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  • Man, I don't know if I can stomach Elliot amalgamating Angela or Tyrell as an alter.
  • How can Tyrell / Alderson work for Allsafe and E Corp / Colby at the same time?  They're in meetings together with Gideon and Angela in Season 1. Dyecast42 said: April_May_June said: The ending of this episode had me like  I'm lo…
  • I think I like the theory where the third alter is the main personality working with Tyrell.  That would explain that scene in season 1 where Joanna sees Eliott looking for Tyrell and is very puzzled, and tries to speaking Swedish or Danish to him..…
  • Did the writers just retcon this Phillip Price / Whiterose / Zhang stuff and figure that no one notices it?  For 2 and a half seasons, Price had been real belligerent to Whiterose for someone who's such a feeble pawn that he doesn't have a connect t…
  • Stirling "I fear I may not be of much use either, but I shan't abandon you fellows if you continue through yon magical gate." Pass 
  • I think Jesse does mention Alaska in the actual show, but that discussion with Mike was new. TBINKANSAS said: gjames80 said: I enjoyed it for the pure BB nostalgia but I don’t think it added anything. Fans have said that Jesse probabl…
  • I just relistened to the press conference. Kendall clearly implicates himself in the coverup. 
  • I thought that was just pro-forma theater, like the other time Logan asked for opinions about going after Pierce in order to suss out opposition. I read it as a show of support for Logan was mandatory.  LordBy said: When Logan initially said …
  • I see a lot of Reddit posts about Logan planning this to go either way for Kendall to show he was capable of taking over or to take the fall. But there's no way a COO who was complicit in a coverup is going to be the CEO in charge of cleaning it up,…
  • It was... fine.  Kinda simple, the heists Jesse had to pull to get Max Cherry's money were just ok.  I think the could have even backfilled the time a little more, but that would have required more Walt, and that would probably have put Jesse back i…
  • Anyone know what the lawyer who was paying off Mike's people could have legally told the authorities about Mike given attorney-client privilege?  I assume the lawyer was guilty of failing to report large cash transactions?
  • I think if you start counting half measures, the count for Mike ended up high. 
  • He wanted to leave Kayla something and then at the end makes the decision to leave her in the park rather than face the music. 
  • Rewatching - it's amazing to watch how Mike is supposed to be such a badass and has these cool moments and then his decision making is one disaster after another....
  • Loretta Young did hide the child that came out of her affair with Clark Gable by going on "vacation" and "adopting" it.  This film does want us to strongly consider the possibility that Thomas Wayne was vile enough to falsify records and gaslight Pe…
  • Did Bill have an airgapped computer in the scene when he didn’t want to give Tom anything with his handwriting on it?  Yeah, that guy wasn’t born yesterday waiting for the Roy’s to screw him. 
  • I'm not sure the Joker cares about the truth anymore when he rips up the picture, barely glancing at it. amyja89 said:I do see that there is room for debate on it though, the same timeline can show him finding that photo after murdering her and…
  • Is Kershaw the worst HOF playoff pitcher?  I called him the modern Maddux, then I looked at Maddux's postseason stats and that's really unfair to Maddux.  
  • Ok -we've talked about suspension of disbelief before, but unless Wambsgans totally froze in the hearing and completely forgot any of his lines, the fact that everyone referred to Lester as Mo in the subpoenad emails shouldn't have come as a shock t…
  • Also, for the guys, the movie this movie is really heavily referencing is Scorscese’s early 1980s King of Comedy featuring Deniro as a failing comedian obsessed with Jerry Lewis’s successful talk show host. 
  • 1. Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor. In some ways I think his job was tougher than Heath Ledger’s, not being able to be gonzo over the top for pretty much the entire movie made it tougher, a much more natural performance, that was still riveting.  2…
  • Stirling Moves to the corner and peeks out at the Rat, and yells "Your mother was a coward and you smell of licorice." Casts Vicious Mockery and pulls his head back when done.  
  • Stirling "Ya, had some trouble, but mine's come back to work now - give it a few minutes, maybe go have a water break?" Smiles.  
  • Icons still have no names on them except for me and Plastalyn.  Is there a setting that I might have turned off or something?
  • Stirling Moved closer to the corridor and calls out  "Ye.... yea... ah hahah ah" coughing "Ya we got a bit of a situation down here, but things are ok now." in a deeper voice.   I rolled a deception (among other accidental things).
  • It's pretty funny how Saul and Mike studiously avoid any mutual discussion of their prior history in 5-3.... awwwwkward. given BCS.  But they're cool customers, I guess.    
  • 1. Ewan may be bellying up to the bar, but you’re probably right. 2. I think KendalL starts to revert to his more normal F-ed up self the further he gets from his trauma, and we’ve seen one instance where he’s recrushed by Logan when he’s reminded …
  • Can you turn the icon names back on in my Roll 20, @CretanBull - thanks. Stirling Has moved and will cast Vicious Mockery on the far (unheld) Zombie if he can see it.   Stirling will give Aurelia Bardic Inspiration
  • We're supposed to be thinking that Ewan is behind the unbuyable Weasel accusations, right?