Even Silent Movies and all Holiday Events from Merry Culkin Keatmas to the Romero Month of the Dead have been archived.

    Still not Satisfied?  Well all Bald Movies have been split into Commissioned Casts, First Run Bald Movies, and Twitch Live Watches and organized by year.  In addition, a complete list of all Bald Movies is listed Alphabetically for anyone that wants to know if Jim and A.Ron have ever covered a particular Movie.

    3.  A Glossary to keep track of all Inside Jokes and Bald Move Isms
    This is the section that really demonstrates that there are a certain things only a Wiki can do.  Check out the section on Paul Giamatti for a perfect example of this.

    The ability to track the origin and progression of a particular Bald Move Ism is the main reason a Wiki like this one is so important.  I would urge everyone to look at the list of terms that have already been compiled and post any they think should be added, either directly to the wiki or on this forum thread.  Also let me know if you know the exact podcast episode where a particular term originated.

    4.  All kinds of other Miscellaneous things
    The Wiki also includes random things like all non-lunch Q&A sessions, Special Events like the Groundhog Day Marathon, and a page for Fan Creations like DoubleA_Ron's BaldMove Tattoo and Carter's Breaking Bald Videos.  

    Finally, I would like to thank @Alkaid13 and everyone else that contributed to the Wiki and helped us get to this point.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions, and again feel free to post any Bald Move Isms or awesome podcast moments on this thread and I will add them to the Wiki.  This concludes our tour of the Blad Move Wiki.  I hope you enjoyed your stay!
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  • 603 - "Thank You"

    My main issue with TWD is not just that it's mediocre. Lots of shows are mediocre, but TWD pretends to be a high quality top tier show. It begs you to compare it to other A list shows. It constantly taunts you with characters and story lines that could be great in more capable hands and consistently falls short. It's the Red Lobster of TV shows. It lures you in with its chedder biscuits and promises a high class meal, but always leaves you feeling unsatisfied. You swear you'll never come back, but then Lobster Days is back and the promos look really good.
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  • 208 - eps2.6succ3ss0r.p12

    The real question is who got hit with the baseball bat? Oh sorry, wrong show.
  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

    Well I just voted against my boy Mitt Romney...  Conservative Me from 5 years ago is rolling in his grave.  This is all of your faults!  All of your logic and rational arguments have turned me into a freakin' liberal!  Oh well, I guess I better get back to abolishing religion and destroying the family...
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I work in a reference lab currently doing Corona virus testing, so a lot of people here won't be able to work from home. This was a pretty crazy week for us. Our test went live Wednesday night and we were running out of reagent so quickly that by Friday night we were only testing local samples and referring everything else out to other labs.

    As of now, all those other labs are saying they are at capacity, so we're basically waiting until we get more reagent. We're hoping that will happen by Tuesday, but who knows. We received over 1000 specimens yesterday, and close to 2000 today, so the back logs could get really bad really quickly. Luckily our test was developed in house, and is unique enough that we won't be relying on the same reagent as everyone else. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out, though. 
  • The Baldies 2018 Discussion Thread

    Finally finished all the deliberations and the awards show. Nicely done guys!  @A_Ron_Hubbard@Jim ; I'm curious why the deliberations were organized the way they were.  Personally, I prefer to watch them chronologically in the order they were recorded.  It feels more organic that way.  For anyone that wants to do the same, start with Best Comedy, then in order of Aron's outerwear watch red flannel, "chess" flannel, then brown jacket.  Finish with Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor, and Best Drama.
  • Favorite Pop Culture Heroes and Villains?

    I think the best villain in terms of generating pure hatred from me is Delores Umbrige.  I can't imagine ever hating a character more.  As far as villains that I enjoy watching, or sympathize with, I would go with Spike, The Mayor, or Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gus Fringe, Al Swearingen, and Thanos.

    Favorite hero is probably Captain America.  I tend to enjoy the classic uncompromising, undaunted hero types.  Of course, shows only have antiheroes now, so I can't think of any other examples.  
  • ‘British Chernobyl’ director Johan Renck will helm ‘The Last of Us’ pilot for HBO

    My #1 pick for Ellie would be Kaitlyn Dever. She can really nail that "don't fuck with me" attitude, with a layer of innocence and vulnerability underneath. She also sounds exactly like Ashley Johnson. Hugh Jackman is a great option for Joel.
  • ‘British Chernobyl’ director Johan Renck will helm ‘The Last of Us’ pilot for HBO

    So excited for this! I have a lot of faith in this creative team. 

    @DoubleA_Ron. If you have a PS3 or PS4 I would highly recommend playing the game over watching a play through. Even if you play on the easiest difficulty, the attachment to the characters is way stronger when you actual play as them.
  • What is your most mundane celebrity encounter?

    I saw Donnie Osmond at the mall at Game Stop picking out a game with one of his kids. No interaction on my part.