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  • It is so good.  Michaela Cole is such a talent.  The subject is very real and difficult but the approach is so refreshing.  The music is fantastic as well.
  • Dark S3, I May Destroy You, Ramy S2 and gonna start Treme. Some good stuff on. 
  • I am on an HBO roll - Insecure S3 (fun and very insightful on modern dating, great female perspectives), I May Destroy You (Michaela Cole, visually amazing, she is fantastic, complex character, but a very tough subject), just started Doom Patrol (su…
  • The Sci-fi TV rewatch podcast covers Dark S1 and S2 by episode.  I normally cruised thru the season then rewatch and listen to each pod in between shows.  They will cover S3 by episode as well.
  • Omg I would so love BM to cover this last season. 
  • Doctor_Nick said: Black Sails.  Just read a book about pirates, so am loving the name dropping of real characters so far (Vane, Bonny, Rackham etc..) and the real customs (electing the quartermaster and the captain).  Just into season 1 so fa…
  • Very different and so far I am intrigued. There’s a lot of nazi dramas out right now. Interesting. 
  • It was an awesome show and the companion podcast with David Simon is really good too.
  • manhattnik said: Agree with bizmark, except I think they kind of blew the ending. Did Lily avoid some sort of cataclysm by making a "choice?" What actually would it have been? It teases with ideas of multiverses, but, hell, Zelazny did it bet…
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  • So far so good. I want to kill one of the leads. But the acting is really good. 
  • Binging every other day - Babylon Berlin S3 and Outlander just finished S2. Going for the pure escapism here. 
  • Beautiful SF video. Thanks 
  • The multiverse views or multiple timelines views were fantastic. 
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  • Congratulations Guys!  Here’s to the next 10 years!!
  • Checked it out and basically agree with everyone else said. The acting is really good and interested to learn more and more about Lindbergh. 
  • Cacao is in Eagle Rock. Tacocita in East Pasadena 
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  • OK I live in So Cal and lately I have been going to two places that are a little cuisine-y but have delicious tacos.  Cacao Mexicatessan and Tacocita.  They both have homemade or mde from scratch corn tortillas (you know the thick ones)  Some of my …
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  • OMG we lost power for a week and I was sick as a dog, a few years ago.  It was terrible but we pulled thru.  I hope your electricity gets sorted soon. LA County lockdown is in full effect but on St Paddy's day I saw bars full with mostly young …
  • Bummer
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  • Our company mandated that everyone work from home until further notice so this is how we do it now.  We’ve been eating in and also ordering pickup or delivery from the places we would normally goto, to keep our local small businesses going.  Crazy,…
  • I started Outlander it’s now on Netflix. An ex WW2 nurse travels back to Scotland in the 1700’s. Pretty good, a little bit High on romance but I do enjoy the European history and it really shows how hard it was to be a woman back then. I’m in the mi…
  • Don’t kill me but Madmen and Deadwood. I just got tired of the male leads. 
  • Go banana slugs!  #UCSantaCruz
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  • I also completed season 2 and it was much better story and plot than season 1.  It was definitely more coherent.  That said, I enjoyed the history of stacks and Harlan's world.  I thought there was a lot of awesome fights a la the matrix. It was ent…
  • Omg this is so good. I am a big fan of Ex Machina and Annihilation so I had to check this out.  Quantum Computing, Crazy Silicon Valley Top Dog, Predictive Theory, Spies.  If you guys like Mr Robot or Westworld, I would definitely give this a look. …
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  • Just finished Gentefied - slice of life Mexican American family story in Los Angeles.  Really enjoyable.  Altered Carbon S2 - different than the first season and lot more about the history of stacks/humanity's reach for the stars and a bit of a love…
  • I think el Cuco did scratch the older gent with the beard at the festival. 
  • Loved it!  Bravo! Bravo! and kudos to the BM community and their choices!
  • Yeah last season really disappointed. I’m back but cautiously watching with very low expectations.