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  • Chinaski said: on a dish washing note.. Dawn Powerwash is a game changer.. where have you been all my adult life?! FOR REAL THOUGH. I love the green apple-scented one.
  • Hit 3 times already, and now Chad Pinder! Behind the ear at the base of the skull, no helmet protection. Omg, I hope he doesn't suffer any internal damage from that but that ball was flying fast and hard.
    in MLB 2021 Comment by Michelle 4:27AM
  • @Hatorian #truth!!!!!!!! I don't wanna chew my orange juice!
  • I'm surprised at the lack of Ned Beatty love!
    in RIP in 2021 Comment by Michelle 3:20AM
  • Chinaski said: the fact that you called a 'Mrs. McDonald' in Jamaica is fascinating to me. send my best to Mrs. McDonald for me, ya'mon! @CretanBull tell her to tell Ronald you said 'hey'.
  • Chinaski said: after a terrible start at the plate, Chapman has been on fire the last 2 weeks! Did you see the his RBI comparison yesterday (maybe it was Saturday) where they went month by month since the season started?  He's only gotten…
    in MLB 2021 Comment by Michelle 3:18AM
  • Chinaski said: Orange Juice.. Pulp or no Pulp? that's the real question! hard pass on the pulp for me. #teamnopulp!
  • To me, prestige signifies award-winning, top-notch, well-reviewed, high-quality filmmaking (Star Wars, The Godfather, Magnolia, Les Miserables, etc.)  Pulp is basically everything else (comedies, horror, cheesy 80s movies, Adam Sandler, etc).
  • Another legend.... Ned Beatty passed today, aged 83.
    in RIP in 2021 Comment by Michelle June 14
  • We're on fire! I know there's a lot of baseball season left, but at this rate...
    in MLB 2021 Comment by Michelle June 13
  • cdrive said:And my favorite that I think started this whole food reaction thing: https://youtu.be/DChlO5fNMGw“This some bougie Mac and cheese. I’m gonna have to make this cause I’m bougie”Cracks me up more cause we watch this show a lot and I to…
  • Gosh, I'm so sorry to see Maria go.  I was really rooting for her, even if I knew she wouldn't win (I think it'll be Gabe, Shota, and mayyyybe Dawn but probably Jamie in the final 3).  She just unapologetically and beautifully showcased some amazing…
  • Dee said: But chilli is just a stew that has a chilli sauce - and you can put anything in a stew. No stew rules!  Disagree on chili as a stew.  To me, a stew is a hearty meal-like soup with a lot of veggies & potatoes and (usually) som…
  • Dee said: Wait. What? That's just evolution overcompensating for people like Trump.
  • asmallcat said: I hope it wasn't cause of my comment! It was just a statement on the filter not the picture!  Haha, no, I alllllways get so self conscious after I post any sort of selfie or pic of myself online (aside from my Facebook) and e…
  • Chinaski said: tried to look for LCK on demand and only saw found the ep where he beat Sarah. so when they showed the re-cap in tonight's ep i had no idea what was going on, but connected the dots to what @Michelle was talking about.LCK is on…
  • Watching them recap last week's episode and Byron's loss in LCK just reminded me all over again how bummed I was that he lost.  I thought they really went a little overboard with how hard they made him work, between the elimination tourney and then …
  • We went from beautiful summery weather to cold, gray, and about to rain - so I made some really meaty chili (no beans) tonight, along with a pan of cornbread muffins (just slightly on the sweet side).  Add some melted butter on those muffins, top th…
  • Portishead - Dummy One of the greatest albums of ALL TIME.
  • Flipping through 4 different new wave channels on Sirius XM.  Currently playing:
  • cdrive said: I know I’m not the only one here big into Luna, right? @Michelle aren’t you a fan of Luna? Free streaming concert this weekend: https://www.songkick.com/live-stream-concerts/39818150-luna?utm_source=2356&utm_medium=partner …
  • Okay, never mind all that silliness earlier.  (I always get self conscious & delete pics if I post them.) Aaaaaanyway, this guy and his reaction videos are making my day. https://www.tiktok.com/@kelz/video/6968526395823623429
  • Oakland just turned up the heat on Arizona! Let's go, boys!!!
    in MLB 2021 Comment by Michelle June 9
  • As of today, the US isn’t even at 50% fully vaxxed yet. Given the total availability of vaccinations now, this is alarming/sad/concerning/irritating.
  • Chinaski said: Michelle said: God, they really put Byron through the wringer on this one, between the tofu tournament and then again in LCK! Why that extra challenge when he beat Sarah in the head to head?  That should have been it, do…
  • God, they really put Byron through the wringer on this one, between the tofu tournament and then again in LCK! Why that extra challenge when he beat Sarah in the head to head?  That should have been it, done, he's back in. It's almost like he did tw…
  • Chinaski said:needed your A's good vibes. they haven't lost since you got back to watching games and have scored 32 runs in the last 4 games. up 5-1 at the moment. lets.go.Oakland!
    in MLB 2021 Comment by Michelle June 6