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  • Sucks for everyone involved. Warriors are going to have another tough season ahead of them now. 
  • The NBA draft is easily in my top 5 sporting events of the year. We haven't had as much time to learn about these new picks, but still excited for tonight. I'm going to watch the whole thing and hope that the Blazers can somehow swing a trade that g…
  • cdrive said: I can't believe tomorrow is the draft and I have virtually zero clue what the fuck is happening.  I'm usually prepared, knowing who is where and having my wishlist ready.  Also I sort of preemptively 'checked out' of this year's …
  • I can confirm this to be true
  • Name a more iconic look. I'll wait. 
  • me going into game 5 
  • Another Lakers championship sounds very 2020 to me. 
  • It is what it is. 
  • That ending was pretty surprising, but I'm most surprised that it gave this fan of The Wire the closure he really needed: William Rawls having his head exploded. Thank you to all the producers and writers of The Boys for giving that man what he trul…
  • Dee said: Dummy said: What kind of crazy person looks at all the flavors of Ice Cream in a grocery store and picks Mint Chocolate Chip? I'm going back to assuming that those people don't exist and that grocery stores put it on their sh…
  • What kind of crazy person looks at all the flavors of Ice Cream in a grocery store and picks Mint Chocolate Chip? I'm going back to assuming that those people don't exist and that grocery stores put it on their shelves as a joke product. 
  • The Nuggets are easily the only team I can root for in good conscience. The Celtics have already won enough, the Heat are aren't as bad but they've also won enough already, and I will be a smoking hole in the ground before I ever...AND I FUCKING MEA…
  • What's Vernon Maxwell doing? I say get Mad Max in there. 
  • The Nuggets are the only team left that I feel good to root for. I am now president of the Denver Nuggets fan club. All hail Nikola Jokic and may his mountainous features live forever. 
  • I haven't been into the Celtics v Raptors, but a game 7 in the playoffs? 
  • That Boston defense should be ashamed of itself for leaving him that wide open. No way anybody should have that clean of a look with that much time left on the clock. 
  • Keep Ian Mcdiarmid as Palpatine. He was in all of my favorite scenes. Also keep the purple lightsaber. You can replace Samuel L Jackson for all I care, but his purple lightsaber idea was dope so keep that. 
  • Chinaski said: Hatorian said: Doncic is BALLING.  The Bulls have sucked for years now and just can’t get a franchise player..I would have thrown the cupboard at either Ja or Luca. It was obvious these dudes were gonna be studs.  and…
  • Noel said: I’m down for the sweet/savory combo. Give me a nice spicy sausage biscuit sandwich with cheese.... Man,  me too. Can't go wrong with tha.... Noel said: .....and I’m putting strawberry jelly/jam on that. My favorite drunk …
  • I don't think Rick and Morty should be canceled over it. Let's check back in on 2022 and see if our opinion has changed. Nothing then? Maybe 2024 will be it. 
  • Chinaski said: Kings expected to retain Vlade Divac. i mean sure why not? he only drafted Marvin Bagley over Luka Doncic. He also completely botched the Cousins trade. The team did improve so maybe they have hopes for the future. I would…
  • I think a lesson to be learned is don't piss off Damian Lillard. 
  • So glad to see Nurkic back. With Collins and Nurkic back, Blazers could make a serious run. Or they could just do what they always do and disappoint me. 
  • 1. Good Will Hunting 2. What Dreams May Come 3. Dead Poets Society 4. Insomnia 5. Aladdin
  • Murderbear said: Hey @A_Ron_Hubbard, you can tell AL and Joe that if they need help editing the podcast, I work cheap! That snafu with theme song at the beginning is rookie shit! I'd be more than willing to help them out. It honestly baffl…
  • gguenot said: Would killing her have even been satisfying at the end of it? She wasn’t even the Abby we hated anymore, she was like a shell of herself. I hear what you’re saying and I didn’t enjoy playing her the first go around because I hat…
  • I really hated playing as Abby. I've killed her in every possible way. I don't think her story is even very well written. She went from Owen being her people to those kids being her people in world record time. I hate that we don't get the satisfact…