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  • The season 2 trailer we needed
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  • Nice!  I’d really like a CandyLab version too.
  • https://youtu.be/vWdHPMhy270
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  • Going to be really disappointed when the Vault opens and it's just a bunch of Ethereum 30000 cryptocurrency.
  • Ghosts (US) - Rose McIver (iZombie) has a new show, a remake of the UK Ghosts.  Right off the bat it's 1,000% weird seeing her paired with a South Asian man who is not Rahul Kohli.  Haven't seen the original show but the first two episodes of this s…
  • IDK about Trent "Independent" Crimm; he seems fine in small doses.  Does he have father issues to work through?  Is he secretly Dani Rojas' father? Roy & Keeley - Coach Beard and Jane can't have all the relationship drama. Nate - I expect the Na…
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  • “POOP. POOP.”
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  • Felt like old wine in a very shiny new bottle.  That may be OK because the film is aimed at a younger generation.  I suspect truly subversive material won't get many millions to be made and have executives OKing the production.
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  • redlancer said: So far my biggest issue is with the black hole powered ships for FTL travel. [...] The black hole ships, while hella cool from a sci-fi and visual standpoint, is essentially god-level tech that would seems to break the story. …
  • Squid Game (Netflix) - I don't want to spoil it.  I watched it but found it wasn't for me, perhaps because I've seen it's general inspirations in terms of major set pieces and overall message.  Looks good visually.  Also has standard Korean over the…
  • Teresa from Concord said: I’ve been hearing pretty bad reviews (except for BM) so I’m hesitant to watch. I was such a fan of the books and have been burned too many times by crappy adaptations.  No harm in waiting for the season to finish…
  • redlancer said: So far my biggest issue is with the black hole powered ships for FTL travel. I've not read the books but if the show is going to have the same character(s) at interesting events in multiple places in the galaxy around the…
  • Found the third episode kind of scattershot; hopefully just a blip in the season.
  • Dee said: @lengmo Rebecca is Sam’s boss, and as he’s under contract, she controls his career. If we weren't dealing with reformed Rebecca and wonderful Sam, I would agree it could become a problem. 
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  • Reservation Dogs (Hulu) - Starts off funny but deeper emotions come in soon.
  • @Dee :Sam and Rebecca - I didn't see a problem with it as the relationship didn't seem likely to work out.  Even if it did, they're two well-off, consenting adults.  Rebecca was earlier shown with a younger man and no one freaked out about that.  In…
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  • tjw1308 said: 2) Even Jared Harris can’t save this hot garbage Maybe make a case for why the show is bad instead of just stating that it’s bad?
  • IrishMonk said: *Minor spoilers  Also, the ‘how can you prioritize when you only use a certain counting method’ did not make sense when you really think about it.   I thought it was more questioning if the preservation planned had uninten…
  • In honor of Disney+ posting all the Pirates of the Caribbean, I watched them all.  I had seen most of them before. If you haven't seen the first one ( Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ) in a while, it's worth revisiting.  Very …
  • Michelle said: Loved it, as per usual.  Did anyone think twice about Rupert chatting with Nathan at the funeral?  There’s something there, right? Could be; Nathan’s ego issue seems unresolved; maybe Rupert is telling him a more successful …
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  • Watched the first episode.  It was certainly cerebral but at least try it to see a lovingly-realized space opera setting with the latest of our CGI technology.  I could see the show being compelling as (not really a spoiler) the galactic empire slid…
  • Feels like the show is now on the upswing for a positive season ending. Glad they handled the Rebecca/Sam parting gently. Obscure reference: Rupert completely giving up the club to Rebecca after having a child reminds me of the plot of one of the ch…
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  • The Football is Life podcast for this episode talked about some references such as the film After Hours and Homer’s The Odyssey 
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  • Shark Dank: shark tank but everyone is high AF. --Eric Yearwood
  • Chinaski said: as far as the episode goes. what a trip (pun intended)! I was surprised the only recreational chemical was alcohol.  Thought for sure there would be psychedelic elements. Dee said: I switched off halfway through. I…
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  • SPOILERS for some other Apple TV+ shows "Hundreds of iPhones Are in ‘Ted Lasso.’ They’re More Strategic Than You Think." "We watched 40+ hours of the streaming service to analyze Apple's product placement strategy Watch an Apple TV+ show and you…
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  • Michelle said: I think I lost the plot on the Casey Jones thing.  I can't remember who it is that the guys refer to as Casey Jones, or when it started.  He was the character wearing a mask and using kama ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K…
  • S.O.Z: Soldiers or Zombies - Season 1 (Amazon Prime) - A US Army researcher is trying to make a super soldier serum.  A drug lord escapes prison to a remote ranch.  These stories collide.  I found this mostly entertaining despite the B-level quality…
  • CretanBull said: “I’m sorry Mr. Anderson, we’re right-sizing and your disappointing thermal levels mean you’re no longer a good fit for Battery Bank 34-658.  Best of luck in 2021.”
  • Dee said: Mixed bag of emotions for me this week. I love Sam, I love Rebecca, but I don’t love Sam and Rebecca. She’s his boss and it’s creepy. I was really hoping they wouldn’t go there. I think once they decided on a Sam/Rebecca romanc…
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