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  • I hope this is received in the apolitical spirit in which it is intended; I just feel like - as slogans go - this is what one might call a “first draft idea”... EDIT: Here’s a link to Biden’s campaign page for those who are (understandably) skept…
  • I’m halfway through season 1 (of 2) of Strange Angel about Jack Parsons, his Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and his dabbling in the occult. It’s too bad this show got saddled with being on CBS All Access and kind of a C- title. So far I’m enjoying it. …
  • The good news: the Cardinals haven’t lost a game in a week. The bad news: literally all the other Cardinals-related news.
    in MLB 2020 Comment by JoshuaHeter August 5
  • @Murderbear I’m flagging your post for the mods because in no way is that mundane.
  • MrX said: I just finished the 30 for 30 season, thought it was well done. Will have to put this on my to-watch list. You can rent on Amazon Prime. Like I said, it works as a movie, but doesn’t seem to tell the full story on the Karolyi’s h…
  • Random thought... Movies named after places > Bands named after places Evidence... Movies: Casablanca, Fargo, Orange County, Manhattan, Philadelphia Bands: Kansas, Boston, Chicago, Europe, Alabama Go on, fight me! Or... don’t. It’s whatever.
  • It’s on Netflix. 5 seasons so far. Apparently, they’re transitioning to basketball teams for next season... whenever that happens.
  • Is anyone else watching this season?  Part of me sort of misses the (more or less) original premise... a junior college football program in the middle of nowhere that attracts a lot of former D1 athletes. At the same time, I'm also enjoying learni…
  • So... what are the chances the Duffer brothers are going to have to do rewrites for Stranger Things 4 due to COVID? Because, the main cast... ain't gettin' any younger. Doing a quick search, the actor who plays Will is 15, but the rest of the group …
  • Cardinals magic number now down to 58.
    in MLB 2020 Comment by JoshuaHeter July 25
  • Only 2 games in... it’s hard to articulate just how much I appreciate being able to watch real MLB baseball again.
    in MLB 2020 Comment by JoshuaHeter July 25
  • Only semi-related. This cast got me to finally watch “The Postman”, Costner’s other post-apocalyptic money dump. How bad could it *be*? I wondered to myself. The answer - as it turns out - “very”.
  • mostlywright said: Whew, I am tracking with you totally. But doesn't your explanation explain your question about the goat? Because if not...I may need you to commit to a powerpoint.  It should be easy-ish to determine if another person has …
  • mostlywright said: Gahh-now my brain is frozen again. If she blew the goat out of the time loop-then it wouldn't be in their time loop. But when Roy goes to blow himself out of the time loop, wouldn't the goat be there again?  So, when you a…
  • Freddy said: I couldn't understand why Nyles was still there. I thought when Sarah tried it on the goat, it took it out of the loop entirely. My understanding was that she got the goat stuck in the loop, and then got the goat out of the loo…
  • Josh.  Found Bald Move during the final season of Mad Men - still holding a candle for the rewatch (eh, @Michelle?); been here ever since. From St. Louis - formerly Omaha. Skills do not include updating the location on My Bald Move profile.
  • Since Groundhog Day, there have been plenty of these time-loop movies that have tried to do something worthwhile with the basic idea.  Not only does "Palm Springs" do this successfully... it knocks it out of the park. It's a truly worthy (perhaps t…
  • A random thought I had... about which I’d like to hear other thoughts... How you feel about America is (at least in part) based on 1 of 2 assumptions. Do you judge America against the hypothetical nation which carries out the ideals of America perf…