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  • Official Bald Move Family Announcement

    Cecily has been promoted from co-host to fiancée. Jim will continue on in his role of heterosexual life partner. 

    Seriously, though, I never ever thought I'd get married again, but Cecily has proven to be an exceptional woman in the ups and downs we've shared in these past four years. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world on many, many fronts on a daily basis, and she's a big reason why.  This is as close to a sure thing as I've ever experienced in my life. 

    No date is set; with the house and studio stuff looming large in the fall there isn't time to do all that needs doing, but I'm guessing early to mid spring.  Thanks to everyone for sharing in our happiness! 
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  • Well Wishes for A.Ron's Father

    Dad is out of surgery and resting in the ICU. He did very well and the doctors expect him to make a speedy recovery. Thanks to everyone who wished him well!
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  • Number 2 on ITunes!

    Damn y'all. This is really high. Number one across all iTunes is just insane. To answer your question, we got 300k at our peak last year on GoT. Based in our preview pods, I think we'll surpass that by 50 percent or so in the first week. It's just really snowballing, with the positive media write ups, the con, Reddit having our backs, it's crazy. If this translates into commensurate club support, wow.

    Also, we have about 30k worth of ads already sold, with more coming in. We just got like 3 offers today. It's just crazy! I'm so thankful for all of your enthusiasm and support!
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  • Bald Move Lack of Content

    This happens every year. The content will start coming, but we need time to plan and do business stuff and it makes sense to do this in January when things are slow and taxes are due. Having said that, there will be 3 pods plus Lunch this week. Patience, for the Jedi it is time to eat as well, etc. 

    I'm locking and stickying this thread until this phase is over, because there isn't really meaningful discussion to be had and I totally understand people getting antsy but there's not much for it. 
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  • New Club Bald Move software

    Hey everyone, we've successfully updated the Club software that makes our membership systems work. We were using a WordPress plugin called WooCommerce, we are now running membership through Recurly.

    This means that a lot of issues revolving around renewals, which I know has caused a lot of grief I'd your card expired, or you changed addresses, or sometimes just because it was Thursday.

    The other immediate benefit is effective, immediately every new Club member gets a 30 day trial period for free. It's one of those deals where we get your credit card and charge you after the trial period automatically, hoping you'll forget you signed up and that's how we get you! So be aware of that, but it's also a solid opportunity for new people to kick the tires of the club and take it all for a whirl.

    Finally, because we kicked WooCommerce to the curb, we lost the ability to take commissions temporarily. It will take us a few days to port all that info to our new store. All the inventory levels will be preserved for the community commissions. I'll keep this thread stickied until I get all of the commissions migrated over.

    Thanks for your continued support!
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  • Goddammit, Louis.


    Louis CK has been kind of a hero to me.  I love his comedy, I love his art, and I admire the generosity and risk taking he does with many of his endeavors.  Which is why I really resisted believing that these rumors about his sexual misconduct towards woman were true.  And it makes me really, really angry that for at least two years he's denied, lied, and used his power and influence to cast doubt on his accusers in a way that is diametrically opposite to the public image he has carefully - and now we know hypocritically and maliciously - constructed.  I can't believe he was so full of shit!

    I guess 2016 was the year our celebrities died as heroes, 2017 they've fucking lived long enough to become the villain.
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  • We Need Your Help -- Video

    General update:  We raised about $3500 in the past 24 hours.  That's just off forum and social media traffic, which I think is amazing.  The big podcast push starts next week.  We're working on getting the site ready with landing pages and banners today and over the weekend, and getting the short form of our message honed.  I'm feeling pretty optimistic.  I can't thank everyone enough for the support thus far!
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  • Well Wishes for A.Ron's Father

    So I came back home last night.  He was still in the ICU, but was up and moving about, and progressing ahead of schedule. Haven't heard anything yet today, but we're expecting him to be home Sunday or Monday at the latest.  Medical technology is amazing, ya'll.  Our ability to extend and improve the quality of life is the closest thing to miraculous I've seen with my own two eyes. My dad was running marathons with 90% blockages in his arteries, I'm excited to see what he gets up to now that his ticker has been upgraded. 
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  • Stranger Things

    We're busy recording them right now.  So, we're going to drop the entirety of season 1 two weeks before season two debuts, then a preview for season 2 the week before, with feedback and stuff, then we're going to be releasing season two as we watch it over the premiere weekend.  So there will be one podcast per episode for both seasons, and season 2 should be done within 48 hours of it's release.

    That's the plan!
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  • 704 - "Spoilers (ha) of War"

    A,Ron and Jim are confused about the gold retrieved from Highgarden. It made it back to the RedKeep so Cersei has it.
    Well, I look forward to hearing about that a couple of hundred times tomorrow. Looking forward to watching this one several times to get it right.
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