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  • The antibody tests are not wrong half the time.  They're wrong a very small percentage of the time, but in areas with little COVID that's enough to make testing unreliable.  Say a test is 98% specific, that is it results negative correctly 98% of th…
  • Did they punt on the whole simulations in simulations idea that they brought up near the end of the show?  I don't think they ever brought it up, but if, in your life, you know for a fact there are simulations in simulations, the chances you are in …
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  • Spotify is the big underdog in this fight. They’re desperately looking for something to drive people to them. 
  • Yeah, Pockecasts is so much better than Spotify for podcasts.
  • Is Bald Move up for a rousing game of Boar on the Floor?  I know I am.
  • Glad you wrote this.  I don't want to delve into the actual show topics because I'm where you are in the show.  Love the concepts and such.   Do have arkcrawf said: I'm in love with Devs. Was skeptical on the first two episodes. It was inter…
  • If you look at the first 10 James Bond films up to 1977, not including the unofficial Casino Royale, the multiplier was shockingly high. The best multiplier appears to be Dr. No at 75 and the worst was On Her Majesty's Secret Service at 13.   So Al…
  • “We dug beskar together” Jim said: I'm freshly hyped for S2 now. Hopefully he's not just a guest star in one episode. He would make the galaxy's best bounty hunter. Then cast Walton Goggins as an outlaw and watch the magic!
  • Was at the M Hotel in Las Vegas when they were filming that Top Chef year; I asked Padma Lakshmi to move her stuff off the weight bench she wasn't using, before I realized who she was in her sweats.
  • Not sure how this happened, my parents bought it for me for some reason.   I don't remember exactly which album it was, but I remember the Indianapolis 500 song, so it's probably this one.    Edit:  Also just about the only vinyl I ever had.
  • The ones I joined multiple times were 8 for 1 at full price. You just had to be careful to send back the notification you didn’t want the album of the month.  Hatorian said: I don’t have an album but I’m embarrassed that I fell for that five …
  • The Clash - The Story of the ClashNirvana - NevermindJames - LaidHendrix- The Ultimate ExperienceRadiohead - The Bends or OK ComputerBob Marley - Legend U2- Joshua TreeJohnny Cash - The EssentialRancid - And Out Come The WolvesNew Order - Best OfDyl…
  • It looks like Singapore lost control once the virus got in the workers' dormitories.  I imagine they've managed to contain it there for now.   
  • Did Nini just make some sort of General Nini's Chicken for Tom in LCK?
  • Yeah, I think consensus is that transmission outdoors is probably quite difficult. 
  • The season was fairly mediocre mostly due to lack of coherent world building and motivations, but I still feel more straightforward and effective than Season 2. 
  • This is why Rehoboam is so menacing. 
  • His finale of the Mandalorian was on point.  
  • BTW- in case anyone is interested on a podcast, these two NBA writers are a good listen.  They're also into Top Chef analytics, which is also fun if you're motivated that way.
  • My Bravo app on the Amazon Fire Stick always has the corresponding Last Chance Kitchen with the current Top Chef Episode.  It also has the What Would Tom Do web series.  Michelle said: fidoz said: Just incase you're like me and want to…
  • Yeah, the world could have really used some more building to better understand how the AI conspiracy worked with that setup.  It has the feeling of the TOPDAB (sp) from Mr. Robot that @A_Ron_Hubbard talked about - Rehoboam and Solomon had such preci…
  • Maeve as flunky has been pretty disappointing this season. Reluctantnerd said: What does it say about me that Good or Bad I’m rooting for Delores? Also, might have been nice to show a little bit about how an android dials up a revolutiona…
  • How are we in the third season finale and the amount of damage a host can take still seems arbitrary?
  • Black Sails.  Just read a book about pirates, so am loving the name dropping of real characters so far (Vane, Bonny, Rackham etc..) and the real customs (electing the quartermaster and the captain).  Just into season 1 so far.  
  • William has a virus in his blood -----> Therefore human. Caleb----> was dosed with a party drug (Genre)-----> strongly suggests human. So they can't really be each other, unless Caleb was being edited to be William, but I'm not sure how t…
  • A bot and a dude just waltzed into the facility and debriefed and decided to utilize Solomon extensively.  In response, Serac seems to have sent a bot and a drone.  Not exactly the world's most secure facility for an apocalyptic device.   Alkai…
  • I can't believe Jurati is just supposed to be rehabilitated with that minimal explanation about the mind meld.   Teresa from Concord said: Finished the season and I wanted to love it. But not sure I even liked it. Like Jim said, the writing …
  • The Mount Sinai lab looking for antibody plasma donators.