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  • 303 - Crazy Whitefella Thinking

    I absolutely fucking love this show. From the previews of this season I was curious as to how they would continue to walk the line of is it supernatural or is it not. Every week they pull it off no matter how crazy the storyline.
    I love that this show is a deep dive into how and why people turn to religion in times of personal crisis. How belief is a fundamental part of the human psyche, coupled with the need to search for meaning and purpose. They are doing a great job of letting it all play out. And I feel we're in for a wonderfully ambiguous ending very Life of Pi in that it will ask which story do you believe. The story of Kevin and that this is all a part of God's plan, or the story of Nora perhaps and this means nothing there is no plan things just happen.
  • 304 - G'Day Melbourne

    Maybe I'm remembering it wrong but I felt like the guy in the desert was hinting he said he would kill the baby too. When he was asking "would you kill a baby" it was it was more about why him answering that way was wrong. As killing the baby for the greater good seems like the "right" answer. I wonder if they are looking to weed out people who are looking for closure. And someone who would logically think that out is someone on a search for closure to what happened to their loved ones. Morally they may be opposed to a sort of assisted suicide in their machine. Where as saying you wouldn't kill the baby shows you are looking only to reconnect with your loved ones. In that case they are willing to send you wherever the machine sends you.