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  • 805 - The Bells

    right proper sacking. My boy Tyrion fucked by D&D
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  • Recommendations for things to do in Seattle/Oregon in July?

    food : Go to pike place and walk and eat, wear a decent shoe
    morning breakfast places are fine. too many coffee options but some people like
    not good bbq or southern food, some place called fats is good
    Capitol hill have good club scene.
    there is a glass museum near the space needle. it is decent.
    you can smoke pot if you are into it.

    couple of parks near the water are cool

    Good luck, seattle is fantastic if you enjoy slow burn 
  • Supporters of the Episode 805 The Bells, I have some questions.

    I totally get why people like Aaron and Jim are disappointed, because I know where they coming from. Of course show should have had one more nudge.

    For me, I just want to enjoy it.

    Why she snapped, lol people snap all the time, they beat the shit out of their spouse, in war people rape and burn, people with power mostly get corrupt, Dany has been tormented all her life and every time she wins by release of fire and blood ( mostly people deserve it)
    1. season one - witch lady
    2. slave dealer
    3. masters
    4. Khals
    5. Masters
    6. Tarlys
    7. She has been humiliated since she landed, fucked over, she took whole army and dragons to save northern fuckers and smug sanasa was being bitch. John doesnt kneel, then she sacrifice her dragon then he wants to be king again, Cerci and lannisters finished her family.

    Till now she has been just but it doesnt take much time to snap, when you are targaryen odds are against you all the time, you just have to snap once. 

    The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men... cruel.