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  • gun control

    this will be most likely be a touchy subject but I think I know the Bald Move community can have a reasonable discussion and will not resort to childish response. If the Aron and Jim do not want to allow this discussion then I completely understand them blocking or removing this thread. 

     Here is my view.

    I’ve lived in the US for 25 years. I witnessed Columbine on TV as a freshman in high school. It was extremely concerning and scary for the first few days after this incident but luckily nothing happened. I went to NIU and sat in the same classroom that was shot up a few years after I graduated. I went to that classroom every Mon, weds and Friday for over a semester and sat in a chair that might have been a place where a student was brutally murdered. 

    I moved to Australia in 2009, a country that Implemented serious gun control a decade before I arrived. I watched the sandy hook massacre a year after my first kid was born. 

    I watched a terrorist Attack in Sydney happen in a coffee shop I walked past many times and the terrorist only had a pistol and was “luckily” only able to kill 2 people. 

    My kids have gone to school in Australia and Singapore for the past 4 years in countries with strict gun laws. I do not worry for their safety considering each country has never experienced what the US experiences on an almost monthly basis.

    everytime I discuss gun control with gun supporters I come across the same 3 arguments.

    1. Criminals do not abide by the law
    2. People need to protect themselves and their homes
    3. Citizens need to protect themselves from the government 

    here is my response to that. 

    1. There are criminals in Singapore and Australia. There are mentally unstable people. There are people who don’t follow the laws. There are knives and cars and all sorts of dangerous weapons. There are illegal guns in these countries. There are guns in Australia. You can buy guns in Australia but they have very strict laws and limits. Yet neither country has ever experienced a mass murder in a school. Why? Because assault rifles and guns are not easily accessible or do not exist. 

    2. It’s fact more people kill themselves with their own guns then they do defending themselves from intruders. Suicides and immediate family murders make up the majority of gun deaths. 

    3. The second amendment is an ancient law just like prohibition that needs to be amended. There is no excuse or reasonable explanation for why guns in the US are so readily accessible. The government military has tanks, drones, airplanes, etc. Good luck fighting a war against that. And if the government is that repressive and evil the military which is made of CITIZEN VOLUNTEER soldiers would fight for their families and rights. I have 2 close friends who served in the military and neither of them would ever follow orders to kill their fellow citizens. 

    Lastly, countries like UK, AU, JP, SG, etc don’t have repressive regimes when their country doesn’t have guns. There is no real world experience that free countries that give up their guns loss their freedom or are repressed. Nazi Germany from 1930s is not a valid excuse. No first world country in the past 80 years has repressed their population after taking guns away. 

    As an American who has seen all sides of the world I can tell you with 99% certainty the only reason US schools have mass murders is because of easy access to guns and assault rifles. 

    I’ve seen it all and have experience from every side of the equation. I’m open to hearing all arguments but as someone who has lived across the world and witnessed how successful strict gun control can be I’m very keen to hear why people think it’s a good idea for the US to continue allowing the current laws to stand as is when strict gun control is proven to work across the world. 

    I think Australia has it right. Gun ownership is allowed but under very strict circumstances where citizens are allowed to own specific weapons but have to follow guidelines for what types of guns are legal and the process of buying, owning and storing weapons is highly regulated. 

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  • When parents regret having their kids

    Terrible Twos of my second Son. My first was an angel and really never had any fits or tantrums at all so I always thought other parents over exaggerated the terrible twos. However I was wrong and the gods punished us for having it so easy the first time around. :)

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  • 616 - Last Day on Earth

    Fucking hell. They did it. Why. Why do TV shows do this stupid shit. Now we have to go 7-8 months with bullshit stories about who is not shooting season 7 and probably will get spoiled on the death before season 7 even airs.
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  • What's Your Best Story?

    EDITED to fix some mistakes and add a few bits. 

    I mean, have a lot of great moments travelling and crazy stories with massive coincidences and just unbelievably. Probably my funnest story was successfully running away from the police.

    In high school we were having a party at a friends house. Everybody did the usual call your parents and say your staying at your friends house. Everyone started drinking really early, like 5 or 6 I was waiting for my mom to get home at like 9 and I didn’t want to call her drunk so I decided to wait. Its not fun being 1 of 2 sober people basically babysitting a bunch of drunk kids. 

