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  • I can’t believe they don’t cover this show 
  • This season is a proper joke. 
  • Out of curiosity, which is the worst comic book show you've seen? Iron fist season 1 lol
  • I seem to dislike this more than most but imho it's pretty bad. You gotta let a fair amount of tropes go in the superhero genre but this one throws them all at you. Bad pacing, bad conflict dialogue and they did that stupid 3rd-act antagonist ch…
  • This finale had some decent No Country for Old Men feels. I'm lukewarm about the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' ambiguous ending. It's been done better but also seen it done much worse.
  • panic attack from thinking wtf have I become
    in 301- "Mabel" Comment by Borna April 2017
  • How much to commission this steaming pile of cow shit of a show. Cman, everybody has a price...
  • There's something to be said about visual storytelling. And that something, I will let someone else say it. But there definitely is a something to be said.
  • 20 mins in and I just noped out.  I feel like i'm watching an ordinary bs network drama series.  For as much attention to detail esmail has, this season his major plot turns have been killing me.  Kinda just slaps stuff together.  Lot of facepalming…
  • Yes Rectify!!! Lot of rich humanity in the writing. As opposed to GFE where the best writing exists within the gaps of humanity where there is a complete lacktherof. Both shows however can get pretty dark at times. And yes agreed last episode o…
  • Oh I saw the first episode of bloodline recently, undoubtedly quality stuff. Problem is, it's hard make it sound exciting in an elevator pitch to someone who might be interested. It doesn't really have a catchy plot you can summarize in a few sente…
  • I read somewhere that Weinstein bought the US rights. They had it all on YouTube at one point when it was only Sky who owned the EU rights. 2nd season filming now. It's such a fantastically gritty look at organized crime in Napoli (Naples). Not a…