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  • Bernard is Not a Host!

    Welp :/
  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    People on the Neighbors app in my neighborhood are offering to get groceries and stuff for elderly and at risk people. That restored my faith in humanity a little. 
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  • 701-"Dragonstone"

    I was really confused for the first 10 seconds. Then I started screaming "Arya" at the TV lol. 
  • I made a cool thing!

    I've been learning to code on the side this summer. Mad Men also happens to be my favorite TV show. This is one the projects I've been working on. It's a random quote generator. It only has quotes from the first season, but I'm going to go back and update it and fix some things here and there. Just thought I'd share it with you guys. I honestly forgot how funny the first season was. My personal favorite has to be this one:

    "How do you sleep?"
    Don - "On a bed made of money."

  • Name Bran's Emo Band

    Rn he's on tour with Counting Crows lol. He's also doing a feature with Fall Out Boy haha. 
  • Westworld -301- Parce Domine (Spoilers)

    I think Delores accidentally framed the wife who was getting beat for murder lol. What is she gonna tell the police?

    Also years of Christian private school education have finally paid off lol. So Rehoboam was the son of Solomon. Solomon (Insight founder?) was very wise and wealthy and built the temple to house the ark of the covenant and the literal presence of God. Rehoboam was a bad King so the people rebelled and split the kingdom in two. Ten tribes followed Jeroboam and went to the northern kingdom. 

    Not sure if any of that is going to be relevant. I do like the idea of Delores bringing some humans over to her side like the ten tribes. If I'm not mistaken the two kingdoms don't go to war. So maybe there's an anticlimactic ending. It might be worth to read II Kings, but I'm not gonna do it lol. 
  • 805 - The Bells

    I have literally seen this coming from season 2. Way before I read any of the books. They have been foreshadowing this and building an arc. It's just so funny to see the negativity because I thoroughly enjoyed this. Apparently Jim is having a tantrum on instant take. I don't get this fandom lol.  
  • 805 - The Bells

    ken hale said:
    Tyrion had asked Davos if he could smuggle something.  Was that meant to be Jamie or did I miss the follow-up to that line of dialog?  If the former, anyone want to take bets on whether Davos dies by fire or getting his head bit off? 
    Thie order of events was confusing. I think Davos smuggled the boat for Jaime past the Iron Fleet. Cause he's a boat guy lol. 
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  • Jesse is human/robot hybrid

    Still hate this theory and think it bad writing lol, but I just thought of something. So Caleb's "therapy" make no sense. How would that help a grieving person? If this was an episode of black mirror then getting a phone call from your dead loved one would be some kind of psychological torture. You know who Francis reminds me of? Charlie, Bernard's son! Francis' death is Caleb's keystone memory because he's a robot. I hope I'm wrong though.