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  • No Zion for the first few months is a bummer. He was looking really good and I thought he was looking close to All-Star level. Now he has knee problems and he's only 19. Not great, Bob. 
  • Damn, quite a lot happened in episode 7. Not a ton of it good. This is definitely heading towards another classic David Simon "Fuck you, nobody gets a happy ending" type ending. 
  • I overall thought the movie was pretty 'meh', but that scene with Todd made it worth the watch. I laughed for a solid minute when Todd asked "Would you like to say a few words?" to Jesse. It was a pretty long scene considering the whole purpose of s…
  • @Jim @A_Ron_Hubbard The 303 podcast ends kinda abruptly without an outro. Was it intentional or was something cutoff? The 15 people that listen to this podcast are furious!
  • Glad to see Julia Garner win. She's the best part Ozark and deserves accolades. 
  • Watched the first two episodes and I think it's really cool. The first episode was good, but nothing amazing that everyone should see. The second episode was awesome and exactly my kind of trippy jam. I really hope it can keep up this kind of storyt…
  • Chinaski said: Dummy               Big Chungus's Team i was wondering who i lost to by 1.74 pts . good game @Dummy.. you're a gentleman among scoundrels. Rough week for your team. Lost by 1.74, and had a bench that scored over 100. I'd…
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  • People that keep asking about stuff when I have already said I don't know. Them: Did you hear about this thing? Me: No, I have no knowledge at all about that. Them:....yeah, it's really crazy. I don't get it. Did you see the other thing about it? M…
  • This looks really good. I'm watching this the day it comes out.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAGVQLHvwOY
  • I thought it was funny, but his bit about Michael Jackson was pretty indefensible. Of all the hills to die on, the "MJ didn't molest kids and who cares if he did" hill seems like an odd choice.  
  • OldGriswold said: I just don't get this show. I've tried. Please forgive me. I have to. To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical phys…
  • I liked it better when it was one thing being repeated over and over again. It would need to be fun, but not complete trash. I think a 24 hour stream of Commando or some 80's Arnold movie would be a hoot. The memes you would get from the one-liners …
  • Before this thread I actually thought Karl Urban was British, but doing a bad British accent on purpose. Like when an American wants to sound dumb so they exaggerate a country twang. Now that I know he's from NZ, I feel like his accent is Don Cheadl…
  • I'm not sure I understood the point of having Sharon Tate in the movie other than she gave some great material for Tarantino to jerk off to later. 
  • Kill Bill 2Inglorious BastardsDjango UnchainedPulp FictionHateful Eight Kill Bill 1Reservoir Dogs Jackie BrownDeathproofIf you include movies that he's only written, then I would throw True Romance above Reservoir Dogs and From Dusk Till Dawn above …
  • Yeah, I'm gonna wait and see how good that Thunder/Rocket trade is, but I don't see how that makes the Rockets better. Harden and Westbrook playing together doesn't sound like a good match on paper. I also would be surprised Chris Paul is ok with it…
  • Maybe that's what the Russians are doing in Stranger Things. They are trying to get to the upside down to sell more boner pills to an untapped market. 
  • The Shining- Jake Busey Stand By Me- fat kid by the pool
  • Winona Ryder kills me every time in that scene. 
  • There is no better representation of my feelings towards Season 8 than this