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  • I will say that I love James but have never really liked any of his specials he has done. Our Man James in Japan is fantastic though. It's very well done and super entertaining. It's been out for a while but if you haven't watched it for some reason…
  • I have been a huge Top Gear and now Grand Tour fan so I was pretty excited about it. Jeremy can definitely be a bit of an ape sometimes and I guess that's why we love him. I was genuinely surprised by how much he seems to have learned from the exper…
  • @cdrive The all time best road trip album is Queens of the Stone Age's Songs for the Deaf. And the best driving song on that album is Song for the Dead. Dave Grohl just destroys this song. Might be my most favorite drum performance ever.
  • Hatorian said: That meme is worthy of a personal Facebook post. Well done murderbearHahaha! Only fair since that is where I stole it from!
  • Okay, I guess I can see that. I also saved myself any hassle years ago and spent like $8 on Amazon for a 15ft USB cable. That 6ft cord they give you ain't good for nobody!
  • Well, I went and did it. I got an Xbox Series S. Happened to see they were available on Amazon and decided to pick one up. This will be my bridge into the next gen games until I can make the true leap with a year? Who knows. This is goi…
  • I know I am going to sound super un-cool and old as hell considering this is like three years after she made it huge but I just checked out Billie Eilish for the first time this week and her album "When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go" is fucking …
  • There were some really cool ass games shown over the last few days. Pandemic effects really showing up now. But man, I know I have said it before, Sony fan first and foremost but I gotta get me an Xbox. Game Pass is such a stupidly ridiculously obsc…
  • Great first episode! I was all about this show after the trailers but what they showed in this first episode has me completely bought in. Especially the slight little twist towards the end.
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  • Haha yeah, I always say I am going to be mage character and really dig into the magic end of stuff but either end up sneaky shooty guy or a smashy smashy guy.
  • Okay, this was too good to not share. I am guessing there are some folks here who can relate! My favorite meme from this template, by far.
  • I agree. I get why they couldn't or frankly wouldn't since it is not actually our business but divulge what happened. I have had the thought that maybe the new company didn't want two studios and wanted them all in one place and Vinny and Alex baile…
  • ^ This show is FANTASTIC
  • I think the Bad Batch started on a Wednesday too. Maybe this is their new thing
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  • I've been on a real Journey (PS4) kick again lately. I have been playing most every night for at least a quick run through the game. I randomly played it a week or two ago for the first time in quite some time. I had the pleasure of leading someone …
  • July 23rd
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  • I would recommend the Firehose Feed because these maniacs put things like Rambo and The Bourne Identity in the Prestige feed so you might miss out on some reviews you would have wanted to hear. 
  • If you do not hear anything back, I would also try sending the same email to just in case!
  • Obviously I know that I am criminally behind the times but I just started Schitt's Creek last week and man that show is great! I pretty much binged it all weekend and I stopped last night after episode 1 of Season 6. No good reason for never starti…
  • Garthgou81 said: Man, I forgot New Dawn even existed until you mentioned it. They do so many things right, that it is just frustrating that they don't do more to expand their views on what they could do.  This is pretty much all of Ubisoft…
  • Garthgou81 said: asmallcat said: Started playing NieR:Automata and boy is it a Japanese game lol. Pretty fun a couple hours in though.  That one has been on my playlist for a while. I picked it up on a sale after hearing the Giant B…