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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Update: I just got a call from AHS - I do not have COVID-19. It's just a boring old respiratory infection.
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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    My go-to web conference background this week.
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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Hatorian said:
    The end is coming. 

    We have 3 of the 4 horsemen. 

    Pestilence: the virus
    famine: Africa getting hit hard by locust and stores running out of food
    war: always war but North Korea acting really stupid and Iran may explode anytime now

    death is coming too. 

    It was nice knowing you all. 

    Oh also this...

    Sylvia Browne is a charlatan who cons vulnerable people out of their money. A chimp with a machine gun is bound to hit something.
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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Let me start by saying I realize this makes my extremely fortunate and I don't want to be tone deaf, but I'm feeling very relieved.

    I just got the word that our salaries and work hours are being restored as of our next biweekly pay May 8th. The assistance from the federal government here in Canada means that the company can afford the full payroll and we can get back to (remote) business as normal. 

    It probably won't be until Q3, but they are also planning to make us whole for the partial salary lost over the last 5 weeks.

    I know my situation is rare. There are still good, decent companies out there. I'm incredibly fortunate to work for one.
  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    We got out to the mountains twice in the last week for hiking. Yesterday was my Dad's 73rd birthday and with everything that's been going on, it made me really happy to spend the day with him. The setting, and enjoying it with my family really brought how fortunate I am into sharp focus.

    We drove our brand new car out for this trip, and on top of all these good feels, there was a massive hailstorm at our house while we were out here. Our old car was dinged up pretty good and I've got a few holes in my vinyl siding to get fixed. That part sucks, but not as bad as having to make an insurance claim on our 10-day old vehicle.

    I promised @Cecily I would post some pictures from our hike yesterday in this thread, so here are a few.

    Here I am at one of the overlook points around the halfway point.

    This was the second hike we've taken our 9mo pup on. Here she is enjoying the river with my wife once we got down there.

    And my youngest (just turned 4), who hiked more than 5km on her own before I carried her the rest of the way.

    And finally, one from last weekend because it really makes my day to look at it.

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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Dee said:
    My daughter was in tears a couple of days ago because she had yet another shift cancelled - she works in a restaurant. I really felt for her, but I also had to give her a bit of a reality check. She has about $30k in savings (mostly from an inheritance) and me to come home to if she needs to. My job is very secure and likely to get more busy with overtime if anything else so I won’t have any problem feeding myself and her if necessary. 

    I reminded her that many of her friends - including her housemate - don’t have family support and live pay to pay, and would be really struggling to pay rent and eat at the moment. It was a sobering moment for her. She’s a lovely, kind girl, but she doesn’t realise her own privilege at times. 
    I wish @Dee was my Mom.
  • 102 - Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship (Spoilers)

    shing said:
    Right @A_Ron_Hubbard. So what happens if or when the show reveals that the black characters in this show have been led to participate in a race war by a Klansman? Will you drop the show?
    You've really lost the plot here @shing. I'd tell you to hold off on the victory lap until you're proven correct, but I have a feeling you're going to take whatever happens as validation whether it makes sense or not.

    Edit: I'll just add, if you think the premise of the show is that alt-right fuckwads are blameless victims being terrorized by black police for no reason, I'm not sure there's common ground for us to find. That's not the two episodes of television I just watched.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    So, I'm currently waiting on COVID-19 test results to confirm I have a regular run-of-the-mill cold. I hesitate to post this because I feel weirdly embarrassed.

    I've had a mild cough since about February 20th. A day or two ahead of this, I definitely felt some chest congestion and knew a cold was coming. On the 21st, I left on a work trip and spent the rest of the month in India. The cough persisted while I was on the trip - getting a little more prominent as I prepared to return home March 1st. At this point there was only additional health screening for people returning to Canada from China, Italy, Iran, and cruise ships.

    Cut to March 8th - I've been home for a week and the cough is getting worse. This is the point where i would normally make an appointment with a doctor as it's become quite uncomfortable and interfering with my sleep. The thing is, our provincial health authority is advising people not to go to the doctor without being referred there unless they're acutely ill - which I am not. We have a service called HealthLink that you can call to get advice and direction from an RN - so I call HealthLink.

    We talk over my symptoms and the nurse tells me that two to three weeks is considered normal for a simple cough to persist, so I probably don't need to make a doctor's appointment unless it's still bothering me next week. That being said, I'm now someone who's been out of the country (they no longer care where you were) and has reported at least one COVID-19 symptom, so I need to be tested. It doesn't matter that I had the cough before I traveled because it's possible that I picked up a secondary infection - especially since it appears to be getting worse. So, I had to bring myself down to an assessment center, mask up, and get a q-tip shoved waaaaaay up my nose. Now I'm "self-isolating" and waiting for the results. 

    I'm 99.9% certain I have a simple respiratory infection that may or may not need treatment to get cleared up, but I can't shake feeling vaguely guilty about the whole thing. My rationale for waiting was that I didn't want to add to the load on the health care system at a critical time, but now I'm feeling like I should have acted sooner - possibly only because the whole thing would have been resolved by now. 

    TLDR: Felt sick, might delete later.
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