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  • asmallcat said: George was dancing with his wife. I think the black stuff came from the ring that Christina Braithwhite gave Tic because it's clear she didn't agree with what her dad was doing, so I thought she put her own spell on it to pro…
  • https://twitter.com/petergould/status/1244735592677748739 I wonder what this could mean...
  • The last episode of season 3 is one of the most powerful episodes of recent television I can remember. However, 13 episodes seasons seem a little clunky for this show. 8-10 would be so much crisper.
  • The plot has gotten a little silly this season but man is the acting strong in this show
  • Dare I say it... this season is actually interesting??
  • I thought the episode was ok, which is more than I can say for the majority of recent episodes. I too am kind of interested in them tackling the challenges of supporting society in a post apocalyptic world. That's much more interesting to me than an…
  • krypt0nforce said: ^ all of this. I am finding myself a little perplexed by Jim and Aron's hang ups with many of these points...nothing wrong with that of course, but I think for me at least, this is the first time in the 8 years I have been a …
  • Regardless of what you believe about Elon (of course he needs to tone it down), it can't be understated that Tesla is really the only company that has gone all in on electric vehicles. They have single handily forced other automakers to expand their…
  • Looks like rules and competitors for today are up.... they will play 10 games each with the following scoring format: Victory Royales: +5 Points Eliminations: +1 Point 20 or More Eliminations (per game): +10 Points and $10,000https://www.epicgames.c…
    in Fortnite Comment by jtmy92 July 2018
  • So something weird is going on here with the event being cancelled tomorrow, Fortnite capping Keemstar's event at $20k, and now this... https://twitter.com/UMGEvents/status/1020135889681485826
    in Fortnite Comment by jtmy92 July 2018
  • JaimieT said: roxbombers said: What is EPIC doing?  Whatever the fuck they want I guess. I'm more likely to tune into an Epic event... although I'm bailing at the first sign of lag. Edit: Actually I'll go wherever Ninja and Lupo …
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  • The original Hangover should be on there somewhere
  • Welp, looks like we're getting Myth/Hamlinz vs. Ninja/Dr. Lupo in round 1 tomorrow. Should be great!
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  • Hatorian said: Concerned about the bullpen. Really need C.J. Edwards to take the next step and get some consistency.  We'll see how much they miss Wade Davis, especially come October. 
    in MLB 2018 Comment by jtmy92 March 2018