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  • It's a Memorial Day miracle!  https://baldmove.com/bald-move-prestige/there-will-be-blood-2007/ I actually re-watched this for the 4th time a few days ago. It's good every time. 
  • Dee said: I forgot about this one, but it's a good one. I remember openly weeping when he sang My Buddy to his son. 
  • I wish that I could kick my own ass
  • 1. Predator vs Aliens Winner: Predator 2. Taken vs John Wick Winner: Taken 3. Saving Private Ryan vs Dunkirk Winner: Saving Private Ryan 4. Harry Potter vs Twilight series Winner:  Kill me 5. Armageddon vs Deep Impact Winner: Armageddon 6. Black Pan…
  • Paul Vasquez (double rainbow meme guy) passed away as well. I always loved that video because it was just a guy super excited by nature. He also seemed like a really nice guy that was still replying to comments on that video a couple of days ago. A …
  • The Morty stories really cracked me up. I'm also a little disappointed that story-train isn't a website that is up and running. I really want to buy a train. Maybe two trains in case one isn't working. 
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  • I wouldn't take Carmelo even if they gave me 5 dollars. 
  • adobo1148 said: Start One, Bench One, Cut one (centers)  https://twitter.com/thehoopcentral/status/1255134816002949120?s=21 Start, Bench, Cut (guards) https://twitter.com/thehoopcentral/status/1254505351090593792?s=21 The first one is to…
  • MJ, Mailman, Shaq Diesel, Penny, Reggie Miller
  • I don't think I'll ever get to the point where I like Darlene, but I'm glad somebody stuck up for Ruth. Problem is, Darlene is such a bad person that I doubt there is much she can do to get me to actually like her. I keep going back to that scene wh…
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  • whoops, posted in wrong thread. 
  • cdrive said: Holding back tears. Not doing too great of a job at it.  RIP Bill Withers fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  • I signed up for Netflix again just for this show and I wasn't disappointed. The acting and directing is great, and there is some truly heartbreaking moments with one of the new characters. I have a bit of a problem with some of the characters doing …
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  • adobo1148 said: No sports on TV, Im watching the 1991 nba western conf finals. Wow.....the short shorts This was my first sports heartbreak. I remember being crushed watching the ball roll down the court. This was the beginning of my hatre…
  • I think the open and close of the episode are closely related. Both have loved ones of Kim letting her down when she was expecting them to be there for her. Both spend a lot of time trying to convince her that it's no big deal and she's making too m…
  • Well, shit https://twitter.com/sepinwall/status/1239651075667513345
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  • Thanks, Rudy Gobert. 
  • JoshuaHeter said: So, this episode was a lot of setting up pieces around the board... hopefully for them to pay off with some exciting moves in the episode(s) to come. Breaking Bad had its fair share of these too, but I’ve done more toe-tapp…
  • A few episodes back I wondered how they were going to make this a 10 episode series. Episodes like this is the answer. I think there were some small things that made this episode likable, but I was mostly bored and I don't think it added much to the…
  • Did either of you accidentally sign up for streamlabs pro? I remember doing that a few months back and having to go to their website to cancel the service before I was charged. 
  • I missed Rhea Seehorn as Kim. She is so good it hurts.
  • I need to eat You just ate That was full of cancer. I need more Is this a monster or my cat? 
  • Wouldn't the fire always win?