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  • rhcoop said: Hollyoak said: The boys said that everyone in the town should have known what those creepy dolls were, so they shouldn't have been so puzzled.  That makes a lot of sense, and I guess it's an oversight on the writing. BUT,…
  • Okay, thanks Jim and Murderbear.  I do have the ad-free feed but I've never been able to go back very far in the list of podcasts. The last one in the list is from September of this year for Blade Runner the Final Cut. Should there be more? I use th…
  • I came here to start a thread but I see there already is one. Wow. Those first two episodes were great. This really seems like something A. Ron would like, considering his love of the Master & Commander books. And the cast! Wow. Looks like AMC…
  • I loved the book when it came out and I thought the series was very well done.  I can't wait to see the BBC adaptation of His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman. Such a great series deserves a good treatment. The first film in the trilogy wasn't bad…
  • Since the boys don't cover this show anymore (arggghh) I found a very good podcast called Watching the Americans. There is also another put out by Slate.com and every week it features the two main writers and a special guest like a director or actor…
  • We are living a real-life House of Cards so people are subdued. No one is talking about the new season.  Very strange.
    in Season 5 Comment by Hollyoak May 2017
  • Yeah, I know King Kobra. I know the boys have so many shows and movies that pay for The Bald Move Empire it has to be hard to catch up on certain shows and movies.  I'm kind of biased, because I like David Lynch so much.  When I first saw Blue Velve…
  • Listening to the podcast and I had to pause and write this post. If you were too young or not around back then, it's  hard for anyone to really understand how impactful this show was when it first aired.  Jim, the cheesy soap-opera music, the weird …
  • Has anyone pointed out yet that Sid Barrett was a founding member of Pink Floyd and was known to do a lot of LSD? Probably. I noticed this as soon as they mentioned her name. Also, I'm old, and may know something about LSD. Just saying.
  • Wow. Just read the article. I hope it happens. Villeneuve is a great director. We shall have to wait and see.
  • You have to be kidding...
  • I actually like it a lot. I'm not a comics purist or anything. Maybe that is why. I think it has improved with every season.
  • Good point. I probably shouldn't have used mean-spirited.
  • I haven't listened to much--a few podcasts and one where he was a guest host on Maureen Ryan's Talking TV podcast. I recently read his review of The OA on Netflix and boy did I disagree with his point of view. I think a critic like the late great …
  • YEAH. The boys loved The Leftovers. I'm sure they'll cover it.
  • It appears I'm the only one on here that enjoyed Prometheus haha. Can't wait for this. I enjoyed Prometheus and own it on Blu Ray. There will always be haters. I'm always up for a Ridley Scott film, due to the sheer power of his visual storytelling.…
  • Is Ridley Scott directing this? I need to go back and watch all of the Alien films. Or buy a great blu-ray collection with all of them.