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  • This thread is hilarious, but shouldn't it be locked/deleted? No way OP is acting in good faith with a throwaway account.
  • just got done listening to the 901 cast. Feels like coming home This has probably been answered elsewhere, but what is the release schedule going to look like?
  • We've added a robot constantly watching the baldmove twitch channel, and will drop a notification in the #going-live channel when the gang, well, goes live Check out the discord server here! : https://discord.gg/VMmhQzB
  • Freddy said: Oh no, is this like with other message boards where the main reason it exists is to trash the mods and drop racial epithets? heh, nah this discord server has been around for a year or two, and we don't have the numbers quite…
  • Dee said: gguenot said: It’s the Wild West in there I don’t really understand the point of taking Bald Move discussion away from the Bald Move forum to another venue, to be honest. What’s the point of the forum, then? But I don’t us…
  • looking forward to this one! e4 is what really hooked me on this show.
  • Michelle said: JOHN. MALKOVICH.  That's it.  That's the comment. haha yup. I'm sad that we aren't seeing more of Jude Law, but they are doing so much crazy stuff it's not that big of a deal.
  • Dee said: Hatorian said: Maybe that’s a new category. “Man or Woman who won the year” Or child.  This is the way.
  • EarthJamesHolden said: EarthJamesHolden said: I loved the episode. I've loved the whole series, even season 2, sorry Jim. You can't really know anything until the final minute of the final episode. That fact has been frustrating at tim…
  • Interesting that alt Tyrell seems to be an humble, honest servant of "F Corp", like, he is stressed by the weight of choosing a security company. Pretty good stuff, love the twist at the end.
  • I'm just here to praise the use of mayo for the grilled cheese sandwich. It's a secret that will change your life.
  • bizmarkiefader said: So Dr Manhattan uses future knowledge as the entire foundation of his relationship with Angela but can't evaporate a few trucks from inside the house or whatever. Why does Angela have to walk out there and shoot any of th…
  • yeah, there are many shortcomings with this hack, and the general plotting (they really all used SMS based 2FA when it's already been demonstrated that Cyprus is hip to TOTP tokens?) But whatever, I thought it was pretty great. The way Price was ki…
  • lol I missed the outage, but do we have a thread anywhere on the state of the forums? The performance is pretty bad, and I've actually gotten some 500s over the last week. Navigation is pretty painful in general.
  • I'm not getting too invested in this Camp Redwood thing. It seems we are rapidly running through some 80s slasher film clichés, and if last season was any indication, there will be at least a couple huge pivots. 
  • This is not bad. It helps that I certainly don't understand Russian, so it's still mostly ambient lol
  • hey everyone! Just checking in to say that I've been trying reaaaaaallllly hard not to give our psychic vampire POTUS any more attention, and just laugh at the constant stream of memes, made all the more easier by the inclusion of sharpie mockups to…
  • Melancholic Sovietwave lol @Murderbear @Cecily I usually default to ChilledCow, but will sometimes hop around Apropos to the current focus of BM, Adult Swim did an hour in the lofi chillhop vein here:
  • @johnnytruant ah you mentioned The Album Leaf, made me think of Cold Front by Hammock. According to Google Play Music, I've listened to Cold Front 204 times. More if you count the music video on YouTube, which I found along with something by The Alb…
  • That's damned impressive @JaimieT . I think I got to shortly after episode 100 and just recently started hoping around picking episodes at random, background listening to them. They make good ambient chatter when I'm sick of listening to my lofi hip…
  • All the best shoe jokes heh
  • @blacksunrise7 I've been listening to the audiobook and am about 60ish percent done. I think the book would make a good read, Dan Simmons is great, but the audiobook is particularly fantastic. The narrator gives this awesome sort of growling voice …
  • yeah, I'm happy for what is hopefully a long string of shows trying to match and exceed the first 5 seasons of GoT It's sorta like Bright, but 19th century England. Following my binge of S1 of The Terror, and now reading the book, I can't get enou…
  • I've started reading the comic after binging the tv show. The comic is much more, um, colorful than the show... as hard as that might be to believe.
  • I binged S1 a couple weeks ago. What a marvelous, terrifying and grief-stricken show. Even without the threat of a supernatural man-bear-pig, ~1850 technology against the arctic with lead-infused and spoiled provisions.... man. Anyhow, great show, …