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  • Cincinnati Burrito Meetup

    I support the future of self driving cars.
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  • Walter faked his death!

    LMAO!! Classic!!

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  • Pets

    I love pet pictures and stories :)

    We used to have a 55 gallon fish tank, but we rehomed our fish and put the tank away for a while.

    This pic shows 5 of our pets - 3 guinea pigs and 2 bunnies :) Snowflake is at the top right and her sister Zoe is the dark one on the top left at my daughter's elbow; Ariel is the orange one on her lap. Goldie bunny is the darker one and Lucky is the light colored one between my daughters. We lost Ariel a couple of weeks ago; she was approximately 6 years old (we got her two years ago from a neighbor)

    These guinea pigs are very messy and pee anywhere they please so they are only allowed out of their cage on the kitchen hardwood, fenced in. out last pair of piggies lived to be 7, we had them for 3 years, they were potty trained (kind of) and never peed outside of their cage so they had a bit more freedom.

    The bunnies pee in their cage, but poop anywhere - their poop is dry pellets and doesn't make a mess, we let them out every day, usually they are out when I get home from work til 9-10 at night. They do NOT have free reign of the house (some people treat their bunnies like cats!) because they chew on everything. We set the gate up around their cage sort of like a run so they can come and go from their cage... they sometimes get to run free, but they are fast and super chewy so it's not often (maybe 1x week) because they need to be followed closely.

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    Here's my Jett. He's a coton de tulear, 9 years old. He's an awesome dog! Mellow, smart, loyal and cuddly!

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  • How To Raise a Human

    My general advice...
    1) feed your kid age-appropriate stuff
    2) change the diaper regularly
    3) put on season appropriate clothing, and remember up til 7-8 months (when they are mobile and less blobby) they really do need an extra layer and definitely a hat on the newborn til about a month old.
    4) You cannot spoil the baby by picking it up whenever it cries!
    5) do whatever you need to do to get some sleep: co-sleep, baby in his own crib in his room or yours, baby in bassinet or even a laundry basket...
    6) many babies resist being swaddled - but deep down they all love it. Don't give up on it, practice it now before he gets here. The tighter the better. They fucking love being burrito'd and will absolutely sleep better like that.
    7) don't worry about church or religion or instilling morals and values into the baby just yet. Just love him to death and love on him at all times.
  • Movies considered Great that you hate.

    ... Also, Shawshank Redemption was....okay.  *ducking*  I don't understand how people can rewatch it over and over.  It was alright the first time, barely.
    Everyone's entitled to their opinion even if it is wrong :p
  • Equifax Hack

    My husband and I froze our credit in ‘08. It’s incredibly easy to do, and somewhat easy to lift. You get a unique pin and can do it online. You can lift your freeze for a period of time or for a specific company. It costs $10/lift (I believe) It’s it that much of a pain - if you know you’re going to go car shopping, and are going to have a credit check, you can call ahead and ask which credit agencies they use and lift accordingly. The only thing that is not easy is when you’re shopping, say, at sears and they ask you at the register if you want to open a credit card... the lift usually takes 24 hours to kick in. But store credit cards aren’t a good idea anyway, so for us the security of the freeze outweighs that.

    I read the thread title quickly and thought it said Robert Duvall  :D
  • Walking Dead - 701: "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

    Confused -- is everyone and every body in the RV with Rick? Seems like they dragged the bodies in the opposite direction of the RV?