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  • I thought that Serena Williams Bumble commercial was hilarious in a bad way. I don't see how you can take a dating app that seriously. 
  • I don't think Portland is going to get him, but there are worse deals than McCollum/Nurkic for Davis/whatever. Nurkic and McCollum are signed long term so you don't have to worry about them leaving anytime soon, and they arguably make you a better t…
  • I thought the whole season wasn't great, but that last episode was dumpster fire bad. I did like season one, but this show will now be chalked up as yet another Punisher fail for Hollywood. 
  • I'm a little worried that they are going to lean heavy into the whole Eleanor and Chidi thing. I am not the slightest bit invested in their relationship. To be completely honest, I don't like the two together and think it's better without it, but th…
  • MmmBop said: Man I dislike this show. It’s so cheesy. Maybe I just don’t get the hype for it. I watched all of season 1. I was out after that. 
  • Doctor_Nick said: I think the list is in chronological order.   Completely missed that. I saw Grey's Anatomy over Mad Men and flew into a blinding rage. 
  • Grey's Anatomy over Mad Man gtfo
  • I'm having a hard time with the fact that the season is over on Thursday. It just came back and now it's going to be gone. I'm really going to miss the show and the podcast a lot. Hopefully me calling everyone I know a fat dink will be enough to get…
  • A_Ron_Hubbard said: Anybody's HBO NOW just shitting the bed repeatedly, or am I just lucky? Getting constant HBO not available errors. Can't even get the menu to load... Bummer. Mine's been working fine. 
  • michielterlouw said: I will reiterate what I already said early on in the thread: let's not be defensive. As a service designer, customer reseach is a big part of my daily job. And I know that spontanious, unsolicited feedback from customers,…
  • This was a pretty funny moment at the Golden Globes that I wish I caught live
  • That honestly has me excited for the whole year at HBO. Now enough with the damn teasing and give me something meaty like a full trailer!
  • The only thing I've taken from this is Halle Berry is still incredible looking. 
  • @Graham Don't leave me hanging, bro. Did you get that turkey sandwich or not? 
  • No mention of Vince Vaughan so I say the show is starting off right. 
  • I really hope this is the place where Atlanta finally gets its due. I think it was easily the best comedy among a slew of really good comedies this year. It probably won't because I don't think Jim watches it. Very sad. 
  • April_May_June said: Just wondering what kind of monster would pick Sugar Puffs??!  Frosties all the way!!    100% I would never progress if I had to pick Sugar Puffs. 
  • Is this where @Murderbear lives? I'm definitely watching if that's the case. 
  • JaimieT said: Dummy said: This is the best flowchart that I've seen so far.  https://imgur.com/a/bQeXSYm#MI9G4jZ I got the 5/5 ending. The only real endings I didn't get were leaving with mom and the one where Kitty shows up. …
  • This is the best flowchart that I've seen so far.  https://imgur.com/a/bQeXSYm#MI9G4jZ
  • JaimieT said: When does it end? I think I got to the end. Well, I got really excited when this started, but ultimately I have to give it a 7/10. What kept it from being really enjoyable was (1) I got bored with the repetition and (2) all this…
  • I've seen it, wasn't a fan. Some of the decisions were good for a chuckle, but I didn't find the story interesting enough to keep playing to see if there was one I liked. I can see why people would like it and I didn't hate all of it, but this type …
  • gguenot said: Dummy said: If you want people to believe you aren't a predator, you are going to have to prove it in court.  I think Kevin’s Spacey should pay for what he did, but this can’t be where we’re at now, right? The #metoo m…
  • So let me get this straight, Kevin Spacey. You thought this was the ticket to getting you back into movies. A video of you in character, insinuating that people are jumping to conclusions and that there are no facts. On the same day you are charged …
  • I honestly have very low expectations for this. The title is off-putting, the concept seems like a gimmick, and there hasn't been much of a break since the last season. I'd put the odds of this being really good at 20%.
  • GG to Dr Nick. Even my team's best week wouldn't have been able to beat your team this week. It was a fun season watching a team that was mostly autopicked do well. I was really close to getting my commission of The Greasy Strangler, but maybe in th…
  • Dee said: Dummy said: Not only is A Very English Scandal a show I've never heard of, but it's also #2. I bet this is the entire show summed up  saucy sexcapades with Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw Well shit. Now I see why it's ranked…
  • If me and some lobster bisque walk into the same room, only one of us comes out. 
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