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  • 805 - The Bells

    I know this has been said by some others in this massive thread. But listening to the cast and the guys shitting on Jaime. 

    Maybe you guys were lucky. Maybe you never interacted with someone who had a toxic relationship that ended up ghosting you for them. 

    But to say it’s bullshit that Jaime would go back to Cersei and it ruins is character arc and it ruins the story they were telling is just not true. 

    Jaime is no different than millions of people who try to become better people but ultimately fall back into their love for someone who is abusive and toxic to them. It’s completely common to see people ruin and abandon great relationships just to go back to the person they love for no sane or legitimate reason. People do stupid things for love. And people ruin their lives for love. There is nothing about what Jaime did that is unreasonable or unbelievable . 

    Im Glad you guys haven’t experienced someone doing this to you. But to act like it doesn’t happen to people and it ruins the story is a bit too much. It most certainly happens and it sucks to see good people who have tried their best to help someone overcome a toxic relationship just to see them go back to it. 

    It’s actually a bit poetic that Jaime gave into this and it cost him is life. 
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  • When parents regret having their kids

    Terrible Twos of my second Son. My first was an angel and really never had any fits or tantrums at all so I always thought other parents over exaggerated the terrible twos. However I was wrong and the gods punished us for having it so easy the first time around. :)

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  • 616 - Last Day on Earth

    Fucking hell. They did it. Why. Why do TV shows do this stupid shit. Now we have to go 7-8 months with bullshit stories about who is not shooting season 7 and probably will get spoiled on the death before season 7 even airs.
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  • What's Your Best Story?

    EDITED to fix some mistakes and add a few bits. 

    I mean, have a lot of great moments travelling and crazy stories with massive coincidences and just unbelievably. Probably my funnest story was successfully running away from the police.

    In high school we were having a party at a friends house. Everybody did the usual call your parents and say your staying at your friends house. Everyone started drinking really early, like 5 or 6 I was waiting for my mom to get home at like 9 and I didn’t want to call her drunk so I decided to wait. Its not fun being 1 of 2 sober people basically babysitting a bunch of drunk kids. 

    Apparently one of our friend's dads decided to call and check in on his daughter(as it was her friend's house having the party) and one of the super drunk kids picks up the phone and starts talking to her dad and being a total ass hat to him. He instantly flips out and figures out what’s going on and drives over to the house and sees everyone fucked up. He takes his daughter and then says he’s calling the cops. this is a small town so it only takes like 5 minutes for the cops to show. We all start freaking out and there’s like 10 Super drunk kids and me and one other sober person. The cops pull up to the front of the house and somehow me and my sober Friend successful get everyone to climb out the back window, there's like 3 cop cars in the driveway now and we have to sneak through the backyards of these houses constantly stopping and ducking behind random objects as the cops start making their way around the house with flashlights searching. about 2 houses down there is a walking trail that goes through the entire town and intersects with various streets. So we head down that.

    The trail has waist high grass on each side so its perfect concealment unless you are actually on the trail. The problem was me and my sober friend had to somehow ensure 10 drunk kids could go Metal Gear Solid crouch style so their heads/bodies dont go over the cover. It was literally like Solid Snake when he has to avoid the flashlights or get the exclamation point. As we were crawling on this trail cops were driving around the adjacent streets with their flood lights and multiple times they scanned right over us. If we were upright we would have been caught. 

    Luckily the walking trail directly connected to the next street an and one of the kids lived on that street so as soon as we exited the trail we booked to his house and ran into his basement and stayed there for the rest of the night. 

    Being stupid broke kids knowing there was like $200 of booze still left in the house, me and the sober Friend did a recon back to the party house. We snuck all the way back through the trail, snuck back into the back window which was still open, grabbed all the booze and went back to the safe house. 

    It it was pretty awesome and made me feel like James Bond Super spy or Solid Snake. Successfully escaping and avoiding an army of cops and even getting the booze back for a party another day.  Not a single kid got caught or arrested. It was a perfect extraction and operation. Haha
  • Avengers Endgame - Full Spoiler discussion

    I thought cap picking up the hammer was the best part of the movie. My crowd went nuts what that happened
  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Got to spend Father’s Day with my dad who came to visit us in Singapore. That was pretty awesome. Having his grandkids spend time with him and just enjoying a nice dinner makes you realise how important family is. Ended the night beating my dad’s ass in chess which felt great remembering the times growing up him teaching me how to play and showing no mercy murdering me every game...
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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    This whole movement of the double Ds don’t care and the last Seasons have been shit because they don’t care is garbage. 

    I think if every single person looked inside themselves and put them in the same situation of the DDs they would probably have the same outcome. Meaning they would struggle to find satisfying outcomes for all the fans. Some fans want a happy ending. Some fans want the shitty ending. 

    They adapted amazing books and had some of the best TV ever. Then after the books ran out they had to rely on writers and their own direction. So they have made a decision on where they want to go. HBO obviously has signed off on it. If they were not happy and thought the DDs were sabotaging or ruining the series they would have stepped in. But they didn’t. It wouldn’t be hard for HBO to put other people in charge if they weren’t happy with the scripts. They had plenty of time. 

    Ultimately theres a ton of shit we can complain about. But the DDs are professionals. I’m confident they put on screen the best they could. Whether it satisfies fans and viewers is not the point. They have their entire careers to worry about. They are not doing anything but trying to put the best possible media on screen they can.

    if it doesn’t live up to expectations then that’s fine. We all hyped this up. We all expected the greatest TV season ever. We all wanted our prophecies and theories to be fulfilled. 

    Lastly, this isn’t a blanket defense of the DDs or the GOT team. There are legit complaints about the last season. Characters who should have died, jetpacking, etc. But it’s fantasy. If we wanted to implement real world beliefs into this then their wouldn’t be a story to tell. So there needs to be some suspension of disbelief. I mean 40 US general died during WW2 but you never hear their story because they died. You hear the stories of the people who survived and there is a reason for that. 
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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    I liked it. The I thought the Democracy recommendation was great. A lot of people were pushing for some sort of council or democracy. And it just gets laughed off. 
  • Chernobyl: Episode 3. Open Wide, O Earth

    Amazing episode and loving this series. I did want to comment though on spoilers. Yes it’s a historical documentary and yes people know the general outcome of what happened. But it would be great if people didn’t spoil the intricate details of the show in various threads. We all know Europe didn’t become a radioactive wasteland but most of us don’t know who survived and who died and how Russia was able to contain the meltdown. There’s alot to the story that people would rather find out watching that be spoiled on the threads. And this is coming from a history major. Let’s keep the minutia of the story in spoiler realm and not act like it’s common knowledge. 
  • What grinds my gears (today)

    4:30pm meetings...on a Friday!
    I work half days on friday and got a meeting invite for a 3:30 meeting at 11:00.  Yeah I had to decline that one.
    I have a similar issue. I always come into the office at like 7:30/8am. But I leave at like 4. The problem is no one sees you coming into the office early. They only see you leaving early so you end up having people think you’re always skipping out early when in reality you’re just working a different schedule. On top of that I take like 20 minute lunch breaks. I smash my lunch and get back to work while some people take 1-2 hours for lunch and act like they are hard workers staying until 6.