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  • 205 - "Gift of the Magi"

    Are the Kitchen Bros now a Kitchenette?

    I'll see myself out...
  • A.ron's passionate defense of season 1 is exactly how Lost's finale supporters feel

    Well, dang, @PS. Some of that was really cruel and unnecessary. How judgmental to frame starting your own business as "flaming out" of a real job. I'm not just defending Jim & A. Ron - it wouldn't be cool if you came at any community member like that. Totally NOT cool. I'll just leave it at that.

    As a member of the Bald Move family for many years, I am thankful that the community is better than this thread.

    (No offense to you, Michael.)
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  • Has GoT show gone out of control on PC? (very, very, light spoilers)

    Glad to see that "too PC" still means that something acknowledges the existence of demographics outside the speaker's social circle

    ETA: I actually taught middle ages history - the oft repeated GoT justification that no woman had strength or power at the time, and that rape was as common as a chicken dinner, is simply inaccurate.
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  • Sand snakes deserve their demise if..

    If it does happen that way next episode, I don't think the import is whether we care about the Sand Snakes, but how Cersei's actions will affect how Jamie and others view her. Will she do it in a way that pushes more people away from her and highlights her mental state? I think that will be what'd important about it if it happens as you predict.
  • Making a Murderer

    Brendan Dassey to be freed during appeal

    Brendan's conviction was overturned in August but the state appealed. Today a judge ruled that he gets to go home during the appeals process. He's now 27. Tickets to Wrestlemania 33 will go on sale this Friday.

    From the linked NYT story:

    "It was not immediately clear when Mr. Dassey would be released, but the ruling by Judge Duffin concluded that he posed little flight risk or danger to others. The authorities have “failed to demonstrate that Dassey represents a present danger to the community,” the ruling read.

    "It noted that his “prison disciplinary record is exceedingly benign,” and included episodes such as his accepting several packets of ramen noodles from another inmate without permission from the prison authorities, having items with tape on them and using prison forms to keep score in games."
  • 308 - The Book of Nora

    @toncica, in the link Michael shared above, this is one of the alternate endings:

    4. “Nora comes through and there is an elderly couple. [They tell her] ‘Here is the deal, you can’t tell anyone that you came from a place where only 2% of the world population disappeared. It will destabilize the harmony. It was rough for a couple of years. Everyone lost everyone, but we have formed new families and new connections … And if we understand from the 84 people that came before you that world is a fucking mess.’”

    So although that scene didn't survive, in the writer's minds people in the other world are coping better and that concept came through pretty clearly (to me) in Nora's story. You can choose not to interpret it that way if you want though. *shrug* To each their own.
  • Dany and the Iron Bank?

    The preview for next week shows more talk about the gold - Sherlock's brother says Cersei will have the bank's support when they get their money. I suspect the gold they have taken from the Tyrells will not make it back to King's Landing, thanks to Dany. But at the moment I don't see her showing direct aggression towards the bank. That would engender problems that frankly Dany can't handle. Perhaps if she was more organized and experienced...