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  • Positivity! aka the good vibes thread

    As part of my “trying new things” campaign I just made Spaghetti aglio e olio and it was so  fucking good, Next up ....Carbonara! 
  • 403- Forbidden

    May be right up there with my all time favorite episodes for a variety of reasons. I loved how it was Mr Robot who asks Olivia for a drink, bit when its Elliot who has to muddle through the awkwardness, I thought well of course, it would have been predictable watching Mr Robot  effortlessly charm the pants off (literally). Olivia’s purpose to the plot could have ended there, but when they have the heart to heart in the bathroom, it provoked feelings this show So rarely does. Esmail crushed that scene.

    I loved the Cold Open as well, Though i found the whiteroses at the end quite unnecessary. It was as if Esmail thought we may not be paying attention. 

    Damn im so worried for Krista. If she dies, theres no way Elliot could forgive himself. 

    Finally, I wasn’t so much jarred that Vera shot a guy right in front of a kid, but that the kid was completely unphased. How many times has this kid seen a guy  get shot at this point in his young  life? 

    Best lines:
     “ I look forward to stealing your intellectual property”

    ” I almost did it, but I promised a kid Id take him to see the Martian”

    ”Been clean for 9 months, except for  that heroin  two days ago”
  • Great British Baking Show (spoilers)

    Henry really grew on me. I kept thinking he was  right out of central casting for some random BBC Victorian era drama.
  • Great British Baking Show (spoilers)

    Henry has grown on me. Loved when Paul was about to give him a handshake and tells him to shut up. 
  • 403- Forbidden

    Upon rewatch it would have been perfectly fine had they just had Christian Slater charm his way into Olivia’s bed, get the that key code and been gone. I would have thought Well great the Mr Robot personae really came in handy. That Esmail instead used it as an opportunity to allow Elliot to evolve In front of us was so much better. 
  • 303 - The Big Never

    I wish Pizzolatto hadn’t mentioned the possible  unreliable narrator aspect to this season. Already feeling S2 Mr Robot vibes. If the unreliable narrator is meant as a tool to illustrate Hays’s memory loss and not a way screwing with audience Im on board. Like Hays misremembers the past out of shame or embarrassment, or if he is culpable in a way only he knows and has spent rhe 25 years lying to himself. I just dont want Aron asking Is any of this real on a weekly basis