    Apparently one of our friend's dads decided to call and check in on his daughter(as it was her friend's house having the party) and one of the super drunk kids picks up the phone and starts talking to her dad and being a total ass hat to him. He instantly flips out and figures out what’s going on and drives over to the house and sees everyone fucked up. He takes his daughter and then says he’s calling the cops. this is a small town so it only takes like 5 minutes for the cops to show. We all start freaking out and there’s like 10 Super drunk kids and me and one other sober person. The cops pull up to the front of the house and somehow me and my sober Friend successful get everyone to climb out the back window, there's like 3 cop cars in the driveway now and we have to sneak through the backyards of these houses constantly stopping and ducking behind random objects as the cops start making their way around the house with flashlights searching. about 2 houses down there is a walking trail that goes through the entire town and intersects with various streets. So we head down that.

    The trail has waist high grass on each side so its perfect concealment unless you are actually on the trail. The problem was me and my sober friend had to somehow ensure 10 drunk kids could go Metal Gear Solid crouch style so their heads/bodies dont go over the cover. It was literally like Solid Snake when he has to avoid the flashlights or get the exclamation point. As we were crawling on this trail cops were driving around the adjacent streets with their flood lights and multiple times they scanned right over us. If we were upright we would have been caught. 

    Luckily the walking trail directly connected to the next street an and one of the kids lived on that street so as soon as we exited the trail we booked to his house and ran into his basement and stayed there for the rest of the night. 

    Being stupid broke kids knowing there was like $200 of booze still left in the house, me and the sober Friend did a recon back to the party house. We snuck all the way back through the trail, snuck back into the back window which was still open, grabbed all the booze and went back to the safe house. 

    It it was pretty awesome and made me feel like James Bond Super spy or Solid Snake. Successfully escaping and avoiding an army of cops and even getting the booze back for a party another day.  Not a single kid got caught or arrested. It was a perfect extraction and operation. Haha
  • What's your favorite Halloween costume?

    this is our family this year. we won the award for best dressed family at the event we were at. 
  • 703 - The Queen's Justice

    My favorite parts were by far Davos' short introduction. Here's Jon Snow.........Hes the King of the North....after Messiandee spends like 5 minutes introducing Dany. 

    then Tyrion with his comments on brooding. Love it. Definitely a bit of making fun of themselves there. 

    Also Dany is making Jon look like a wuss. Hes all clothed up in his winter stuff and Dany is like wearing a dress when they are both outside. 
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  • Flashback Fun Throwback Thread

    A few more. 

    Summer times Med with the slip n slid

    Putting in 100 hours into FF7

    Playing ghost in the graveyard and catching fireflies with the neighbourhood kids

    “Texting” in high school

  • Non-Political News Thread

    CapeGabe said:
    There are so many dead bodies in this thread that no lunch thread was created and it's Thursday night. I feel like I'm going to be alone in some post-apocalyptic Bald Move world. I guess I can rewatch The Leftovers...
    That’s why I love these forums. Me, Alkaid,  Dee(who is an admin and held proper restraint and let the conversation unfold without stepping in prematurely) and Cretenbull all went at it but none of us took it too far and we have all moved on to another topic and now discussing something completely different. In other sites the bloodbath would continue. I hold no animosity over anyone and I’ll agree I was wrong in certain comments and arguments. It’s just a testament to the type of people Jim and Aron attract. Outside of the occasional asshole that gets mad on the forums and decides to write shitty amazon reviews on Aaron’s book because he is a dickhead. 
  • What makes Bald Move so good?

    the guys are awesome. (Hope it doesn’t go to their heads, stay humble)

    id like to say my favourite part of Bald Move is the forum community. I feel like over the past 3-4 years I’ve interacted with a lot of cool ass people that if I met in person and had the same conversations we would be good friends. Regardless I feel like I’ve made a lot of internet friends from the forums. You guys all rock. Glad I found my way to this group of people. 
  • Non-Political News Thread

    While we're on the topic... 

    Michael Jackson... he did all of that, right? 
    my wife is such a die hard MJ fan that she refuses to watch the documentary and doesnt want to ruin her childhood. So i havent seen it yet. I only got through the first 20-30 minutes before my wife got home and i turned it off in respect. 

    she said, it would be like someone making a documentary about how Mr Rogers was a pedo. How would that make me feel? 

    I understood her point, but i was like facts are facts. Childhood heroes should only be heroes if they actually are. if it turns out they are shitty people then unfortunately you have to accept that and move on.