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  • Positivity! aka the good vibes thread

    As part of my “trying new things” campaign I just made Spaghetti aglio e olio and it was so  fucking good, Next up ....Carbonara! 
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Florida for Greenland
  • Timothy Olyphant joins Season 4

    That sounds like a perfect pairing 
  • Undone (Amazon Prime)

    Couldn’t help myself and binged the wjole thing last night. While the show does meander, the characters Kept me invested.  I figured they would  leave Alma in a Kevin Garvey/leftovers situation, which opens up some possibilities for future seasons. Rosa Salazar is for sure on my radar, definitely be on the look out for anything she’s in. 
  • Timothy Olyphant joins Season 4

    Travis said:
    Chinaski said:
    Travis said:
    Chinaski said:
    Travis said:
    Googled cast of season 4 and see Andrew Bird listed. That's really intriguing...
    huh what? like the musician? he acts?
    Apparently. He will be "Thurman Smutney" on Fargo. Ha! Great Fargo name.
    He was also on The Path as Andrew Bird (haven't watched the show and find it intriguing that he would play himself), and Dr. Stringz on "Jack's Big Music Show" which looks like a kids puppet type show.
    wow, that's interesting. i really hope they feature some of his music. i can picture Noah Hawley getting cute and subtly playing some of his music in the background when he's on screen.
    Totally! Have you heard the new(ish) record? I like it quite a bit.

    Noel said:
    Can’t wait to have Fargo back and the BM feed to go along with it
    100% cosign. Their Fargo coverage is one of my favorites.

    rhcoop said:
    That's some great casting.  It would be awful nice if he actually played Raylan, I would love to see that Character in the Fargo world. 
    This thought crossed my mind as well. I'm all in on that. I know it probably wouldn't happen because it's a Elmore Leonard character, but if they could make it happen that would be amazing.
    I foresee something closer to What he did in Santa Clarita diet, kind of a feckless ne’er do well.
  • 303 - The Big Never

    I wish Pizzolatto hadn’t mentioned the possible  unreliable narrator aspect to this season. Already feeling S2 Mr Robot vibes. If the unreliable narrator is meant as a tool to illustrate Hays’s memory loss and not a way screwing with audience Im on board. Like Hays misremembers the past out of shame or embarrassment, or if he is culpable in a way only he knows and has spent rhe 25 years lying to himself. I just dont want Aron asking Is any of this real on a weekly basis