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  • I'm watching it with my partner who liked Ragnarok, but refused to watch any of the other MCU films. She's all in on this series though as they have done a great job in catching people up who never watched endgame. The first episode did so much heav…
    in Loki Comment by Ben June 2021
  • I'm back in Baby! Thanks for the work around Josh and Aron.
  • The genie is out of the bottle now, it feels to me that the next 4 years is going to see more attacks on democratic processes, with Trump loyalists waging a guerrilla campaign. I hope I’m wrong, but history has lots of examples of exactly this sort …
  • A question, if an Australian had a VPN and could access HBO, how would they go about paying for it? Can you buy vouchers or something?
  • Dee said: We’ve had no community transmission in months, only a few cases here and there with people coming back from overseas and going into quarantine. But over the weekend there were four cases all from the same family, one of whom works i…
  • No Anansi makes me very reluctant to keep going with this, He was amazing in the last season and his the hinted at scheme was looking like a very interesting subplot. I'm not sure Shadow Moon is interesting enough to keep investing the time.
  • This one is a head scratcher. So it rates well for them, they've paid the main cast in full, and the had the story locked in for the final season. they just needed a bit more time. WTF is Netflix doing? 
  • Dee said: Dee said: @bizmarkiefader Australia hasn’t been that big on mask wearing (though we’ve had a surge of new cases in Victoria so that state might start pushing it), but we also shut down almost completely pretty early on to fla…
  • Josh, I totally agree with everything you've just written. One thing that stands out to me massively on this forum is that you can really feel the in group / out group dynamics at play. I write that as someone who's in the out group. The discussion …
  • Freddy said: From my local protests: Is that a mounted machine gun!? is that even legal?
  • @JaimieT I hope you're right about the USA, but it does happen in other countries regularly. See the whole of the middle east, China and Russia as a reference.
  • 2020 is just crazy enough to find out I guess. Its unbelievable watching from afar.  
  • I have a question that I hope isn't too political, But what measures are in place to ensure a president leaves office if they lose? And are there any circumstances where a presidents tenure can be extended due to external factors? Mods if this brea…
  • This will also finally answer the question of if its possible to polish a Turd.