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  • I've always heard that you should never hold a lighter to them.  It will irritate them and cause them to expel whatever it is they infect you with into your skin, which of course increases your chance of getting Lyme disease.  The only safe way is h…
  • Does it have anything to do with Aaron Paul costarring in season 3 of Westworld, maybe? Edit: never mind, I'm sure everyone's right that it's BB related.
  • Travis said:(where you at video window?! I swear I did it right.) Don't convert it to a link, just copy/paste it.
  • Watching last night's episode it dawned on me - Mary Louise is at personal harrassment level at this point.  I wondered why any of the ladies hasn't really told her off or set her straight, but then again with her (correct) suspicions about Perry's …
  • Deliciously sweet seedless watermelon - the perfect keep-me-going, refreshing snack on a busy Monday.
  • I don't mind the ads at all either, but as a club member for years now, I can't imagine *not* being one & not having access to the premium features - especially lunches.  You're missing out, @tom_g!  To each their own though.
  • Travis said: Tori Amos' From the Choir Girl Hotel is a pretty darn good record. That is all. Yessss , one of my favorites to sing along with (next to Scarlet's Walk). And now you have me streaming it too.
  • It looks good, but is Eleven going to be the one who saves everyone *again*?
  • Dee said: Chinaski said: thoughts on last trailer? less than 2 weeks away.. Is Billy the host???? Interesting twist - I would *love* that!
  • Chinaski said: cdrive said: Michelle said: The perfect day. Excellent! oh wow!! great! seats! i'm jealous! what a great day to be at the coliseum! great weather, playing a team i respect, and most of all they won! …
    in MLB 2019 Comment by Michelle June 23
  • And we won!  Left the game hella sunburned but happy!
    in MLB 2019 Comment by Michelle June 23
  • Girlie weekend - sunshine and an A’s game with my sister.
  • The perfect day.
    in MLB 2019 Comment by Michelle June 22
  • Hatorian said: Damn Frankie Montas...fucking up my fantasy team. Super disappointed with him about that!  
    in MLB 2019 Comment by Michelle June 22
  • hitmy said: thanks @Michelle . To be clear, I am fine with live reads, and advertising in that sense. This is different. Hey @hitmy, sorry for my rude tone.  I realized what you were talking about while I was listening to Aron’s respons…
  • Escaping the go-go-go that was this week!  Hello East Bay, I missed you!  Can’t wait to go to the game tomorrow!  I need some sunshine and cheering on my guys!  
  • Season 2 is going to be SO good!
  • I have a feeling that Mary Louise will be the one to bring her level of suspicion to a law enforcement level at some point, but in her passive aggressive way.  
  • hitmy said: I don't really want an ad-free feed. I want a straight-up commercial free feed. Do you get though that ads/commercials, no matter which kind, create revenue for them, and that revenue helps them to be able to continue to keep Ba…
  • Another sweep!    See you Saturday, Oakland!
    in MLB 2019 Comment by Michelle June 20
  • redlancer said: Even Fear has become much better than when it started (now that most the original cast is dead, lol) They killed off the druggie son and his annoying sister?  What about their mom?
  • I've had a lot going on & haven't had a moment to catch Sunday night's episode yet.  Taking some time tonight to just tune out of life and catch up on 'my stories'.  Can't wait to see what queen Meryl's up to!