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  • Paused at 34:10 this is a lot better than I thought it’d be. Already the best looking film since 3.
  • Everything on this show is great right now with the exception of Judith.  I can't stand that character.  Little girl, who the hell are you pointing that gun at?  Why are you out alone at 10?  Why do you have that stupid hat on?     
  • MrX said: Apparently this is real: I thought it had to have been faked! Wild stuff. Heard this on a podcast and…
  • Of course this is how "The Wall" was developed.  They should've just written, Mexicans = Bad on his hands and be done with it.…
  • I miss the Watching Dead so much, it’s a shame too. The season after they decide to end it, the show actually got way better.  I was seriously looking for shit to complain about and failing.  it only took them nine seasons to figure it out
  • Agree on he Netflix content, I like the way they covered Stranger Things and think it’s work great with the binge shows
  • I’m looking at trump trying to shift blame and it occurs to me....this dude looks like that shlub in documentaries that gets left in the airport sad because that Russian girl decided not to come for marriage.  
  • Just made it through the season and my first feeling is thankfulness to have not grown up in east Ohio, and thankfulness to my parents for raising us in a great black neighborhood in Chicago, shielding us from the streets.  Similar to my thoughts on…
  • I've been blasting Heaven Upside Down in the gym the last couple weeks, excellent weight pressing metal.
  • redlancer said: lol, it doesn't change after that, and actually gets more into the "why are they doing that" as more characters are introduced. The way the season ended it looks like you could just start with Season 2 and you wouldn't have m…
  • Just saw that was back up, I must watch too many shows because I really need a season recap. I remember positive feelings about it after season two though.
  • You know it's bad when Chris Christie is turning you down.
  • LordBy said: Sometimes I think The Onion has hacked the US government. Press Release from the Department of Homeland Security: Walls Work DHS is committed to building wall and building wall quickly. We are not replacing short, outdated and i…
  • The characters annoyed the shit out of me, constantly making slasher movie stupid decisions on an unknown planet.  I got through two episodes but there's way too much on my backlog to give this a full binge
  • I'll add Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to the list as well, love that guy, please don' be a scumbag Rock
  • gjulleen said: I’ve been avoiding this on purpose. I’m doubling down that the only celebrity at this point that would destroy me is Mr Rogers.   But that was a man who wouldn’t hurt another human because it would cause that person pain. Not s…
  • Whats happening here?  I'm actually excited to see the next half of the season and haven't really been hatewatching at all.  This show is actually flowing pretty nicely.  Now I'm curious where the comics have ended up, I stopped at the whisperers. 
  • redlancer said: I'm imagining an alternate universe where Andrew Lincoln leaving hadn't been announced, and Rick was the one killed by the Whisperer in the graveyard. Still sad to see Jesus go. I think he's alive in the comic still (?) But y…
  • Did I miss something?  Why is everyone pissed at Michonne?
  • fidoz said: Why didn't the council ask that new guy how he was able to run from zombies for 5 years and remain fat? lol, seriously, the ZO should lean you out pretty hard over 2-4 years.
  • "Hater Section"  LMAO.  The last episode I saw was the Rick "Death" so I'm pretty late catching up.  Right off the bat, I like Judith "Baby Ass Kicker " Grimes a whole lot more when she was a baby because shes annoying an the Hat ain't helping.  I'd…
  • Loved this episode, not getting why the instant take was so negative.  I've been in the game development industry for over 16 years and the powder did flow to the point where one could disco all the way to the ship date.  The show exaggerates a bit …
  • Still playing Breath of the Wild, taking a hard pass on rdr2
  • Its never been bad enough for me to stop watching completely though I long ago stopped taking it seriously.  I just wish there were other podcasters that ripped it true like the BM guys, they actually made the show that much more enjoyable to me.
  • Kela15 said: Can I just say...Badass Carol y'all!!!! Always, love Carol
  • Alkaid13 said: I mean, you built a prison to hold one guy? Maybe put some more people in there.  I feel like in this world prison would actually be for rehabilitation rather than a place to lock away undesirables.  Imprisoning them is goin…
  • Nancylyn said: I was disappointed at the beginning. It seems like they are backsliding with the stupid decisions. Why wouldn't Maggie and Cindy wait for backup before going after the walkers at the cabin? There was no rush....they could have …
  • Really wish the fellas were covering it, damn I miss those live watches
  • I've enjoyed it so far, it's been pretty good.
  • Alkaid13 said: Wow they’re really leaning hard on making Rick the Messiah of TWD right before they get rid of him.  lol, yeah.  I started getting Dale vibes already