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  • I actually found this quite interesting because I just assumed that anyone who died north of the wall could turn into a Wight, but I'm not sure now. It seems like Ygritte and several others make a big deal about "Please be sure to burn my body after…
    in Wights Comment by Allison June 2015
  • @DennisTarbox I love that idea of Bran warging into Drogon and then coming to save the day! That would be awesome! It's not made super clear in the show (for time constraints I'm sure) but in the books the whole pit battle thing is like a huge day a…
  • Another issue I had is the fact that they have not killed Balon. So as far as Stannis knows, Kings blood is only 2/3 affective. That not very good odds to kill your daughter for. "Two is not three", right? Haha yeah my husband (none book read…
  • Also, just wondering what everyone thinks, but at this point what was the purpose of having the flashback at the beginning of the season? I mean I guess they may tie it back together here in the last episode somehow, but since they left out the whol…
  • I just wanted to comment and say I love your little quote thing at the Raylan Givens!!
  • This has become unenjoyable writing by JRRM. The Sansa rape already felt over the top and now he keeps pushing it further; ruining his own damn creation. He's made this fictitious world where he could go in whatever creative direction he wanted. But…
  • So that episode was...intense and also disheartening. I mean, burn Shireen alive? Really? And it surprised me that the mom even showed any remorse because she's been a bitch to Shireen since...always. I figured they were going to use episode to do t…
  • Ok cool, thanks @Elisa  I just thought I had heard on possibly the podcast and maybe read a few other places where it sounded like people were already assuming they were married.
  • Oh also, I have been a little confused and I may have just missed it but are Dany and Hizdar actually married yet? I mean I know she suddenly went to the dungeon and said oh by the way you are going to marry me but then I feel like that's the last w…
  • Edit: Did anyone else think Four Horsement of the Apocalypse when the WW dudes were chillin' on their mounts on the hill? Hahaha my husband said the exact same thing to me when we saw that shot.
  • I guess I always harbored hope that it was actually Benjen Stark, lol. Less likely for sure, but satisfying. Always having a Stark in Winterfell and all that. I never got that it was Theon and always assumed it was the various spear wives, although …
  • A_Ron_HubbardSo I'm kind of new to the whole podcast and forum thing, so pardon me if I'm in the wrong place or doing something incorrectly.I am in the process of this spoilore episode, awaiting the podcast over episode 3 and I hit this thought and …