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  • Dummy said: CretanBull said: Hatorian said: Yea. It’s called the Boston Celtics conference now... That's a weird autocorrect, you meant to type Toronto Raptors and it came out Boston Celtics! Maybe it defaults to teams that…
  • Hunkulese said: And since no one's brought it up yet, while it's probably not the worst, I thought the Seinfeld finale was pretty bad. I've seen this one a lot and have never understood it. They were finally put on trial for being bad peop…
  • I've decided that I'm back on board if Rey's parents are Luke and Leia. This story is almost over so let's get weird with it. 
  • I don't think the last season was completely redeemed for me, but I'm definitely feeling a lot better about the show now that I've seen the finale. 
  • Teresa from Concord said: Except Boaty McBoatface won! Is this foreshadowing? Oh snap. Boaty was the prince that was promised. Finally the Azor Ahai prophacy will be fulfilled! 
  • I like how angry everyone is getting at this petition. It's basically a meme. Voting for this is like voting for Boaty McBoatface. Yeah, people kinda want to see it, but the vast majority of people aren't that serious. 
  • Still love the show and thought this episode was great, but the end was schmuck bait, no? 
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  • So what was the foreshadowing that she would murder innocent people for no reason? Because she killed people in power multiple times? Her anger was always directed at those in power. Now, it's that she just murders anyone when her feelings get hurt.…
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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaUa_0qPPgc
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  • Dear sweet baby Jesus up in baby Jesus heaven: Please don't let the Blazers lose to the Warriors in yet another playoff series. I want to like the Warriors....but you keep doing this to me. Please. Not again. 
  • If Rockets win the Friday game, then we will have three series deciding games on Sunday. Could be an epic day!
  • I honestly feel like the guy from the WeRateDogs twitter. Every sandwich is like a 12/10. 
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  • Chinaski said: @Dummy - if this was MySpace you'd be in my top 8. your posts always make sense my dude!
  • Really happy for Milwaukee fans. They have been bad-mediocre for as long as I can remember and now they have a great shot at making the finals. If the Bucks can finally make it to good, any team can. 
  • I don't know why they don't just send in Arya with her bag of faces to kill Cersei. Why wasn't it even suggested? Everyone could have stayed home and there would still be two dragons. 
  • Quadruple OT. Please baby Jebus make this end. 
  • If at any point you want some fast food, hit up Burgerville. Voodoo donuts and Stumptown are places you might also want to check out. I'm going to also agree with @Michelle and say the Columbia River Gorge is a must visit since you will be in the ar…
  • I thought it was hilarious. The fact that is was so over the top is what made it funny to me. He as trying to be a nice guy, but instead had to fight a Taekwondo master and his vampire daughter. I also laughed way too hard when he super glued his ha…
  • A small thing that bothered me was when all the well known actors are naming well known movie. Takes me out of it and makes me wonder if they are going to name a movie that another character has been in. They mention "time heist" and conveniently no…
  • Hodor. 
  • That buzzer beater was flat out disgusting. An almost half court, step back jumper in Paul George's face. I'm also glad it knocks out Westbrook's cocky ass out. Maybe less time talking and more time not shooting 11-31. 
  • Schlupp said: Do we even need a battle of Winterfell? The army of the dead could just surround it and starve the humans out like at the lake north of the wall. Very soon the humans would have to make a breakthrough south. That's when the nigh…
  • I think there is still time for an explanation of what the dead are really doing. One way is have the Night King talk to Bran  while under the Godswood tree while warging. It's not something that has really been established, but we are talking about…
  • It's episode #69. What more of a title do we need?
  • What's the point of spandex if they don't prevent injuries like that? That was a gnarly looking leg contusion. 
  • Make Tyrion Smart Again
  • I think Disney has killed my love for Star Wars because I have zero desire to see that.