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  • Official Bald Move Family Announcement

    Cecily has been promoted from co-host to fiancée. Jim will continue on in his role of heterosexual life partner. 

    Seriously, though, I never ever thought I'd get married again, but Cecily has proven to be an exceptional woman in the ups and downs we've shared in these past four years. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world on many, many fronts on a daily basis, and she's a big reason why.  This is as close to a sure thing as I've ever experienced in my life. 

    No date is set; with the house and studio stuff looming large in the fall there isn't time to do all that needs doing, but I'm guessing early to mid spring.  Thanks to everyone for sharing in our happiness! 
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  • Well Wishes for A.Ron's Father

    Dad is out of surgery and resting in the ICU. He did very well and the doctors expect him to make a speedy recovery. Thanks to everyone who wished him well!
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  • Bald Move Lack of Content

    This happens every year. The content will start coming, but we need time to plan and do business stuff and it makes sense to do this in January when things are slow and taxes are due. Having said that, there will be 3 pods plus Lunch this week. Patience, for the Jedi it is time to eat as well, etc. 

    I'm locking and stickying this thread until this phase is over, because there isn't really meaningful discussion to be had and I totally understand people getting antsy but there's not much for it. 
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  • Groundhog Day's "Groundhog Day" Marathon on 2/2/18 @ 12:01AM EST!

    Peeps, I could not be prouder of our community.  Not only was that fun as hell, but we raised what frankly was an unfathomable amount of money.  I set $10k as the goal because I was afraid if I set it something achievable and we hit it mid way, that resetting it would screw up our donation trackers.  I never expected to make half that.  But you maniacs EXCEEDED it.  This was just awesome to be a part of, every time I think there's a Bald Move moment that will never be topped, it does.

    Thanks to everybody who stopped by and offered encouragement and broke the monotony, and especially everyone who gave, including the children of Bald Movers who were moved to donate their allowance, tooth fairy money, and Christmas money by the example of their parents.  Just absolutely incredible.  

    Now, excuse me, I must go pass out.
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  • New Club Bald Move software

    Hey everyone, we've successfully updated the Club software that makes our membership systems work. We were using a WordPress plugin called WooCommerce, we are now running membership through Recurly.

    This means that a lot of issues revolving around renewals, which I know has caused a lot of grief I'd your card expired, or you changed addresses, or sometimes just because it was Thursday.

    The other immediate benefit is effective, immediately every new Club member gets a 30 day trial period for free. It's one of those deals where we get your credit card and charge you after the trial period automatically, hoping you'll forget you signed up and that's how we get you! So be aware of that, but it's also a solid opportunity for new people to kick the tires of the club and take it all for a whirl.

    Finally, because we kicked WooCommerce to the curb, we lost the ability to take commissions temporarily. It will take us a few days to port all that info to our new store. All the inventory levels will be preserved for the community commissions. I'll keep this thread stickied until I get all of the commissions migrated over.

    Thanks for your continued support!
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  • Officially Official TWD Plan Going Forward

    Okay, so Jim and I don't give a shit about The Walking Dead anymore.  That's the part that's broke and ain't going to be fixed.  Toast can't never be bread again.  We're also bored of shitting on The Walking Dead the same way we've been doing for years, minus the hopeful part that Gimple would get his act together.  I realize that there are a lot of people bored with that kind of podcast, too.  We hear you.

    This January, we played with a lot of concepts involving the Joe and Al gag from Riverdale, doing a crazy post show with impressions and that deal where we superimpose our mouths over cast photos and just go the crazy comedy route, and everything in between.  Unfortunately, the more creative ideas that we could execute with some semblance of passion are impractical with our current staff and setup.  If we had a studio engineer to help us with transitions and setup or perhaps better gear or certainly with both that's something we'd love to do and think it would be funny and cool.  But we don't.

    So, dump TWD or re-run the same old?  After much discussion and debate, we've decided to just run back the same old, same old, but more streamlined.  A large majority of our current audience that loves what we do on TWD. Also, it seems that there is literally nothing else we could do for the next 60 days or so that would be as sure of a thing as just doing TWD.  So, we are going to be doing LiveWatches, with a podcast on Tuesday, with limited feedback. We're thinking of doing an "email of the week" or something like that, to limit the huge amount of time we spend processing and editing that.  There will be a bit of freshness, in that Jim will be in Rome for the first two weeks of TWD coverage, so I've got feelers out for guest hosts which would be fun until he gets back.

    We'll be using the free time to do more things with video, more things with Twitch, and to get caught up on our commission queue before Westworld returns.  We have a few of the ideas to improve our Instant Take podcast for WW and make it more of a complete after show with feedback and maybe even live feedback that we considered in brainstorming for TWD but decided it would be dumb to invest that much energy on a fundamentally bad show.  Once Westworld hits, it's going to be a pretty full year until the end, with plans for Expanse, American Gods, Game of Thrones season 3, Better Call Saul, Bald Movies, etc, and a bunch of other fun side projects we have planned but don't want to spoil.

    Finally, let it be known that Watching Dead is on it's very last legs.  This isn't up for debate.  We likely would not have come back for season 8B or whatever this is had it not been for TV pushing everything else back several months.  I would not count on a season nine.  If we have another person in here helping us out, which is a possibility, and we can pull off something fun and inventive to continue enjoying ourselves at TWD's expense, we would do so, but as it is, both the show and our podcast are running out of steam and no longer growing.
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  • Groundhog Day's "Groundhog Day" Marathon on 2/2/18 @ 12:01AM EST!

    Hatorian said:
    Anyway we can see the actual donation to the charity? 
    Absolutely.  I'd like to get some official recognition from the NAEH themselves, maybe even have one of their reps on a podcast if they're willing, and for $10k and a platform with reach to talk about their charity, why not?  Everybody should see this and take pride in the part they played.  The community came through in a way that we could never have expected, it's amazing and humbling and I'll never forget it.
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  • Groundhog Day's "Groundhog Day" Marathon on 2/2/18 @ 12:01AM EST!

    Just an update, the NAEH called us yesterday to profusely thank us and the community for the campaign and resulting donation, and would he happy to come on a podcast to talk about their work and thank us all.  We'll be having a follow up call on Monday to plan all that.  Stay tuned!
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  • Well Wishes for A.Ron's Father

    So I came back home last night.  He was still in the ICU, but was up and moving about, and progressing ahead of schedule. Haven't heard anything yet today, but we're expecting him to be home Sunday or Monday at the latest.  Medical technology is amazing, ya'll.  Our ability to extend and improve the quality of life is the closest thing to miraculous I've seen with my own two eyes. My dad was running marathons with 90% blockages in his arteries, I'm excited to see what he gets up to now that his ticker has been upgraded. 
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  • Stranger Things

    We're busy recording them right now.  So, we're going to drop the entirety of season 1 two weeks before season two debuts, then a preview for season 2 the week before, with feedback and stuff, then we're going to be releasing season two as we watch it over the premiere weekend.  So there will be one podcast per episode for both seasons, and season 2 should be done within 48 hours of it's release.

    That's the plan!
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